Things to Consider When Looking For the Best Web Design Company

  • March 23, 2020
  • UI/UX

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Once you decide you need a new website, it is time to choose the right web design company for the job. However, the question is how do you find the one company that you can trust to build your brand’s online presence?

Doing your research and getting some reconnaissance work done is always a good idea. Look for web design companies within the city if physical proximity is a concern for you and ask colleagues for references. Alternately, look up websites from the industry and find out who built the ones that you love and then add them to your list.

As soon as you have prepared a list of some of the best web design companies, consider the following factors to make the best decision for your business.

Evaluate the agency’s website

Because what better way to evaluate a web design company’s true potential?

A reliable brand’s website will tell you a lot about their approach towards web design and development, highlighting their technological expertise and capabilities, along the way. Remember, good work speaks for itself.

Ask yourself:

Do you like their website?

Is it responsive?

Does it match your expectations for website aesthetics and user experience?

Remember that you don’t want the website to reflect your own style.

A good web design company will be capable of following your brand guidelines and aesthetics to build your unique brand persona. However, you need to make sure the website is seamlessly functional, visually pleasing, and provides a good user experience.

Review some of the recent websites they have built.

Most web design companies will incorporate their portfolio on their site, for potential clients to browse through.

When exploring their website, make sure to look through the portfolio and keep an eye out for projects related to your industry. It makes sense to work with a company that has experience in your industry. Looking at the websites the company builds for other businesses will give you a better idea about what to expect from them.

Moreover, you can also be at peace that the company understands your industry and will be able to engage with your audience. This is also a good opportunity to stay up to date with your market research, and take note of recurring trends.

Give them a call and set up a meeting

Even though the person you talk to on your first call might not be the person who manages your project, the way a company engages with potential clients is often an accurate reflection of its values. Hence, it helps to take notice of how they handle the call and if they are accessible, approachable, and dependable. See if they ask questions about your company and what sort of website you want to build or if they directly go into a hard sell.

You may be talking to the company you will be working closely with, so make sure you have chemistry, and that it’s a good fit.

Make sure your web design company and you are on the same page for user experience.

According to Blue Corona, 48 percent of people believe that a website’s design is the leading factor in determining its credibility. Your user experience plays a significant role in what impression visitors take away from your site.

Hence, make sure your company understands how impactful user experience is for a successful website and that they can deliver user-centered designs. Additionally, ask for the specific approach, method, or technique that they frequently use in creating websites, and verify if that’s what they’ll be doing with your project.

Ask for their web design and development process

How your company approaches web design and development tells you about their professionalism, experience, and strategy. It also helps you keep realistic expectations, as you can see critical milestones coming, the allotted number of revisions in each stage, implications, and project timelines.

Get on board with realistic expectations

Any professional web design company will comprehensively walk you through the process of designing and developing your website, in detail. They will explain how things work and what you need to do to ensure the project is delivered on time.

Usually, companies send you updates and require your feedback before moving forward to the next step. Hence, a delay in your feedback can extend the timeline.

How can you make changes or updates to your website once it is complete?

You cannot have the same content on your website forever. You will have to make updates to stay practical and relevant to your audience. Hence, you need to ensure with your company that their services include a basic training session; to guide your team on how they can make changes and updates moving on. Make sure you go in with your list of things you are likely to update on regular basis; like page content or lead forms.

Most professional companies include a training session, and this helps you better understand the inner workings of your website.

Find out if they offer digital marketing services

Building the right website is essential but optimizing it, promoting it, measuring its performance and making improvements is equally critical. Your website can never bring the top results that you want until it is optimized in every way. Unless you have a digital marketing team ready for your website, it’s better to find a web design company. A company offers specialized digital marketing services along with other expertise.

According to BP Studios, your website’s organic traffic can increase by 26% through better search engine rankings and 82% of consumers will feel positive about you. You can achieve this if your website has custom content.

The right balance of marketing, SEO, and social media will help with engaging and reaching the target audience. The website will make an impact on their decisions and behavior.

Shah Anas