10 Best AR Games For Gamers To Play This Winter

  • December 30, 2021
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10 Best AR Games For Gamers To Play This Winter

  • December 30, 2021
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AR games may sound a bit futuristic, just like our website. Haha, but its concept is revolutionary, transforming the user experience entirely! If I tell you a fact, ar game technology has been in the market for more than 50 years! AR game is still a new concept, but there are some other decent games. Way back in the early summers of 2016, the ar games craze got fire & all the gamers were thrilled to play games based on ar ideas. Gamers of all ages were treated to the world-changing event after Niantic’s Pokemon GO release.

AR games are still a new thing, with some old gaming techniques. The first popular AR game was released as Ingress and Pokemon Go on the play store. A lot of AR games are still proof of concept and time-killing-style games. The Google AR Core and general interest seem to push and publish things alongside. In 2018, a big augmented reality release was there, and people were going crazy after ar games.

Additionally, there are a lot of games sharing a unique idea, were introduced later on! Even developers did brilliant work; using the AR ideas added some AR features and made it an AR game. So, ultimately it’s the proof of the concept games and stuff that nothing has changed yet!

There are a lot of games, refined with ar ideas enabling the users an engaging environment. These games refine the mobile game experience, engaging the users with stunning visuals & appealing graphics. This blog, however, is all about the massively growing ar games present in every home today.

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Let’s kick start the discussion!

What Is AR & AR Games Based On AR Ideas?

If you’re a follower of AR ideas and how the world revolves around Augmented reality technology, this section will clear many things for you. Many big branding companies brainstorm ar ideas and move themselves to complete technical. Apple, Microsoft, and many companies are transforming themselves into augmented reality. Consider augmented reality a brother of virtual reality.

From Android augmented reality to iPhone shooting games, AR is havoc overlapping everything! In augmented reality infuses virtual objects with the real world. Augmented reality gives an interactive experience; that’s why also known as ‘mixed reality. Google began to dabble in augmented reality with its ambitious Google Glass – a part of glasses that includes a detailed HUD (head-up display). It’s plain and obvious to see that augmented reality has leveled up the game and made many changes.

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The 10 Best AR Games For Android & iOS Mobile Interface

If you’re willing to invest in AR games, based on intruding ar ideas, then here you go with the list. The augmented reality games are available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, giving an inspirational feel! Once you learn about these games, you will enjoy playing and know how to stand out – let’s start!

1. Temple Treasure Hunt – AR Games For Game Enthusiasts

Temple treasure hunt is one of the ar games that belong to the augmented reality family. It’s one of the best ar apps that uses geolocation to support the augmented reality mode. Meanwhile, with tons of mysteries, legends, and adventures in every stage. The ar game’s scope is elementary & versatile. It’s a real game, giving the users a perfect experience of augmented reality games.

Temple Treasure Hunt

In both cases, you can disguise yourself as a treasure protector, hunter following the interactive augmented reality map. If you choose to be a treasure protector, you have to create treasure trails so that hunters cannot find them easily. Similarly, playing as a hunter means you have to fund the treasure.

It comes beneath the best & interactive ar games. However, you have to bypass some legendary Indian characters to get a more enhanced gaming experience to get the treasure.

Total Downloads: 5K

Size: 26M

Developed By: Mobi-tech

2. Spirit Camera – Thrilling Game For Game Enthusiasts

Spirit Camera, the cursed memor, is a spin-off game in the Fatal Frame series, based on ar ideas. It has a haunted genre, scaring the people who’re playing it with lights off! Spirit Camera has you thrust into the position of a character wielding the camera for defeating the ghosts. It was released in 2012 and freaked the players with creepy elements! If you’re afraid of ghosts, this game will not help you. Instead, it populates your area with more ghosts and spooky details.

spirit camera

The game is based on augmented reality and comes beneath the best ar games because of its graphics and seamless user experience. It works in complete 3D means giving real-time experiences. The game has three modes, story, minigames, and challenges.

Downloads: 1291

Genre: Adventure

Developed & Publishers: Nintendo & Tecmo

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3. Knightfall AR – AR Games For Game Enthusiasts

On third, we have another ar game that shares a battle strategy taking the users into a world of Knights and Warriors. The primary aim is to defend Acre from the enemies (Mamluk Warriors). The game plunges the users into a flat surface, where the user’s viewpoint acts as a targeting system allowing them to fire the enemy units as they march towards you. Moreover, another game feature comes in “Photo mode,” where the game enables you to use them for your enjoyment!

The mantra behind the game is straightforward, the more you win battles, the more you succeed in unlocking features adding new challenges. You can even kill the enemies and earn a bar of gold as a reward. Moreover, reinforce your defenses, and push warriors back in the AR game mode.

Downloads: 5K

Size: 31M

Developed By: AeNetworks

4. Zombie, Run – AR Games For Game Enthusiasts

Zombie Run is another ar game known for versatile graphics and smooth characters coordination. This is a free ar game, based on ar ideas offering thrilling adventures to the Android and iOS users, making it perfectly designed. The game keeps the users engaged with perfect animation, giving the players a splendid feel from the start till the end! It’s ideal for those who love morning jobs throughout the city. Moreover, once you start playing this augmented reality gaming app, your jog won’t remain the same.

Moreover, from the background, the game plays music & motivational songs to keep the users engaged and boost their morning exercising experience.

Download: 40K

Size: Varies with devices

Developed By: ZombiesRunGame

5. Jurassic World Alive – AR Games For Game Enthusiasts

You all have heard about the Jurassic world and even saw the series unfolding the world’s situation before the death of dinosaurs. Now we’ll the fifth augmented reality apps Jurassic World Alive, diving into the prehistoric time when dinosaurs were alive! This is one of the best ar games, taking the players into a world where wild animals were roaming around freely in modern-day civilizations. Even, you can explore different aspects of the Jurassic world, like seeing the mammoths, dinosaurs, tyrannosaurus, and Pteranodons, and collect the DNA samples to create your raptor; to play further!

jurrasic world ar games

It’s based on the most acceptable form of ar ideas, taking reality games to another level! One of the best ar games, giving the users real-time experience dealing with raptors and being a part of an adventures journey!

Downloads: 200K

Size: 559M

Developed By: Ludia

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6. AR Sports Basketball – AR Games For Game Enthusiasts

AR Sports Basketball is another one sharing a fantastic storyline in the list of best ar games! One of the best reality games, where the player shoots the ball in real-time and can hit any location. AR Sports Basketball is wholly based on AR ideas, with a high-level integration level. It includes different gaming modes, like a multiplayer option that enables you to enjoy basketball games in person.

It shows the perfect integration of ar games based on augmented reality and how things can be done smoothly without any issue.

Downloads: 5k

Size: 13M

Developed by: ThunderGame

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7. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – AR Games For Game Enthusiasts

The seventh game we’ll discuss in the list of ar games is Harry Potter the Wizard Unite, based on the adventurous genre. It’s a story-based game, with a catastrophe that struck the magical world of Harry Potter. The Wizards of the world must unite to solve this issue and defeat enemies to clear the level successfully. In the game, the player is Wizard, and he must fight in his way through enemies collecting all the elements that come in his way.

Harry potter ar games

This game is a perfect ar game example, based on fantasy and adventurous lovers. Moreover, different cameos of famous characters are integrated within the augmented reality games, making the overall experience unforgettable!

Downloads: 30k

Size: 33M 

Developed By: Niantic

8. Pokemon Go – AR Games For Game Enthusiasts

If we talk about ar games, then Pokemon Go is probably the well-known augmented reality gaming app, based on a trending series widely famous in people. This application is an inspiration for several AR-based mobile gamers who love to play battlefield games. The players can see and capture Pokemons that come in their virtual way. The game itself is exceptionally engaging and keeps the players engaged in solving and clearing the level one by one.

pokemon go ar games

For several reasons, the application is truly an inspiration, like perfect virtual appearance and capturing things in the surroundings with a perfect arch.

Downloads: 3M

Size: Varies with device

Developed By: Niantic

9. Beer Pong AR – Classic Ping Pong

I tried to discuss many ar games in the blog, and some of them accurately depict augmented reality games. The tenth app that we’ll discuss in the list of best ar games is Beer Pong AR, a classic addition reflecting the digital era. This classic game demonstrates the idea of adventure, installing the players to throw ping-pong balls. If you’re a board game lover, you must know that it reflects ar ideas and how it can be used for user entertainment & giving them a cherished feel of life!

beer pong ar games

Beer Pong offers players the chance to surround themselves and install the beer. Once done, the player can ask to throw ping pong balls, creating one of the best ar games based on ar ideas.

And you know, the best part of ar ideas based games? Playing Beer Pong AR provides you with a real-time experience of augmented reality games.

Downloads: 5K

Size: 18M

Developed By: Androidzone

10. Dark – Mysterious Augmented Reality Games

Lastly, we have one of the most anticipated and intuitive virtual reality games. It’s one of the mysterious games, filled with adventurous levels, and those who love suspense enjoy playing it. This game will take you beyond the portal into a parallel universe for a breathtaking experience where you can find clues and solve those accordingly.


This overall experience is astonishing, and this augmented reality game will scare the hell out of you! You have to think a lot about finding the clues and solving them to clear the case.

Downloads: 5k

Size: 60M

Developed By: Fabrik

Wrapping Up

And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading about the best ar games that are worthwhile. We all spend a lot of time researching and then coming up with an idea that matches the readers’ mentality. Augmented reality is a significant domain and covers many things; meanwhile, gamers come with a creative mindset – mixing these two creates wonders! So, give your winters a fresh restart and download these ar games to reload excitement. If you have any queries related to these games, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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