Apple Search Engine All Set To Beat Google! – What’s Your Take On It?

  • June 3, 2022
  • News

Apple Search Engine All Set To Beat Google! – What’s Your Take On It?

  • June 3, 2022
  • News

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It’s been years since we’re using the Google search engine for our online searches. There is no greater name than Google when it comes to search algorithms. However, Apple might be launching its search engine, which is surprising news for everyone.

Google is a gateway to the Internet worldwide, with a whopping 90% share of the search engine market. Everyone is dependent on the search engine, even the Apple users too. But, right now, the time is near to flip the roles.

Apple, another giant in the tech industry, recently made a huge revelation that they’re all set to launch their search engine, which will compete with Google’s search engine.

We all know that Apple already has many accessories, from iPhones to chargers, earphones, and smartwatches. Everything is customized only and only for iOS users.

And now that they’re taking another initiative, what will be the consequences?

Apple still is underway to launch its search engine; however, let’s discuss Apple’s existing search engine in this blog for a better understanding.

Do you know about Spotlight?

Apple search engine, which is native to all iPhone users. Research says Spotlight is expected to develop its new features and plans to mature the algorithms for better results.

The team and technical experts plan to mature the search engine just like the Google search engine operates to give the users a similar experience.

Here’s how Spotlight will work and why it’s going to give Google a head-to-head competition;

Firstly, grab an iPhone and swipe down from the middle of the home screen; what do you see? Let’s try another thing; suppose you got a Mac; click on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the top menu bar.

And boom, you will find the Spotlight!

Spotlight has been in the market since 2004, and since then, people have loved their online search experience. The Spotlight was again name-dropped last spring when Tim Cook was on the stage and announced the new iOS 15 updates.

Someone also revealed that Spotlight includes all the more extraordinary accessibility features backed with the ability to search information about literally anything.

Anyhow, here are some of the strengths of the Apple search engine; Spotlight:

  • The ability to inquire about local files, texts, applications, and a lot more in addition to web results.
  • There is a quick search view of the queries without navigating to the Google search engine.
  • A section known as “Siri Knowledge” displays all the snippets of web articles on your screen.
  • A “Siri Suggest Web Results” featuring all the personalized search results.
  • Accessing Spotlight in both cases, lock screen and unlocked screen of the phones.

However, Apple’s Spotlight is still in adolescence, it’s increasing the people’s expectations, and rumors are there Google will face tough competition.

As we’re now clear with Apple Search Engine Spotlight, let’s discuss the difference between these two.

Google vs. Spotlight Search Engine

We’ve compiled all the necessary points for a head-to-head comparison between these two terms for your ease.

Let’s unfold together…

1. Organic Search Results

We’ve been using Google since our childhood, or should I say the time we started understanding about Google search engine. Google generates automated web crawlers to scour the information from the Internet and modify web pages.

The secret sauce of the Google search engine is its PageRank algorithm which uses more than 200 ranking factors to meet the user’s search intent. Google SERP is tailored to facilitate users with all kinds of information and keep track of their online activities.

On the other hand, Spotlight uses a selection base search system that creates an index of files and metadata on the iPhone or Mac book. Like Google crawler, Spotlight also has a ‘bot’ that digests basic information about a file, with other content measures like name, size, and dates.

Unlike Google, Spotlight is not limited to search results. It’s trained to search local, web, and cloud-based results.

With Spotlight, you can perform in-depth online searches like extracting YouTube videos for personal use, pulling Wikipedia articles, and more.

In short, the search engine is more personalized than that of a typical Google search engine used by many worldwide.

2. Advertisement Platforms

Do you enjoy watching ads in between your online searching? Google has been topping the online advertising platform for more than a decade.

Last year it captured a 29% share of digital ad spending worldwide. Moreover, these ads are featured on the top first fold of the search engine, where people aging between 18 to 34 have trouble distinguishing between a typical ad and an organic ad result.

No one enjoys watching ads again and again. If you want an ad-free experience, Spotlight is the best thing!

Additionally, the application marketers will pay none to Apple for being displayed on the first page. No burden on the pockets. Isn’t it amazing?

3. User Interface and User Experience

Google again had worked a lot in giving the users an ever-lasting experience, and that’s how their search engine is trained to act.

A minimal user interface, with no colors and only the logo following the whitespace techniques, gives a minimalistic experience.

However, Google has recently tested the nested feature snippet, which indented URLs and “short videos” sections in their search engine results.

If you open Google Chrome, you will see yourself; the search result page is plain and doesn’t seem attractive enough.

Apple is known worldwide for its tremendous user experience, and Spotlight being its invention of it, gives the user a seamless experience that is easy to understand and operate.

4. Privacy Concerns

If you’re not new to the tech world, you must know about the whole propaganda created against Google, where it was subjected to criticism because of the tracking practices.

For instance, you talk about a smartwatch with your friend over a phone call, and after some time, you will see the ad on different social platforms.

Consumers were unhappy with the practice because they thought it violated their privacy.

Mozilla told Forbes that,

“Chrome is the only major browser that doesn’t offer meaningful protection from tracking,”

Whereas Apple has been a critical winner in maintaining users’ privacy. The new iOS update offers a slew of privacy features, restricting all the applications from collecting personal information through IP addresses, pixels, and other methods.

What’s Your Take In The Apple Search Engine vs. Google Bandwagon?

Should Apple launch a new search engine for all users? Will it be a great deal or a waste of money and effort? It has been reported that Google paid $15 billion to Apple last year to keep them as the default search engine.

But, as Apple finally decided to have its search engine, it will be an alarming situation for both the rivals.

Apple, at its core, is a hardware company; iPhones, Mac Book, and other accessories are the best of their inventions. However, Google is a search-based company known for its technical algorithms and other factors.

Google sits on the pile of unsorted data, whereas Apple is the king of innovation.

But if Apple established its search engine, Google and the team have to think of a comeback strategy.

Privacy, user experience, advertising, and organic search are factors on which Apple search engine can beat Google.

The search engine begs the question, what’s going to come next? How will the developers stay vigilant in this digital race, where two tech giants are expected to compete with each other?

Netizens are expecting the Apple search engine to beat Google. What are your thoughts on it?

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