How much does it cost to design an app?

  • April 19, 2022
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How much does it cost to design an app?

  • April 19, 2022
  • App

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Choosing the best app development company that offers an affordable app design cost is a crucial task.

Mobile application is the future, also the present. Remember the last time you went out of your home without a phone? Even if we don’t find the phone, we feel terrified? True right?

There are different portable things, like a power bank ensuring that your mobile phone’s batteries never die.

However, some people say that you have to be active on social media, staying in touch with all the ongoing stuff but does it make sense?

Either way, people nowadays panic when they don’t see mobile phones in their pockets. It has now become a necessity for everyone.

It makes sense for the entrepreneur to invest in an application that would pay for itself! In simple words, for reflecting on the app design costs.

For helping you with the mobile app detailing and pricing packages, we’re back with another blog with a complete development cost breakdown and everything!

Now let’s run fast forward to the question of designing. How much does it cost to design a mobile app? Are the prices well justified with the features?

Mobile App Design And Its Importance For The Digital Industry

According to a study, the number of downloadable applications in the Google Play Store tends to reach 2.8 million. So can we still say that the design of the mobile applications is easy to create and design?

The application keeps the users connected to each other, with a pleasant interface, and seamless navigation plan.

Today mobile applications can literally operate your television, and sync with your watch in a single instant! So you can play music and enjoy with friends and family.

You can take care of all the operations with just a single click, and that’s how the importance of mobile applications arises.

Of course, people are more toward mobile applications to make their daily chores easier and simple!

The average app design cost would be higher than developing a website and that is why all the businesses that deal with mobile applications tend to be more successful financially.

It’s been years since people are in the mobile app design and development industry, and billions of applications are now designed and developed for various niches.

Do you know it can be expensive to create an application, but years later as the competition is fierce people are more toward application?

What does the mobile application design comprise?

Research would be a great source to collect information and create an application that would act as a solution to a specified problem.

You can study the market and learn about the target users and the critical reasons for creating any application.

Initially, at such a stage, people look for industry trends, research competition, and look out for a stronger side to build better decision-making.

Designing the application sounds unique and intuitive, but you still have to focus on people’s requirements.

Our overall experience made us capable of doing what we’re doing right now!

It’s best to find the right resource for getting your ideal mobile project, defining the strengths, and leveraging them later in the application’s success.

Mobile App Design Costing Complexities

The mobile app design costs are essentially based on the complexities of the mobile application features, the number of roles, screens, and unique features added to make the usability and user experience of the customer even better.

In terms, different parameters play a vital role in determining the cost of the mobile application. The application design process is a long-term activity, but can be completed if done right!

You have to analyze the business model, along with challenges you can solve with the newly designed and developed mobile application.

Usually, people create the application cheaper because of the business’s financial condition. Let’s look at some of the few examples of conditional mobile complexities.

Complexity App Design Cost
Simple Mobile App Design $3000
Average Mobile App Design $12000
Complex Mobile App Design $30000

Also, at the same time, keep in mind that there can be different conditional values.

Because if you have complex functionalities on the backend of the application, like some heavy algorithm integration, the designing can be done cheaply, but the development cost will be higher!

Mobile App Design Cost On Number Of Team Members

Besides all the mobile app complexities, the development team is essential for defining the required budget for a mobile app design and the initial software development.

Based on a general mobile app calculation, we will use the average size of the mobile application that requires more than 300 designing hours.

In-house team $36,000
Local designing team $48,000
Freelancers $6,000
Outsourcing design agency $12,000

However, in the next section, we will discuss how the development company’s location can also affect pricing packages.

Mobile App Design Cost Depends On Development Team Location

Ensure that the complexity of the mobile app design defines the level of expertise that is necessary for developing an application.

Also, at the same time, an experienced mobile app development team can look for outsourcing the application from different companies, which might cost less than a professional team from the United States, Britain, or Western Europe.

We will learn about that in this tabular format:

Location Average Mobile Design Cost
Australia $36,000
UK $40,000
Western Europe $28,000
Eastern Europe $12,000
South Asia $6000

Factors Impacting The Mobile App Designing Cost

In this section, we will talk about the details related to the technical aspects of the mobile design, the pricing, and the duration of the mobile app design and development.

Let’s get straight to the point.

Factor 1:Designing Effects App Design Cost

Two types of mobile app design quantify the price of the mobile application.

Custom Mobile App Design

In the custom design of a mobile application, you have to create the user experience, and user interface from scratch, which is a big task.

It requires constant work and effort. The pricing for such mobile applications would probably be higher than a simple application.

A customized design would bring groundbreaking success to your application. And you know, almost every mobile application has a custom design like Uber, Lyft, Tinder, or Bumblebee has a customized plan.

If you try to understand the customer’s perspective, engagement levels, and pain points, you will get to know more about it.

Here are some of the pros of choosing a custom mobile app design:

  1. With customization, you can control the mobile app design cost while ensuring uniqueness and exclusive features. However, creating a unique mobile interface is quite challenging for the designer.
  2. You can ensure that the mobile app design and costing reflect the organization’s vision and mission. Moreover, customizing the mobile application can positively represent your brand’s values and profile.

But don’t worry, there is another option, a native mobile application.

Native Mobile App Designs

We all know that nativity to any mobile application design would mean following platform-centric design guidelines and element placements that lead to a robust mobile application.

If we take the example of the iPhone, the button to ‘Go Back’ is always on the top left corner of the mobile screen. Android and iOS mobile interfaces are different from each other.

Here are some of the pros of choosing a native mobile app design:

  1. Mobile app designing costs are slightly lower due to the platform-centric approach. A designer can access all the standard functionalities without any design errors.
  2. Designers can efficiently work with all the familiar systems with the native design ideas. There is less room for experimentation which means a learning curve is formed.
  3. In native mobile app design, you can easily use the templates to save your time and build something more unique!

Factor 2: The Complexity Of The Mobile App Designing Cost

In terms of design, the complexity of designing an application depends on the unique screens, specific blocks, and interaction between the features.

Many Active Roles

Another thing that affects the mobile app cost is the number of people involved in the entire design and development activity.

The number of unique features you add to the mobile application assist in making the user interface and experience even more appealing.

For a project with average complexity, you may need only a few project managers, but the specialists would be responsible for

  1. Creating user persona
  2. Sketching application wireframes
  3. Working on the prototypes
  4. Developing intuitive interfaces
  5. Necessary changes after testing the application

Number Of Active Mobile Screens

These are various screens and several platforms that might make your application worthy. However, you can choose the number of screens that you want & then analyze the entire app design cost.

  1. Welcome screen
  2. Registration screen
  3. Login Screen
  4. Action Screens
  5. Popup screens
  6. Menu screens
  7. Error message screens

The more screens you add to your mobile design, the fewer screens, especially with animation, would increase the cost of mobile app design.

Factor 3: The Type Of Team

Who is doing the designing of the application? Some people prefer local agencies, while others prefer freelancers or in-house teams, or outsourcing the teams.

So, the team players charge hourly, which impacts the mobile app design cost differently.

In-House Team

  1. In-house design specialists are the individuals who work with the team on site. Here are some of the pros of choosing in-house app design individuals for your ideal mobile app design services.
  2. It is easy to connect with all the employees within the team.
  3. In-house employees are more involved in the design processes. They can better understand the product’s values, culture, and brand philosophy.
  4. The mobile application’s performance is high if you devote all the employees to put effort into the project.

Local Design Agency

If you don’t want to have direct in-house resources, then look for a local design agency to provide you with the app design work.

It might upscale your pricing for the application, but the results would be excellent. Here are some of the pros of choosing a local design agency for your design project.

  1. The local team will understand your direct market to better pitch the idea.
  2. You will get a better understanding and faster updates.
  3. You can work with the entire team in person and get the changes done instantly
  4. The mobile app design cost might increase, but you can make yourself aware of different things.


Hiring a freelancer for your mobile app design would cost you a bit higher than the in-house team because they charge for everything, from minor changes to big projects.

However, here are some reasons why choosing freelancers is viable for your mobile app design.

  1. Freelancers are cost-effective
  2. You can discontinue them whenever the project is completed
  3. They are easy to hire
  4. They will easily pick your ideas and make some changes if required

Outsourcing Design Agency

Everything depends on the time you need to put in on the design elements. Like, sketches, basic designing, branding, quality control, and so on.

If you’re planning to outsource your agency, your agency is located in a different location and working for you remotely.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a remote design agency

  1. You get access to the best talents.
  2. Increases your revenues
  3. Save time and the number of resources
  4. Get a fresh start on your project

Quick Three Tips On Choosing The Ideal App Design Partner For Ideal App Design Cost

This section will discuss the quick tips for choosing the ideal app design partner.

  1. When choosing any resource or remote team for your mobile app design, don’t forget to check the portfolio of their previous work. This might cost you a lot of time and effort, but you will be sure that they’re the best one for you!
  2. The next important step is to check the clients’ reviews to ensure the previous clients were satisfied with the results. You can even lookout for different platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to catch the feedback.
  3. Lastly, the most important thing is to get in an interview with the team to know them more. Finding a shared medium and language to connect is the best thing possible for a successful collaboration.


Here are some of the quick questions related to mobile app designing costs for you!

1. How much does it cost to design an application?

In simple words, the cost for designing an app would range from around $4000 to $20,000 or maybe more.

Of course, it all depends on the number of screens, the number of resources involved, and the experience of the working force.

2. How much should a UI designer charge?

We can not come up with a strict digital figure. However, designers are charged according to their years of experience and expertise level.

3. How long does it take to design a mobile app interface?

Once you’re done with the wireframing, the next step is to start the UI design needs. It comprises fonts, color themes, images, and everything right for the application design.

You can need around 3-4 weeks to complete this process of designing. Or it can reach up to 6-7 weeks for a mid-sized application.

Looking For A Mobile App Design Team With Reasonable App Design Cost?

The cost of designing an application depends on various factors, from the idea to the industry you’re catering to.

True rivalry turns norms on their head by introducing new strategies and innovations to the people.

Cydomedia is a full-fledged mobile app design and development company that tends to tailor mobile solutions for customers from any industry.

So if you’re looking for a group of professionals with expertise in creating profitable and valuable products, we’re here for you!

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