Best Logos Of All Time – Do More With Your Designs

  • January 14, 2022
  • Designing





Best Logos Of All Time – Do More With Your Designs

  • January 14, 2022
  • Designing





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If you’re searching for the best logos of all time, then you’re at the right place. A logo is a company’s essential pillar that visually attracts visitors to stay on the screen. Brands have now become very popular due to their logo designs. Business branding companies take the responsibility of creating the best logos of all time because they don’t want to stay a step behind in this competitive era. There are billions of brands rightnow, with a unique offering & different logo designs that make them stand out from the competitors. Many of us misunderstood that a logo is an integral part of branding. However, this is wrong. Different branding tools are available to minimize the load on brand strategists and designers.

Let me take you through analytical analysis. How do you judge a good logo design? Some people consider best logos with the perfect blend of colors, whereas some look for logos that are perfectly symbolized and cover all the necessary marks. The best logos of all time consider some touchpoints that make it best of all. Let’s dive deep into the logo designing process and learn about the best logos of all time.

Your Brand, Our Style – Creating Iconic Logos Of All Time

We’re the design geeks, the place where designs come to list with quality elements blended with primary & secondary colors. If you cover all the necessary logos styling guides, no one can stop you from being recognized. When you’re doing well with your branding and logos, then, of course, there is no need for improvements.

But before we start discussing appealing logos styles, we must first understand the literal meaning of a logo and how we can create attractive designs.

What is a Logo? Why logo is important?

If you start counting the brands and how they’ve used branding & created appealing logos then, words won’t do justice. There are millions of logos on earth, and every brand like retail, fashion, restaurant, or agency has its unique offerings that make them stand out. Some people think, the best logos are maybe;

  1. Trademarks
  2. Symbols
  3. Signs
  4. Images
  5. Marks
  6. Emblems
  7. Badges
  8. Brand Marks
  9. Pictograms
  10. Insignias
  11. Motifs
  12. Crests
  13. Coat of Arms
  14. Hallmarks

An iconic logo is perhaps one of the essential parts of any brand and plays a vital role in the success of any brand. For the business owners, it might be a small part, but the brand strategist knows the importance of creating logos that are appealing & captivating. A logo defines everything about your product and the company itself. Logos are also a medium of conversation with the audience for the advertisers. Even if you look at the example of Coca Cola logo so, you will better understand the standard.

Even if you visit any corporate event, you will be amazed to see logos everywhere, and people get an idea of which brand we’re talking about. Today, we’re so familiar with the Coca-Cola logo; however, it was very different when they started, but some elements remained the same. So, I hope this section is fair enough for answering the straightforward question; what is a logo.

Grab some popcorn and drinks because, in the next section, we will discuss some of the brands that explain the idea best logos of all time very perfectly.

Reminder: Don’t forget to perform a digital audit to know about your weakness & then compete with a better strategy!

Best Logos Of All Time – Brand That Created Everlasting Stories

Here are our top picks that we count as the best logos of all time ‘in no particular order. Let’s start discussing.

Nike – Just Do It

Everyone in the United States knows where to go whenever they want sports shoes. The Nike swoosh is probably one of the most recognized logos ever. We consider Nike’s logo one of the ‘best logos of all time’ with a simple design but impressive! The logo was inspired by Nike, a Greek goddess with the guts and wings to fly over any battle. The owner Carolyn Davidson, a young student, was identified for designing the logo in 1971. She was paid around $35 from the company; however, she is one of the holders of the shares.

The logo initially was supposed to be a simple wing, showing the idea of speed. But you can see, now people can get an idea of what they’re trying to convey with a single logo.

Revealed: 1971
Designed by: Carolyn Davidson

Apple – Think Different

A logo is incomplete without a tagline. Compelling content gives the logo a refreshing look & makes it easier for people to understand. A content writer who knows writing slogans will develop something unique every time. The first apple logo was photography of Newton sitting under an apple tree. Steve later released it was very vague and staid. So, he realized something unique & different was missing. Janoff went to work and started designing Apple’s icon based on his imagination. Later a single design illustration then created a “rainbow-striped” apple. So, finally, an apple with one side cluttered was finalized by Steve Jobs due to its simplicity. So, it’s not wrong if we count Apple’s logo as the best logo of all time.

Designed By: Rob Janoff


FedEx – The World On Time

Thirdly, we have FedEx, and we would say it has been done by the best of design gurus and professors of design who we would have ignored, but the logo itself explains the use of negative spacing. Can you see the arrow between the E and X? The letter looks more than a wordmark, and it’s a creative manipulation of the two typefaces. FedEx logo is one of the known logos of all time, and people can recognize the core offerings just by seeing the logo itself.

Designed By: Lindon Leader
Revealed In: 1994

Coca-Cola – Open Happiness

The logo of Coca-Cola is a lot of curvy, but it is the bottle that made Coke an instant choice for soft drink lovers. The bottle is present in a large logo, with the script font, & has remained there since it was released in the 19th century. The bottle shape is a patented and valuable asset for the Coca-Cola company. The bottle defines Coke, but the script facing is also famous; they make perfect partners.

Designed by: Frank M Robinson

Mc Donalds- I’m Lovin’ It

The logo of McDonald’s symbolizes the golden arches that were once a substance of the newly-constructed architecture of the first franchised restaurant in 1952. After Ray Kroc overtook the entire business in 1961, they made new changes and incorporated two arches to form a new McDonald’s logo that looked like a letter M filled with bright colors. Indeed, McDonald’s logo comes beneath the best logos of all time, known by everyone worldwide.

Designed By: Jim Schindler

Released In: 1962

How much will Logos design cost you?

Cydomedia is a well-known digital solution provider worldwide, and logo designing and suggestions related to color selection & elements come beneath branding. We’re proud to call ourselves an all-rounder, giving the best logos of all time, and the pricing depends on the requirements you give us. If you’re a small business or a startup, a quality logo would cost minimal.

I am still making it clear that the logo’s design pricing varies, depending on the quality and who created it. Some designers charge according to their experience, while some change according to their requirements.

Logo Designing Process – Best Logos Of All Time

The logo designing process might seem difficult to explain, but it’s not impossible. It’s methodical for some, but it’s exciting and one of the most straightforward processes if you get the concept. We are not here to judge but to understand the logo designing process in detail.

Evaluate the brand to know the best logos of all time

The first & most crucial step of logo designing is understanding the business and its core values. The business goals and the client’s requirements are fundamental because they will be the identity for years. The best logos of all time will come in the best quality and would be effective unless you know what kind of impression the brand is aiming for themselves.

Research your relevant industry to know the best logos of all time

Let me tell you one thing, without research; you can come up with anything unique. So, the next & most crucial step in logo making is to study & learn about the best logos of all time.

You can learn the following points after researching the logos in your industry;

  1. What logo techniques work for your enterprise; brand colors or particular shapes
  2. The logo technique they’ve used, the color combinations
  3. Whether it’s a text-based logo or elements?
  4. Is there a tagline written on the logo or not?

However, there is no right or wrong answer to this. You can not make a sleek logo flawless without doing the preferred research.

Make a list of places where the logo will be placed

Just like searching for the best logos of all time, the placement of the logo is also essential, like where you will place your design according to your choice. Research where top brands use the logos. Such kind of research is known as the Application Delivery phase. For instance, if you wish to place the logo on giant billboards, you can design a more detailed, large-scaled logo. However, if it’s suitable in the corner of the mobile application, you should opt for a simple one.

Here are some of the everyday use cases for the logo design;

  1. Website icons
  2. Signs & banners
  3. Product packaging
  4. Advertisements
  5. Social media profiles
  6. Business cards
  7. Company letterheads
  8. Email marketing
  9. Marketing swag

Sketch a variety of logo variations

Don’t jump to conclusions, but first, make sure the logos you have in mind are given a visual representation. Before drawing your final design, take out some time, and sketch plenty of easy, fast, & effective. Sketch out different logos to see which one is the best logos of all time. The juice will keep flowing, and you have to keep going unless you get your desired logo.

Create a digital draft in vector format

So, the fifth step in getting the best logos of all time has a messy storyboard where you can create the logo sketches with a sense of creativity. Then, pick around 3 of the best ones you think are creative & represent your brand’s image. You can even add animations to your logo to look more appealing. The utmost goal is to convey the message persuasively with a knock-out logo representation to your audience.

Seek feedback from peers to refine

Refine your logo by seeking feedback from the people working with you. No matter what you think, give a chance to your audience, and let them decide whether you’re going on the right path or missing out on something.

When you’re working on an image for hours, you tend to make mistakes, and of course, we can never judge our work correctly. To get genuine feedback, one should seek review from the peers & perform the improvements accordingly.

Prepare & deliver the final logo

And boom, in the final state, you will get the best logos of all time. After following the complete process, you can deliver quality work with your clients, as per their needs. In general, it’s the best that includes;

  1. Layered source of vector files
  2. Layered PDF/EPS files
  3. High-resolution raster files for the web, with transparent backgrounds

Don’t forget to give variations in your primary logo, like keep in entire black, white, or maybe monochrome.

Why adobe program is best for logos?

Graphic designers design with creativity, and Adobe Photoshop is the first choice for art and design to enhance the photo & transform the image.

How much to charge for logo designs?

The cost for designing a logo varies somewhere around $0 to ten thousand dollars, however, if you’re a small business owner then, definitely you need to keep an amount for maintaining getting it done.

How can I design my own logo?

You can design your logo by following the roadmap we mentioned already in this article. Start from researching, and deciding the place where you want your audience to drive in. Try to be creative, and come up with some elements that add beauty to your logo.

Take Away | Best logos of all time

And we’re done with exploring the best logos of all time. However, the entire focus should be on creativity and inducing it to the final blueprint which then, attracts the audience. We tried to stay creative, and give you examples of leading brands, that created a history in the market. If you still have some questions in mind related to best logos or anything that falls in the logo designing process, then feel free to share in the comments section.

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