What is Amazon Digital & How it works? – [Updated 2022]

  • January 12, 2022
  • E-commerce



What is Amazon Digital & How it works? – [Updated 2022]

  • January 12, 2022
  • E-commerce



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Amazon digital is not a new word for any of us, and if we’re from generation Z; then we all know about ordering online and getting it delivered the next day. Technology is making remarkable changes, and people enjoy every bit of it. Whether it’s making something or searching for some old information, technology has made everything so easier for us. So, the same way Amazon offers different products, it also provides digital services to the users. From music, movies, to high valued softwares & a lot more. But, none of these services are available for free. All of these are available for a subscription-like monthly or annual, depending on the suite you’re choosing. FYI, yearly subscriptions are way cheaper than monthly.

Amazon digital is almost everywhere. From eCommerce to offering elite digital services, the company is pretty sure about the target audience’s needs. Adults these days are more towards YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. This gave them an idea of covering digital products to create ROI. Amazon digital offers digital products like music streaming, ebooks, softwares, and a lot more. Above all, you will find everything informative in this blog.

The umbrella of amazon digital is vast, and people love everything about it. However, in this blog, we’re going to discuss Amazon Digital Services & how it helps in creating a much better return on investment on digital products.

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Let’s get started.

What is Amazon Digital? How does it collaborate with Digital Mediums?

Amazon Digital Services LLC is an electronic commerce company covering a wide range of service lines. However, we have a great blog covering everything about Amazon automation. Do give it a read! Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Digital and its relative information.

Amazon Digital Attributes Lookup
Founded September 7, 2006
Users 175 million
Parent Branch Amazon
Headquarters Washington DC, United States

Amazon Unbox, an Internet Video Service, was the first launch of the brand’s digital offerings. Since then, they have added a lot more to the service line for creating a perfect mix & match.

Do you know what is Amazon Digital charges, or are you still wondering about it? If yes, then no worries, we’ll discuss these points in the blog to learn about them quickly.

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Work Hard, Make Money By Knowing These Spectacular Amazon Digital Services

Amazon Digital Services covers a wide range of offerings, with subscription-based products so, you’ll be able to pay monthly or annually, which tends to be more affordable. It’s a US-based conglomerate technology company focused on ecommerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence services.

Here are some of the services you should know that Amazon offers to the audience as a hub of entertainment.

1. Kindle Unlimited

From audiobooks to magazines along with eBooks, if you’re a book lover, then Kindle Unlimited is the best pick for you! Kindle Unlimited allows you to access millions of books & audiobooks in a single click. Many users can take advantage of the 30-days free trial and enjoy the fun-filled experience.

Here’s what you can do with Kindle Unlimited;

kindle books

1. Unlimited Reading

It allows you unlimited access to over 2 million digital titles featuring popular series, best-selling books, and classics. Sound amazing?

2. Unlimited Listening

With Amazon digital, you can always switch between reading and listening to thousands of books with audible narrations. So, for those who don’t like reading but love to explore new books, this feature is a perfect fit for you!

3. Magazines Subscriptions

You can explore recent magazines, to learn what is trending & get a better insight on the news. The subscription plans are included in your membership plans.

4. Great On Kindle eBooks

Lastly, we have Kindle eBooks which have an inventory of thousands of Great Books on kindle so that readers can enjoy high-quality reading of digital eBooks with their peers & friends.

Costing Of Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited comes with a 30-days free trial; however, it costs around $9.99 per month after that.

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2. Amazon Drive

Secondly, we have Amazon Drive, similar to a casual Google Drive or Dropbox. So, once you download the Amazon Drive app, you will be given access to save files to the drive, which is cloud-based. All the new users can get the first 5GB for free after that, and they get more of the space for better storage plans.

amazon digital drive

> Quick and easy to access recent files
> Bulk selection of files available
> A better user experience
> Easy piece of data in bulk to Amazon Drive

Costing of Amazon Drive

If you wish for additional space, you have to pay $11.99/monthly for 100GB or $1799 annually for 30TB. However, other plans range from $59.99/monthly to $599 annually.

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3. Amazon Music Unlimited

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like to listen to podcasts and music videos online. Amazon Music Unlimited is the perfect choice for you! Initially, you can listen for free, but still, for that, you would require an Amazon account.

amazon digital music

>  3 months free
> No extra costing
> On-demand music
> Ads-free
> Millions of podcasts episodes

Costing For Amazon Music Unlimited

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you only have to pay around $7.99 a month, to $79 annually. Or, if you’re not a prime member, then create a mind of paying about $9.99 a month.

4. Amazon Kids+

We talk about everything that is desired for adults; what about kids? Above all, Amazon Kids+ is a child-friendly service platform giving access to thousands of books, movies, educational apps, along with worthwhile games.

amazon digital kids

> Endless fun for kids
> Peace of mind for parents
> A world of quality for kids
> Words across various devices

Costing for Amazon Kids+

The plans start from $2.99/month, but Amazon offers programs at discounted rates. You can first try the 1-month free trial and then decide whether you want to pay for the plan or lookout for something else.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Who has never heard about Amazon Prime Video? I guess everyone knows about Amazon Prime Video, letting you stream your favorite shows and movies from the smart devices you’re using. Everything is available on Amazon, from shows to movies and short films. The video service is a part of Amazon, and here’s some of the channel it covers;

> HBO Official
> Starz
> Hallmark

Costing for Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video is a subpart of Amazon Digital, sharing $119 annually if you wish to be an Amazon Prime member; however, if you want to access the prime videos monthly, make up your mind for $8.99/month.

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6. Amazon Audible

Amazon Audible allows you to listen to audiobooks, making your life easier. Prime members get free access to the service, while the non-members have to ensure that they pay the subscription fees.

amazon digital audible

> You can select & listen
> Search by categories
> Browse books

Costing for Amazon Digital Audible Feature

Prime members get free access to the service. However, you get a 30-days free membership option for those who’re planning to try first & then avail. The cost starts from $4.95 to $14.95/month.

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Amazon Digital Software Subscription

Amazon Digital also offers a software subscription service to search and pay for the software you’ve been looking for for a very long time. You can manage all the software products simultaneously, using the software library. Moreover, one more interesting fact about Amazon’s digital service is, you get access to a free trial for some time.

> Easy selection
> Search & Pay
> Wide Range Of Services

Costing for Amazon Digital Software

The amazon subscription will cost you around $12.99/month along with taxes.

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How to cancel Amazon Digital Services?

If you no longer want to pay for Amazon Digital Services, you can cancel the subscription anytime. However, once you cancel, your subscription will not stop immediately. So, if you finally made up your mind about discontinuing the amazon digital services, you won’t be charged for the renewal period.

For instance, if you plan to cancel your audible subscription of 1 year, just after 8 months, then you will continue to enjoy the benefits for 1 year. So, you can avail and access things you have purchased using the subscription even after canceling it.

1. Log in to your Amazon account.
2. Go to Membership & Subscriptions.
3. Swipe to Manage Subscriptions
4. Select the End Subscription option & confirm it.

Selling Digital Products on Amazon Digital

With Amazon Digital Services, you can become popular & learn the art of selling digital products quickly. Many content creators with appealing content strategies earn a lot through the platform.

Even if you know if you use relevant keywords, you can give your product a huge boost! You can earn passive income without any costly overheads with optimized SEO strategies.

How much does Amazon Digital Services cost?

The services price range differently depending on the services you’re choosing. It can cost around $119 annually to $12.99 monthly.

How do I cancel Amazon Digital Services?

To cancel the Amazon Digital services, you can follow these steps; go to Membership & Subscription and select the subscription plan you want to cancel. Once done, you can confirm and proceed.

Can you cancel a digital order on Amazon?

So, this is a very straightforward question. If you decide to cancel an order from Amazon, of course, it’s possible. You can stop it only before it is shipped. Otherwise, it’s not possible. All digital items like books have a cancelation availability for 24 hours.

What is Digital Service on Amazon?

Amazon digital is an electronic commerce company responsible for catering to digital products like books, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry items.

Final Takeaway | Amazon Digital

So, Amazon Digital itself is a convenient, easy to handle, and affordable digital platform. Everyone can get as much as they want simply by signing up and setting up their store online from sellers to buyers. The working plan is straightforward, and you expect to get paid every two weeks. Moreover, at any point, if you have any concerns or questions related to digital subscriptions, you can contact customer support.

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