10 Apps Like Instagram That Are Very Important To Know!

  • December 10, 2021
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Do you know, there are more apps like Instagram – socially interactive & collaborative? The opportunity to connect with millions of people by signing up at some social platform was once a DREAM! YouTube managers earn a lot of money by using YouTube as a marketplace. Similarly, Instagram is a fantastic platform for uploading, editing, and sharing photos and reels. With an estimated total user base surpassing more than one billion, Instagram is one of the most used social networking platforms. There are apps like Instagram, sharing similar functionalities and features for the users.

According to Owler, the annual revenue stands at $6.25 billion, which is indeed huge! Whenever we talk about pictures and filters, Instagram comes first to our mind, then apps like Instagram start flicking! With approximately 1.386 billion users, no less than a benchmark was achieved. The history doesn’t end here; there are a whopping 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

In this blog, we will explore apps like Instagram; meanwhile, let’s first see when Instagram was launched and how many users it has? All of these will be Instagram alternatives so you can capture, edit, and share more!

A Look Inside Into Instagram History – Apps Like Instagram

Before jumping to the main topic, apps like Instagram. Firstly, let’s explore the release date and a bit of history related to the photography giant.

Instagram Information
Date Of Release October 6, 2010
Size  171.7 MB (iOS); 38.49 MB (Android); 42.6 MB (Fire OS)
Developers Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook, Inc.)
Language Availability 32 languages
Awards Shorty Award for Apps

Sounds promising? Instagram has won Shorty Awards For Apps, based on being the most entertaining social platform for users.

Instagram has already revolutionized the way we perceive social media. It’s one of those platforms that started sharing every moment – with friends & family! People love to capture, edit, and share images of everything they do with their friends. They share feeds of everything on Instagram from their daily lives. You must have heard the phrase, ‘ Instagram It’ commonly! It’s very famous nowadays because people love sharing and capturing everything – creating memories. Even influencers and bloggers are seen exquisite attention by posting tutorials on Youtube channels which is fantastic. People love to watch stories of those influencers, whether it’s Instagram or YouTube! There are similarly different apps like Instagram performing the same thing with something unique.

The app started with a photo-sharing platform as its primary feature, and people were less aware of it. Right now, in 2021, we’re standing with billion of active users loving capturing photos on Instagram. Instagram keeps on updating itself, like a more holistic photo sharing, with reels capturing one of the prominent features. Moreover, there are Instagram Stories, IGTV, and now Instagram Reels. You can make money through social media platforms, and it’s again an outstanding achievement for all of you! Want to learn about a way of earning without investing money? Read our blog on affiliate marketing and explore the magical ways to earn more.

What Are Apps Like Instagram? – A Detailed Analysis

Let’s discuss the apps like Instagram, and see how these apps make a difference! However, before skimming through the blog, we’ve got something for you! Apart from Instagram, YouTube is again a well-known social platform. There is a desired time to publish YouTube videos when your target audience gives maximum reach to the videos. Ready to ride the journey of exploring apps like Instagram? Here you go!

VSCO – Instagram Alternative

The first app like Instagram is VSCO. It’s a mobile photography application, one of the most popular social media apps used by adults. The most powerful features of VSCO are beautiful filters, enhanced creative tools, and educational content. VSCO allows users to create, discover, and connect with millions of others. It will enable you to preview your images in a grid way, just like Instagram.

Apps like Instagram

With many users, we bet that VSCO is deemed one of the best Social Media Apps when it comes to photo editing, sharing, and creating a community. So, we can call VSCO an alternative to Instagram if Instagram is down!

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

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We Heart It – Instagram Alternative

The second apps like Instagram is We Heart It! We Heart It is not just a replica of Instagram, but it closely resembles the features of Pinterest. A bit funky and lively for the users to explore & enjoy! Using this application, you can share your “heart” reaction on any image you like the most! The photo can be of any friend or anyone from the community. Sounds interesting? You can search images using different keywords, and definitely, you would come across some inspiring and creative ideas that you would love to give a “heart.”

Instagram Alternatives

We Heart is an alternative to Instagram, allowing you to follow celebrities and friends and see their activities. One of the unique features is telling the world it’s less about “look at me” and focuses more on “look what inspires me.”

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

Flicker – Instagram Alternative

The third app like Instagram is a well-known photo-sharing application. Flicker predated Instagram and introduced a fantastic concept of sharing photos with everyone. Flicker’s central concept enables users to share as many photos as possible, both private and public. Even if you think your images are unnoticed, Flicker lets you share them publicly. It’s an alternative to Instagram powered by Yahoo.

Apps Like Instagram

To date, Flicker was used by photographers to share their amazingly captured photos. However, Instagram took the lead, captivating the attention of users.

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

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Snapchat – Instagram Alternative

If you’re not new to the world of social media, then you must know this fact! Snapchat was the first one to introduce the art of short videos globally. Later on, a lot of Snapchat-like features were copied by Instagram. Snapchat is the pioneer of ephemeral photo-sharing and fourth to a list of apps like Instagram. Snapchat is the fastest way to share moments with your circle. Its filters make your captured dull photos more impressive and appealing!

Apps Like Instagram

It’s an alternative to Instagram, with some unique features. Using Snapchat, you can add texts and overlays to your photos, which is an impressive feature! Aside from sharing, you can capture moments and save in memories. You can even chat with your friends and add more interaction along with advancements in photo-sharing capabilities.

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

Tumblr – Instagram Alternative

The fifth apps, like Instagram, is Tumblr. It gained popularity worldwide due to the increasing trend of memes. The meme generation loves to spend time on Tumblr and explore some exciting GIFs. You can enjoy sharing anything on Tumblr, from videos to photos and even GIFs. One of the unique features of Tumblr is it enables users to share images and videos from other accounts. With others, I mean sharing photos from different people’s profiles and personalizing them by adding something unique concerning your need.

Instagram Alternative

It’s an alternative to Instagram, with the freedom to post anything you want, whether it’s a picture or a video. Even you have the option to reblog other people’s posts as well! You can add commentaries to those blogs and make the stuff of your choice!

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

Imgur – Instagram Alternative

If you’re digging around for apps like Instagram, but with a blend of something unique, then you’re at the right place! Imgur won’t just let you capture and edit photos for sharing with everyone. It will share memes and GIFs based on the content you’re planning to share on your feed. The application shares a funky feel so that everyone would love to use it more!

Apps Like Instagram

You can browse through the keywords and see photos of your choice! Like Instagram, you can download Imgur for fresh and unique content!

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

Yummi – Apps Like Instagram

Yummi is another app like Instagram, where you can share food images only! It’s an interactive way of creating a diary of delicious food, letting you share pictures and enjoy a delightful journey! Yes, you can only share photos of ideas. Even you can predict this from the name of the application.

Apps Like Instagram

So, all of the food images you upload are saved into separate food profiles. You can look back quickly, like where and when you ate that dish. Yummi allows you to share images with your friends and circle too! So, if you’re a foodie looking around for food images, then Yummi is the best alternative to Instagram with high pixel images.

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

TikTok – Apps Like Instagram

Another app like Instagram is TikTok, gauging massive popularity concisely. TikTok is another alternative to Instagram, providing users the opportunity to share videos. It enables the users to create short videos and add filters with music! On this application, users share videos and have the privilege to develop global reach! TikTok is incredibly popular in countries like China, India, and Pakistan, with most users actively using it.

Alternative Of Instagram

TikTok has captured 500 million users worldwide, which is again a benchmark! You can share videos and photos with everyone in your circle and share positivity with everyone all around!

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

Facebook – Instagram Alternative

Lastly, the apps like Instagram list come to an end with Facebook! A lot of people don’t include Facebook as an alternative to Instagram. Facebook is the best way to socialize and connect with people, share images, and update statuses. Facebook has taken the lead from being just an image-sharing application.

Apps like Instagram

You can share everything and talk to anyone anytime without any hassle! Even Instagram is owned by Facebook and allows users to share images across the platform. You can share pictures on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time!

Available On: Google PlayStore
Avaliable On: Apple App Store

How To Build Apps Like Instagram?

We tried to mention almost all the apps like Instagram in this blog. However, if you wish to develop an alternative to Instagram, then have a good grip on programming languages. Learn different front-end development languages like Angular, React, and Flutter to create a sleek application. Don’t forget to optimize the content on your application, making it appealing!

Summing Up

And that’s all from our end about apps like Instagram. Above all, I hope you enjoyed reading about Instagram alternatives and would love to add something relatable! We always appreciate the comments of our readers and come up with something unique! No matter what Instagram alternative you choose, it can never take Instagram place! However, we recommend you keep an eye on Instagram and its updates coming up!

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