Animation Ideas – Impressive Animation Ideas & Inspiration

  • November 8, 2021
  • Designing

Animation Ideas – Impressive Animation Ideas & Inspiration

  • November 8, 2021
  • Designing

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Animation Ideas? If you’re an animator looking around for some fantastic inspiration for animation ideas, then you’re at the right place. You need to cage yourself with animation processes because, as a beginner, you should know the basics of animation first.

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Why Choose Impressive Animation Ideas As A Beginner?

The very first question that clicks in your mind is, why animation? Whether it’s website maintenance or management projects, mostly website managers are allocated with a task to give websites an impressive and attractive look & feel! You must be thinking about why everyone is looking around for animation ideas for their videos?

Your website or mobile application is incomplete without animation in it. You know, people tend to click on applications that have jaw-dropping animation effects; otherwise, an application with casual styling and look is ignored like it never developed! So read this blog wisely because every point is just worth it!

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A Back To The 90’s – Historical Data Analysis For Animation Ideas

You would be amazed to know that many animation movies were made in France, and people were thrilled to see the animation videos on their screens. With compelling content and animation, these three films were the attention of the stage, and almost everyone loved and adored the animation.

animation ideas

According to Statista, back in the 19th century, France created terrific animated movies, like Loin King, Jungle Book, and others, capturing users’ attention and creating a total revenue of 423.6m EUR.

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Jaw-Dropping Animation Ideas – Compelling Steps For Animation

Let’s accelerate the process and start exploring the fantastic animation ideas mandatory for creating impressive animations!

1. Create A Story

Firstly, the first step to learning short animation ideas is to start with creating a story in your mind. The story through which you will showcase your animation and add different effects to the character giving it a lively look!

2. Select Characters

Secondly, the steps leading to short animation ideas is to select characters to perform the animation. Remember, try avoiding characters and scenes with lots of features and details because it will be critical for you to replicate turning them into 2D or 3D animation.

3. Add Moments

Thirdly, you can even reciprocate your imagination or memorable moments of your day to animated canvas or shoot a video for references.

4. Inspiration From Nature

Fourthly, you know, usually, animators and scriptwriters are seen sitting in an open environment admiring the beauty of nature. Surprisingly, they get unique animation ideas after going to the environment.

5. Time-Travel Imagination

Moreover, the last trick leading to compelling short animation ideas is to image a scene from your childhood and draw it over the paper, giving a reality check!

These were some quick and straightforward animation ideas; however, we can add some exciting steps that lead to impressive 2D and 3D animation videos that instantly capture the users’ attention! Tons of branding companies offer animation services as their core to bring clients’ business upwards, with impressive results!

However, you can choose between Blender vs. Maya to add amazing animation to your videos and develop remarkable objects.

6. The Sequence Approach

Lastly, you can do is research sequence approach, where there is the number of steps involved, like eight to six shorts in a sequence. Don’t forget to look over here and there to induce something unique to your animated videos and instantly capture the audience’s attention.

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Now let’s discuss other animation ideas in another context; how can we get simple animation ideas ideally in our minds?

animation ideas

How To Get Animation Ideas?

Before starting with simple animation ideas, let me clear one thing prior: you should have a basic knowledge of scriptwriting to get the best results on the table.

1. Choose A Category Leading To Simple Animation Ideas

Can you imagine creating an animation video without choosing a category? There are different categories, and it depends entirely on the business plan and model. If it’s the corporate sector, then the variety of the animation industry would be business, and the explainer videos would be a bit corporate.

There are different categories for animation, and out of which, you will have an idea about your animation video.

  1. Textual Scenes
  2. Conceptual Scenes
  3. Explanatory Scenes
  4. Environmental Scenes

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2. Write Compelling Story For Animated Video

How can you expect your audience to watch your animated video without compelling content? More or less, let me explain one thing suppose visitors visit your website, but the scope and script of your video are so dull that they went without even swapping to other pages. How would you feel? The bounce rate will increase. Ultimately, you’ll miss out on some of your potential customers.

Above all, to get rid of this, try reading about content pillars and creating unique content for the video script that is super engaging. Everyone loves to watch your video and give thumbs up to the animation.

3. Explore Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a great way to get unique animation ideas. Many animators spend days thinking about the best animation idea that could meet the expectations of their audience. However, you can start by uploading videos on YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms. A YouTube Manager is responsible for uploading those animated videos on a social platform. With the help of a marketer responsible for writing catchy captions for the animated videos.

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Wrapping Up

And that’s all for the day! I hope you’ll enjoy reading about steps to get impressive animation ideas and make your journey unique! However, animators are still waiting for a new animation idea to induce their final work output and create remarkable results. An animator has to be very diligent and creative with their thought process; many people expect something exciting when they turn their screens on to watch the latest animation video. If you have some fantastic animation ideas in your mind, then feel free to post them in the comments section.

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