A Complete Guide To Social Media Content Pillars

  • September 24, 2021
  • Marketing

A Complete Guide To Social Media Content Pillars

  • September 24, 2021
  • Marketing

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Content Pillars are essential for every brand! Whether it’s a small brand or prominent, everyone wants to make a digital presence! Social media content pillars are somehow related to your online presence over social media platforms.

From capturing a picture of a rainy day to posting it on the website, catchy content is essential. Although content pillars seem very simple, getting the job is quite a challenging task!

Collectively, you’re asked to create content for the audience being targeted, like what 95% of the American brand owners are doing. You have to target segments and ask these common questions from yourself,

  1. Why do you need to follow the social media content pillars strategy?
  2. What should be your content marketing strategy?
  3. Is your content calendar working well? Have you scheduled the posts for social media content pillars?

Once you’re done with the answers to these questions, you’re good to go for your final step! It covers all the relevant content, including guides, eBooks, and reports.

“A content pillar is a substantive guide to plan the content strategy before starting with content writing for the brand.”

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Content marketing comprises content pillars, which means creating unique content that directly maps your target audience, fueling social media campaigns, marketing automation campaigns, paid content marketing, informative blogs, eBooks, and Podcasts.

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Content Pillars – Everything You Should Know About It

Social media platforms are one of the best ways out to reach your target audience. Everyone right now has phones in their hands. We’ll cover the following points in this blog;

  1. Creating the main topic for content pillars
  2. Customer persona
  3. Restructuring content pillar strategy
  4. Content pillars hashtags
  5. Content Calendar

What Are Content Pillars? How Do You Make Content Pillars For Social Media?

Content Pillars

A content pillar is a substantive piece of information focusing on a specified topic, so all the sub-topics are derivative of the main content posted on the website. For instance, you write content on Digital Marketing. In that blog, you cover different points like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Online Advertisement, making it a content pillar. Later on, you write short blogs linking to the central content pillar.

That’s how you write content pillars and share them on social media platforms too.

Content pillars can have a bucket of information, like branding advice, social media tools, Instagram content pillar guide, and how influencers can create catchy content for websites. It’s a large piece of content, linking to various other blogs, increasing the blog authority, which is considered a vital point in Google Algorithm.

With content pillars strategies, you’re grabbing viewers’ attention, but if the content is so engaging, and they go further to read your other blog posts too!

You can break your content pillar into different posts further like,

  1. Snippets
  2. Infographics
  3. Short Blogs
  4. Social Media Posts
  5. Emails
  6. Podcasts
  7. Videos

Your primary goal is to get attention from clients, and the content pillar is an ongoing process that covers your deliverables in an informative way!

Amazing, no? Let’s discuss the core difference between these two in detail for better understanding!

Why Brand Pillars Require Content Pillars For Better Results

Why Brand Pillars Requirements

Content pillars and brand pillars are correlated to each other. A strong brand pillar comes with strong content pillars management. Beneath brand pillars comes content pillars because you’re sending your brand message through them. Keep the following points in mind.

1. Content Pillars – Organizational

A successful content marketing strategy is to create a content pillar in a single go and have a bucket of content posted every week. Your brand message should reflect the topics you’ve chosen.

2. Content Pillars – Target Audience

Create content keeping your target audience in mind, like writing a guide or short informative blogs. Don’t ever forget about your targeted segment while targeting any audience.

3. Content Pillars – Ideate & Create

Content pillars open doors for various relevant topics, which you can cover in short blogs. So come up with trending topics, and connect with other blogs.

“A content pillar should be like a tree. Having multiple branches, connecting to the roots of the tree.”

Keep in mind that your content should be informative. Google consistently ranks blogs that are unique and informative. Filling the content gap and getting unique content on stage works as a critical performer in the planning pillar content!

How To Plan Content Pillar For Your Pillar Posts?

You can plan pillar content for your pillar posts following the short guide we’ve got for you today! So buckle up, and start reading this fantastic piece of content.

1. Plan Your Main Topic For Pillar Posts

The first most important task is to research and search for key topics to be placed as a content pillar. This process is quite challenging, and you’ve to work creatively to search for relevant topics matching your services. Once done, you’ll have a refined primary topic, which can be listed as a content pillar.

One of the examples of the brand pillars is ebooks having detailed chapters that altogether make a complete book. For instance, if you write a book on leadership, you’ll focus on taking interviews from corporate leaders and writing their stories in your book.

But meeting everyone in a one-on-one meeting is a hectic task, no? Why don’t you hire a videographer who will record everything, and you can observe the text pattern and elaborate them quickly on your blogs? You can create a lot of informative pieces from that single video, like;

  1. Guest Posts
  2. Videos
  3. LinkedIn Posts
  4. Instagram Content Pillars
  5. Email Campaigns
  6. Newsletters
  7. Informative Photos
  8. Whitepapers
  9. Short Snippets
  10. Ebooks

2. Analyze Audience, and Create Audience Personas

Do you know what comes before content pillars strategy building? It’s analyzing your audience persona, so you will have a clear idea, what they want, and how you can target them with blogs or ebooks.

Content pillar templates are available, and the same goes for customer personas, but what sort of message you’re conveying with this matters! You can choose tools like Xtensio, Mockplus for creating a fantastic customer persona.

You can highlight different points, like what they like and want, their reading pattern, and demographic records. Content marketers can find a variety of content pillar templates available on the internet for assistance.

3. Restructure Your Brand Pillar Content Strategy

Once you’re done with customer persona building, proceed with restructuring your social media content pillar strategies. You can get a diverse range of content pillars templates. Still, the brand manager has to work closely with the team, understand the competitor’s activities, and bring out the best social media content pillars strategy!

You can share multiple posts with relevant hashtags, targeting your niche, Don’t forget to rephrase your content with unique words to keep the audience engaged. You can share informative videos with catchy content, link to the content pillar blog.

4. Relevant Use Of Hashtags

Another task for the social media manager is to look around for trendy hashtags and matches the company’s values. These are like, specified targeted a wide range of audience. For instance, Hootsuite uses hashtags like #socialmediamanager #socialmedia in almost every post shared on social media, creating a social pattern.

5. Content Calendar For Social Media Posts

Lastly, you’re all done with the backlogs necessary to create a content calendar for the posts to be shared on social media. For maintaining a content calendar, you’ve to work on the following questions first;

  1. What type of content are you posting?
  2. Are you sharing pictures most or videos?
  3. Which social media platform are you’re targeting most? Facebook, Linkin, Instagram?

Ensure your posts sharing activity is synchronized, and you don’t miss out on the frequency of sharing posts to your target audience.

For example, you posted the first post on Monday, then on Wednesday, and lastly on Friday. So, you’ve to maintain this frequency and keep on sharing posts following a similar pattern. In this way, you’re creating an image in the eyes of Google, and it will cache your blogs following the same pattern.

You can even check social media analytics and analyze the data to create a more impressive and influential content pillar strategy! Fin-tune, your content, keep the customer persona in mind, and enjoy the results!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Social Media Content Pillars?

Let’s go ahead, and discuss the benefits in detail;

1. Improvement In Digital Presence

The digital presence of your brand is improved, and you’ll be seeing instant results. Unique content gives SEO a boost for ranking. Only if you choose a topic covering primary keywords will pillar content have that keyword and improve search engine results.

The more authentic content you’ll write, most little better results will pop up! SEO will enhance your presence, and people will start seeing results over the screens! Although SEO is a slow process, the results are long-lasting! You can learn more about SEO web designs from the blog, already available on our website.

2. Enhanced Content Quality

The first step of the pillar content is to engage an audience and identify the gap. Your competitors must have written about your relative topic.

But what makes the difference? Of course, the unique content you’re producing is different from them.

The content marketer who performs competitor analysis. And then designs the strategy performs well! Google will rank you based on unique and informative content.

3. Content Roadmap

With the content pillar, we’ll have a roadmap for producing content. A complete roadmap will help in creating unique content. Also, we will have the following topics related to pillar content.

Isn’t this technique excellent? You can later link that content to pillar content. You’ll save a lot of time. You will have a list already prepared for upcoming topics. You are saving both your time and efforts!

4. Increases Domain Authority

The more you add authentic hyperlinks, the more you’ll get better results. Your domain rating will increase automatically.

Google always rains those blogs first; that have unique content. Relevant links are attached after every 300 words maximum.

How to plan pillar posts content?

Your pillar posts are the ones, where the content marketers have to put their entire focus. You can plan content for pillar content based on research, and analysis. Looking after competitors’ activities, and scheduling time, you’re good enough to go with planning pillar posts content and visuals.

Content Pillars Examples

Here are some of the content pillars examples;

    1. Ebooks
    2. Detailed Reports
    3. Guides For Beginners
    4. Explainer Videos

Over To You

Content pillars are essential for maintaining a well-maintained social presence. Defining pillars is a must to perform tasks to boost your social media campaign activities. Just for the sake of social posts, you can not post irrelevant content on your social media posts. I hope after reading this blog, you’re clear with what is pillar content, content pillars examples, and how to plan pillar posts for social media.

Give primary focus to content producing and scheduling the social media pillar posts to grab a better result! However, if you still have some questions in mind, then feel to let us know!

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