Java Project Ideas & Topics That Are Incredible & Interesting

Believe it or not, starting your programming career off by creating your very own Java project ideas can catapult a career into a success. Even though there are multiple projects out there to help you learn and get your hands dirty, but for a beginner, you might give a second thought on trying out complex Java projects.

If you’re from that category, then you’re in the right place as we discuss all the in-demand skills that you need to know for career growth in 2021.

In this piece, there’s a rundown of amazing Java project ideas that you can build on your own and set off your program career. Before we get into that, why need to build Java projects in the learning phase and some of its use cases.

So let’s begin.

Why Is Building Java Projects In The Learning Phase Important?

Building Java projects in the beginning or learning phase would help sharpen your programming skills for real-life projects and ultimately boost your confidence. More importantly, practicing Java projects for beginners would help you have a strong grip on the theory. And let me say this, anyone who has studied theory can call themselves a programmer, but it’s only the practice and hard work that wins the game.

Trust me; employers are never interested in knowing how much knowledge you have about coding. Instead, they’re only interested in knowing if you can code.

By working on these amazing java projects mentioned further in this guide, you can create a portfolio of your different apps, games, and management systems to show the recruiters. Moreover, you can identify the areas where you need to improve.

Some Important Use Cases Of Java Programming

Launched in 1995, Java is among some of the oldest programming languages, yet it is most versatile when it comes to software and app development. Let’s talk about some of its use cases.

  • Web Apps
  • Software Tools
  • Android Apps
  • Games
  • Scientific Apps
  • Test Automation

Web Apps

Java is a high-level programming language which is quite flexible and reliable as most of the programmer use it to add dynamic data to static HTML web pages. Moreover, Java apps are widely used by popular brands on their servers.

Software Tools

By using different IDEs, both commercial and open-sourced projects are made through Java. Some common examples of these IDEs may include BlueJ, NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, etc.

Android Apps

You might not know it, Android Studio by Google, where most of the android applications are created, is based on IntelliJ Idea. Moreover, the object-oriented programming language Kotlin is also inspired by Java. Perhaps this is why people compare Java vs. Kotlin a lot. A thing to remember here is that learning Kotlin becomes much easier if you’re familiar with Java’s programming.


Today, several android and windows-based games are made using Java, for example, Minecraft.

Scientific Apps

Due to its stability and safety protocols, Java is a quite popular language for creating scientific applications.

Test Automation

Test automation is another great use case of Java as it is used to test several mobile apps and enterprise-level projects.

Now that you know the importance of making Java projects in the learning phase and its use cases, let’s get down to our main subject –Java project ideas for beginners.

Java Project Ideas For Beginners To Boost Career Growth

  1. Games
  • Super Mario Bros Clone
  • Phone Emulator
  • Flappy Bird
  • Chess Game
  1. Management Systems
  • School Management System
  • Student Management System
  • Sports Management System
  • Recipe Management System
  1. Others
  • Currency Converter
  • Airline Reservation System


Super Mario Bros Clone

Who doesn’t like the good old Super Mario game by Nintendo? What if I tell you that you can create one of the most advanced Java projects out of this legendary classic game? Yes, that’s possible. Developers out there have created a clone of this game using Java and the LibGDX framework. What’s the best part? It’s an open-source project that you can leverage to create a game of your own.

Moreover, working on this game would help you grasp gaming loops, collision detection, sprite sheets, etc. Moreover, a game on your resume that you’ve developed yourself would look nothing but stellar. Refer to this video for instructions.


Phone Emulator

Yet another simple Java game project built using LibGDX.  It is a simple game with an easier development process. Following a video tutorial would help you run through all of its development and design procedures.

The tutorial in this video is of short 15 minutes, so refer to it when creating your project.


Flappy Bird

Now you can consider this as one of the advanced Java projects. Flappy bird is a classic game that you clone for creating your project. Unlike the original game where you control a bird, you’ll have to play as a red ball in this clone. The rest of the environment and pillars remain original.

Cloning this game for your Java project will help you get a deep understanding of Java’s OOP concepts and Java Swing.

Watch this one-hour-long video for all the ins and outs of the project.


Chess Game

Creating a chess game is a simple Java game project that you can build to strengthen your resume and kill time on free days. All you need to do is create a board and map the chess pieces’ movement on it. Since it is a chess game, you’ll need to work quite a bit on creating algorithms.

Refer to this video.

Management Systems

School Management System

This could be counted among advanced Java projects as creating a school management system would require you to learn Object-oriented programming concepts. There’s nothing to worry about for beginners, as the video embedded below would take you through the process and help you learn the collection methods and object-oriented programming concepts in Java.

However, it would help if you remembered that since it is a school management system, it mostly includes faculty and funds-related subjects and elements. Since it is an advanced Java project, you might need to watch this almost 2 hours video more than once to create the project on your own.


Student Management System

Unlike the School management system, a student management system mostly consists of students’ related subjects and elements. It is an advanced Java project that includes adding new students to the existing Database, generating student IDs, their courses and fee balance, etc. Here, you’ll need the object-oriented programming concepts as well.

To complete the project with perfection, go through this video at least twice when creating this project.

Sports Management System

If you love sports, then this one will be one of the most exciting Java projects for you. In this type of project, you can manage all sporting activities, news, and schedules.

In such projects, you can add and access players’ info, achievements, participation in the events, and the schedules of events, etc. Moreover, you can also add a subscription model where subscribers can get notified about upcoming events.

Refer to this video for all the details regarding the sports management system.

Recipe Management System

This one is a great Java project idea that you can leverage to make your resume look stellar. A recipe management system consists of users and admin. Users can share their favorite recipes, and the admin holds the authority to approve the recipes and add them to the Database.

The app works in a simple way where a user can select a food category or search a cuisine name to access the recipe and cooking procedure. The following video would help you work on this advanced Java project idea.



Currency Converter

A currency converter is one of the simplest Java projects for beginners. Here you’ll have to create a web-based GUI (Graphical User Interface) that performs calculations. The project works in quite a simple way. A user inputs a value (Currency) to generate an output in the form of a different currency value.

Refer to the following video for instructions regarding this project.

Airline Reservation System

You can quickly tell this one with the name. An Airline Reservation system is one of the best Java projects that you can create. With this project, a user can make electronic flight reservations by viewing the vacant seats. The app would also showcase flight details like Arrival and departure time, and ticket costs, etc.

Since it is a beginner project, we’d suggest you not try to include payment gateways and other elements that might cause any security concerns. Go through the following video to learn all the ins and outs of this java project’s development.


Set Off Your Programming Career

Now you know about some of the best java project ideas that we’ve mentioned in this guide. Follow these video guides and create Java-based projects of your own and to set off your programming career.

You can also read our definitive guide on how to create an E-commerce site to boost your knowledge and skills on the subject. Good luck!

Impact Of Covid 19 On Businesses & The Strategies To Overcome It

2020 now seems like the year that will make its way into the history books. It’ll be one of the most important years of the twenty-first century. It’s not because of a pandemic spreading its tentacles globally; but how it affected nearly every human living on this planet, emotionally, psychologically and financially. How the impact of COVID 19 on businesses changed the way we know the world.

Starting March, most of the world’s population went under strict lockdowns by country after country. Billions of people faced stringent social distancing-based restrictions grinding all kinds of human activity to a screeching halt.

However, the biggest impact of COVID 19 on businesses is a globally raging pandemic. Every business, big or small, faced suffering from the fallout of the restrictions as a result of this pandemic. Global trade was cut down on drastically, businesses initiated massive layoffs; the concept of “work from home” was introduced among many other significant changes.

To know how most business owners fared during this period, our team outreached to some highly successful entrepreneurs. We talked to some aspiring ones to know what exactly was this all like and how did they endure it.

To know about this in detail, we posed them with a simple question i.e. “What was the impact of COVID 19 on  businesses, and what was your strategy to overcome it?

Here’s how they answered:

Sean Maske

Partner At Go Beyond Gold

“The COVID pandemic didn’t have a negative effect on my business and in fact what has been happening over the last few months has enabled me to grow my business. not by capitalizing on this disaster but by allowing me to continue to work through it and to be less distracted and therefore to find better ways to connect, to communicate, and to teach the ability to A: move or save this paper money that we have all be using and that is diminishing in buying capacity by the day…. and to put it into gold and cryptocurrency where it can be controlled by you as the individual and not by the corrupt money powers.

Show people how they can create a business online from their own homes. People are realizing more and more that our financial institutions are not there to look after their customers as much as to turn a buck for themselves. The time for letting others be responsible for your financial future is at an end. The way to combat what a lot of people have been experiencing is to constantly be learning and developing and looking at what’s next. You can no longer be a dinosaur. If you don’t evolve you die.”

Daniyal Vadsaria

Managing Partner –

“My experience with the Covid-19 pandemic has been really very intriguing, on the business front at least. At the start of it will, with so much mayhem ensuring all around us, even I was really scared of what this global pandemic led situation lay on hold for my business. I also planned to stop spending money on extra resources in order to secure my cash flow so that I had enough money to ride through this difficult period ahead, but what happened next, really took me by surprise.

I am in the video production business and my firm, offers clients all kinds of videos like explainer videos, corporate videos, etc. Marketing videos are a novelty item and I thought that the demand for them will go down, but that didn’t happen at all!

In fact, my business picked up a lot of paces and I experienced beyond average growth in the past quarter.

A major reason that I have come upon for all this happening is that firstly, videos are fast becoming one of the most dominant marketing tools out there and secondly, despite the mayhem, businesses were still trying their best to keep their brands alive through their marketing efforts.

For me, it was a surreal time and through all of this, I have now come to the belief that with the right approach and the right strategy, a business can even weather the most horrible of storms very easily.”

Myra Shook CEO of  It Works

“The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has forced many businesses to close, leading to an unprecedented disruption of commerce in most industry sectors. I have encountered a tremendous change and shift in my business due to COVID situations. Things are not the worst, but they are definitely not going on as expected. My business is helping people out in overcoming the stressful pandemic situation.

People who are struggling financially are finding it very difficult to pay attention to their health and proper diet thus this situation is affecting my business since the keta coffee and tea that I sell are not really affordable for everyone now.

My strategy to move forward and overcome this entire pandemic is to introduce more pocket-friendly packages and deals so that people who have little cash on hand can at least not hold themselves back from trying them out.

A slight shift in my strategy is to cut the profit margin and striving hard to stay in the market and close to my target audience. I am really hoping this would work and pay me off in the long run.”

Leading Teams Remotely – 3 Entrepreneurs Provide Advice

A lot has been written about how the Covid-19 pandemic led firms to try and go remote without affecting their productivity. Here’s what leading teams should be like.

The use of tech tools that enable such work efficiently like Zoom was one of the most significant talking points in these discussions; however, not much has been said about the people who use Zoom, i.e., the employees themselves.

Zoom and other such tools facilitate communication and allow firms to work remotely without any issues, but such a change has been drastic for employees and leading teams has been challenging. The tools are there, but there is also a sense of detachment among many employees out there.

Working from home for such elongated periods was highly uncommon before the Covid-19 pandemic began. Still, now, it seems like work from home will become a reality in the business world, and companies need to know how to keep their employees motivated and engaged in such a paradigm while rising to the challenge of leading teams.

To understand how this can be done practically and whether there are any successful models that others can replicate, we reached out to renowned entrepreneurs in different niches and asked them to share their thought on “how to lead a team while managing resources remotely?”

We told them that they could share some great tips, a strategy that worked well, words of caution, or whatever they might deem valuable enough to be shared with others and the community at large.

Here are the amazing responses we got from them for leading teams:

1-      Use Technology Smartly

Arnel Dalma CEO At EasyShopOnline Corp

 “As an eCommerce store owner, I’ve learned some strategies to manage our day-to-day operation during this current COVID pandemic. 1. Zoom Meeting app is a lifeline. I was able to delegate tasks to our shipping department by utilizing Zoom; this virtual management innovation greatly impacted practicing social distancing, saving time & resources. 2. I’ve discovered the other useful functionality of our smartphones, one is the “Notes” app in our iPhones. There is a scanner feature in it. Everywhere I go, I don’t have to touch the actual receipts or invoices; I scan & save them. This is very useful for persons like myself always “on the go” and practicing social distancing simultaneously.”

2- Keep Employees in the “Loop.”

Heather Yoder

CEO at

“The biggest thing is virtual meetings, make sure to stay positive with employees, keep them in the loop and inform them of any updates and make sure work progress stays on schedule.”

3- Nail Your Communication

Irina Georgieva CEO and Co-Founder of Enterprise League

At Enterprise League, people are our most valuable resources. Their contribution helps us keep the business platform running and growing despite the pandemic crisis we are currently facing.

As we have been constrained to rely solely on remote working, I have adopted some strategies to keep a quality communication level and recreate the team’s connection remotely.

Weekly checkpoints for leading teams

To keep the organization and productivity of the team to a high standard, I introduced weekly checkpoints. The weekly checkpoints serve to update all team members who have done what, what is being done, and what is to be done.

On this call, everyone summarizes what they have accomplished that week and what is on their agenda next.

Besides the summary, our team focuses on asking questions. Another goal of this meeting is to make sure each team member understands the why of each task. By making sure your people understand the goal, importance, and value of each task, they can see it from the customer’s perspective (be it internal or external customer).

Having a clear understanding of the expectations of the tasks is crucial to ensure you have quality deliverables and minimize faults. This simple tactic has increased our team’s productivity by more than 55% and overall task efficiency by 42%.

Weekly update / Goss talk

The weekly update or goss talk is another tactic that has proved to be seriously effective in bringing the team together.

This call aims to bring back the small talk that happens on coffee breaks, lunchtime, or walking to the elevator. Since the office, small talk is nonexistent, and the humane connection between team members begins to fade, we decided to reintroduce a remote version of it.

During this call, team members can share updates about work and chat about any topic they fancy, such as news, trends, etc. hence the gossip part of the name for this talk. The results have been very positive, showing that this informal, casual chat makes people more relaxed and friendly towards each other. This has certainly decreased the stress level within the team and made working remotely fun and easy to adopt.

In a nutshell, the most important thing remote teams should focus on nailing is their communication. Having efficient, regular communication and ensuring that all team members understand our expectations from them will reduce your waste time and increase your productivity. Therefore, my advice would be to spare no efforts in improving your team’s communication. It truly drives your company growth forward.”