The Animation Process | 7 Steps To Create Eye-catching 2D Animation Videos

  • September 29, 2021
  • Designing

The Animation Process | 7 Steps To Create Eye-catching 2D Animation Videos

  • September 29, 2021
  • Designing

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Are you planning your first-ever animation process? If yes, then you’re on the right path! Whether you’re creating your animation video or doing it for a client, it’s essential to know the animation production process in detail.

The animation process may vary depending on the type of cartoon background or cartoon wallpaper the animator chooses. Vintage background, cartoon background, vector objects, everything lies in the 2d animation steps. Although creating impactful and impressive 2D or 3D animated videos requires a definite animation, leading towards stage animations, with a timeline of animations producing the correct blend of creativity and colors.

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In this blog, you’ll get a clear idea about what is 2d animation, the top 7 animation process out of twelve principles of the animation process, animation timelines, and how to plan an animation production process keeping all the constraints in mind. However, we’ll discuss the top 7 principles of the animation process, which our animators follow.

Generating a maximum return on investment requires updates in the animation process. Meanwhile, one has to look around at what’s happening in the market.

Before you start reading about the killer animation process, leading to 2D computer animation, understand these points first;

  1. Always look around for a creative animation team of professionals who understand the minor aspects of the animation process and how to create cartoon background and cartoon wallpaper as it’s trending.
  2. Secondly, reading about anime background, 2d animation process understanding all the pain points that create impactful and unique animated videos.
  3. Thirdly, making 2d animation, following splining animation, and animation workflow for creating impressive animated videos and background.
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What is 2D Animation Process? How to Plan Animation Video Activities?

If you wish to read about the 2d animation process and what is 2d animation, then read the definition mentioned above, where we have to define the animation for creating classical cartoon objects, anime background, cartoon wallpapers.

A 2d animation involves using two-dimensional objects or characters in the entire video to do storytelling and deliver messages to the viewers. The animation process followed in creating animated videos creates an illusion of movements in the mind of viewers playing with cognition. The width and height of the 2d images stay in the 2d space because they can exceed it.

The 2D animation process revolves around a creative approach, and primarily 2d animation companies look for animators with a creative mindset because, without creativity, there will be zero probability of impressive animated videos. The typical process of animation or steps of animations has three things in common.

  1. Characters
  2. Background
  3. Scripting
  4. Voiceover
  5. Storyboards

Professional animators have a different mindset, giving priority to the unique animation process. The animation sequence steps go straightforwardly with the fusion of colors, Music, and movements between characters.

Animators use different video animation tools, which are a part of animation processes like, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, OpenToonz, Synfig Studio, Adobe Animate, and Learn 2D Animation.

How to plan an Animation Process? A Detailed Guide Steps To Animation

The animation process or 2d computer animation steps varies depending on the client’s requirements for animated projects. The animation company, precisely the animation production process, is responsible for dividing the animation stage, redirecting to the step-by-step animation process. However, for a better 2d computer animation process understanding, we’ve got all the animation processes covered.

Meanwhile, the utmost goal of any animation company should be to grab the attention of customers with their animated videos, and for this, they have to plan the animation process. The trend of animation blocks, making of 2d animation videos are growing massively. Many marketers pursue detailing in the characters and seamless process of animation workflow; otherwise, there is no use of creativity. Animation videos help in growing the business of the company.

Let’s have a look at the animation process, step by step animation leadings towards conceptual understanding:

1. Research And Analysis of Animation Fundamentals

Firstly, the vital poses in animation are doing diverse research and understanding the animation fundamentals to create impressive results. The animation industry relies more on research and then moves forward following the process of animation.

Research opens doors to many opportunities in 2d video animation and what’s trending in the industry. Remember that the animation process’s essence relies on understanding the clients you’re targeting and what they want from you. An animator has to perform the following two tasks,

  1. Try to drive maximum information from the clients to understand better what they want from us!
  2. Find out and learn about ongoing animation processes and what type of character movements leading enterprises are following.

Before starting with the animation process, ensure you have a clear idea about the client’s project and what they’re expecting from you in the 2D animated video.

This animation illustrates the process of creativity, with a fusion of colors and unique 2d backgrounds assisting in capturing the client’s attention. If you go deep into the shores, you’ll be amazed to discover how animators used to follow a hand-drawn animation process.

Right now, in 2021, the animation process has been upgraded massively, with cartoon wallpapers, cartoon background, vintage background, anime background, and a lot more through various 2d modeling tools. The best way out is always to perform industry research, analyzing what your competitors are doing and what kind of animated videos they’re sharing to capture the target audience’s attention.

2. Conceptual Animation Stages

Secondly, creating concepts behind the character’s movements, leading towards animation stages on a broader perspective. Now that you’re good to go as done with proper research, it’s time to do step-by-step animation, making tremendous progress!

You should have a creative approach towards concepts and writing the script behind characters’ movements and animated videos. Because if your videos don’t have a proper starting and ending point, it will look weird.

You know, what is the result of the animated process? The hard work behind concepts, storytelling, characters movements, and transitions in positions. Animators follow the animated sequence to make the outcome; otherwise, you can not earn anything except self-admiration.

For instance, you can develop an animated, character-driven video, possesses a strong storyline, one-to-one conversations, problem-solving, or is based on some ongoing trending topic. When creativity and dialogues mix, with the correct fusion of colors, and outclass results are formed.

You can keep the following points in mind during the animation process;

  1. Try to keep the length of your video between 1 to 2 minutes max.
  2. Keep the text in the video minimal, whereas it should have more visuals and transitions to keep the viewers engaged.
  3. Your video message should be conveyed through videos and character’s movements with minimum text usage.

Concept and research are two of the essential principles from the basic twelve principles of the animation process, although it’s a good practice to explore more and enhance your creativity.

3. Storyboard For Animated Video

Thirdly, you’ve to test your copywriting skills because your animated video is meaningless without text or a proper script! Animation timelines lead to proper scripting of the character’s dialogues or the animated video’s story.

Try to write short dialogues and give prime importance to the character’s movements and video background with vibrant colors contrasting with the characters’ outfits. Connecting your script with words and visuals is very important and can be done only if you create a detailed storyboard for the video.

animation process storyboard


A storyboard visual representation of the video, showing every scene step by step, focusing on every minor detail like objects movements, actions, visuals, and flow. There is various software for storyboarding activities, like Storyboarder or Plot. Both are best for drawing storyboards.

Some animators prefer hand-drawn sketches, while some prefer software that has everything pre-built for users. The storyboard supports the animation process a lot. It has an animation timeline, where you can show the movement of a specific character or cartoon step by step in a precise way.

Any third person can see the storyboard and get an idea about the animation and the main essence behind the animated video.

4. Voiceover Recording In 2D Animation Process

Fourthly, most crucial step in the animation process is choosing the right voiceover for the video. In this step, the most crucial point is to make a narrative more impactful and persuasive. The animator has to find the perfect voiceover artist for their video.

The animation workflow goes smoothly in a single direction, and voice is the essence of the animated video. For instance, if you’re creating a corporate animated video, you can ask one of the workforces to do voiceover, giving a personal touch to the animated video. However, choosing the right voiceover artists for the animated video is very important, and you can screen individuals through various platforms like Fiver or Voices.

Ensure the voiceover artist is experienced and connects with the domain your video is about to give an original feel, saying with the right tone and pitch.

5. Styling Process Animation

The fifth step in the animation stages is styling the animated characters and animated video. Once done with voiceover, you’ve to start with the styling of the video. Before styling, your video is like white paper missing many colors before styling. Still, at this stage, the designer has to visualize the screens and add styles like colors and movements concerning the client’s requirements.

animation process styling

In this animation stage, you can add colors, images, define the character’s movements, illustrate the background, and add any text; if required, give the video a lively look. You’re adding magic to the animated video.

Key points to keep in mind;

  1. Add minimal text to the video.
  2. Avoid adding extra vibrant colors in the animated video.
  3. Read the client’s guidelines before adding colors to the video.

6. Adding Animation To The Videos

And yes, you’re now all set to add animation in the video, like movements connecting the characters to give a lively look. In this animation stage, your video is all set to absorb animations, giving them a shape.

The animators are responsible for adding life to the characters, objects, background, and most importantly, the voiceover syncing both the video and character together. Steps to animation are undoubtedly time taking, but ensure you’re giving the animator enough space to bring out his creativity, following the animation timeline.

7. Adding Music To 2d Animation Videos

Lastly, the animator will add background music to the video, like any track or soulful melody depending entirely upon the animated video. Adding Music to the animated video is the last step, leading towards completing the animated video.

Try to use the songs without any copyright claim because your animated video can be brought down on social forums due to music copyright problems. You can choose platforms like AudioJungle, Melodyloops for finding the right Music for your animated video.

Some clients come with a high budget for animated videos. So in ideal cases, a separate music composer is hired to sing a song for the video.

Final Delivery Of The 2D Animated Video

Bingo, you’re all set to deliver 2d animated video, with a fusion of colors, optimistic characters movements, and impressive Music. Whenever a client comes, follow a practice of asking them to fill in a brief form first. In this way, you’ll let the company know what they want from the 2d animated videos. You’re all clear to start with the 2d animated video and map the visualization of customers into animated videos.

How Is 2D Animation Made?

Moreover, if you are seeking the answer to how is 2d animation made, the answer is straightforward and obvious. You need to follow these quick and simple steps we’ve already mentioned in the blog. Above all, try to stay creative to meet the expectations of the clients.

  1. Research
  2. Analysis
  3. Scripting
  4. Voiceover
  5. Styling
  6. Animation
  7. Musical Touch

What is the result of the Animated Process?

Following the animation, the process is vital in many ways. There are multiple stages of animation, and an experienced animator will go into the fundamentals of animation. You’ll surely get a perfectly animated video as an outcome, which will help you make the client cherished with joy! The outcome is an animated 2d video with perfect transitions.

How Does Animation work?

Animation works following an animation sequence of actions, leading to the character’s movements, according to the background. Once done with the voiceover and storyboarding step, the final step is animation adding life to the animated characters. In this way, they’re showing the movements of characters concerning the storyline. Animators read animation processes first for a clear understanding before illustrating any video.

Some 2D Animation Examples

However, some of the famous 2D Animation examples are;

  1. Baby Looney Tunes
  2. The Jungle Book
  3. Snow White
  4. The Little Mermaid
  5. The Simpsons
  6. Family Guy
  7. Anastasia

Over To You

Engaging your audience is one of the essential animation steps. And one should rely on following animation fundamentals while driving any animation process or creating animated videos that grab instant attention. An animation timeline leads to animation planning, but still knowing the animation fundamentals is one of the necessities any animator or animation company should know in detail.

However, if you still have some questions in mind, then feel free to post them in the comment section.


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