What is Digital Branding | How It Helps Businesses Grow in 2022

  • September 20, 2021
  • Marketing

What is Digital Branding | How It Helps Businesses Grow in 2022

  • September 20, 2021
  • Marketing

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Digital branding plays a vital role in growing businesses. What our customers perceive from our brand is more important than our thoughts. If you couldn’t maintain a strong brand image, there is no use of any branding strategy! Analog branding is not in any use now! And this is an alarming situation.

Create your brand strategy in collaboration with industry experts to nail the target! Digital branding strategy says a lot about the brand. What values and the message we’re trying to convey through our brand towards our clients.

So, kick start with your strategy and explore digital branding services. With deep understanding, you can ace the target! Digital branding companies are paying attention to requirements first. The target audience, niche, and services to create campaigns.

In this blog, we’re going to explore significant differences between digital branding and marketing. Also, we’ll discuss digital branding strategies.

How To Create A Digital Brand?

You can follow these quick steps, for creating a digital brand,

  1. Analyze Target Market – What they’re doing, how fast they improved, and what they’re offering?
  2. Understanding Customer’s Needs And Wants – Try to understand your customer’s needs, and wants in a segment.
  3. Differentiation Point – You’ve to analyze the difference between your offerings, and your customers. What they offer, and how they differentiate.

The decision is all yours! You’ve to create a long-lasting digital presence to excel otherwise it’s hard to proceed further!

A Quick Overview – Everything You Should Know About Digital Branding

  1. What is Digital Branding?
  2. Digital branding vs digital marketing
  3. How to create digital branding?
  4. The top 9 essentials for running a successful digital brand
  5. Logo marketing
  6. Website Design
  7. Brand messaging
  8. Search engine optimization
  9. Social media marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Online Advertisement
  12. Content marketing
  13. Influencer marketing

What is Digital Branding, and How It Differs From Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Branding

What is the difference between digital branding and digital marketing? So, branding and marketing are two different practices. However, we still have a query in mind regarding differences. 

Let’s have a quick comparison between these two, before proceeding with digital branding strategies.

Digital Branding

It focuses on a company’s values instead of just services. Business Branding focuses on inspiring loyalty and making the brand recognized.

In simple words, it’s a long-term marketing strategy. It’s associated with building a brand’s image so your audience knows what you’re selling. People think branding revolves around logo branding only! But the game is far beyond it!

Branding is actually a creative, and strategic process of getting your brand known by potential customers. Like what your company does, how they work, and what can they achieve from you?

After initiating any business, your first task is to create a brand identity, then brand messaging.

Digital branding is connected with many touchpoints. Website, Mobile Applications, SEO, Online Reviews, and Forum Posts. It’s better if the comments are made from customers who’ve spent time experiencing your brand in real. 

McDonald’s has worked well with digital branding. Anyone can recognize their brand after seeing the logo of McDonald’s; isn’t it amazing? Of course, it is, and that’s the power of digital branding.

Digital branding enables your company to make an online presence, so anyone can search you out easily!

Three Important B’s Of Digital Branding

Three Important B's Of Digital Branding

I have found three essential b’s for the brand. They’re all somehow related to each other, but differ a bit. Let’s discuss them and get an idea of what these b’s are! 

1. Brand 

Your brand image is what the outside world thinks about you. 

2. Branding

Branding is the process of planning and designing a brand’s image. Your logo, style plays a vital role in branding image. Play with colors, and create a unique brand.

3. Brand Identity

Brand identity is all about your website, logo, social media posts, and messages you’re broadcasting. The brand manager has to work keenly to portray the image of your brand rightly.

So, these are the top three B’s you should pay attention to. Because without any brand identity, logo, and name, you can do branding. 

If you don’t have a brand identity, in real-time, then you can never expect your brand to grow in the future. You can start the process of digital branding by asking these few simple questions;

  1. Who are you as a service provider?
  2. What makes you distinguish from competitors?
  3. Your brand’s mission and vision statement?
  4. Brand’s core values, and offerings?
  5. Who is your target audience?

If you get the answer to these questions, then definitely you’re all good to go for creating a meaningful brand!

Digital Marketing

Whereas, Digital marketing is more towards marketing your products. It focuses on marketing services and products through social media platforms. Digital marketing revolves around advertisements and practices to generate sales.

Digital marketing has various practices like SEO, SMM, and PCC. If you want to read more about digital marketing, then read our blog available on the website. 

Branding is more towards the brand’s image in customers’ eyes. In comparison, digital marketing is all about generating leads.

Okay, now as we’re good enough with digital branding and marketing, let’s move further with the discussion. 

For more details on digital marketing, you can read our blog available on the website.

The Top 4 Benefits of Digital Branding

A vibrant digital presence is perfect for customers, to feel comfortable and personally connected with your company. Whereas, while drafting any branding strategy, you first need to create a relationship with your target customers and use a brand tone that is friendly. 

A well-maintained digital branding strategy would help foster relationships with your target audience talking directly to the consumers, and getting a platform where you talk to them directly; social media precisely!

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of  digital branding for a business;

1. Targeting Your Audience

The company’s online presence is most important! It allows you to zoom in on your target audience and make your brand stand out! Firstly, analyze which platform they’re using more; and then plan strategy! 

You can make your hashtag trending but getting maximum engagement. For this, you have to work keenly in planning your brand’s strategies. Digital branding company pays attention to audience segmentation to plan the strategy.

For instance, take the example of Nike which is a brand of shoes, let’s understand its branding strategy:

  1. Brand name: Nike
  2. Brand message:  Just do it!
  3. Target audience: Men and women athletes

Isn’t this amazing? Of course, it is because they’re creating a lifestyle through their brand which is innovative!

2. Spreading The News 

The chances to go viral are very high. Digital branding agencies are working restlessly to turn their brand trending. You don’t have to invest in turning your brand trending.

Popeye Chicken Sandwich bagged $23 million worth of advertisement through digital branding. Isn’t this amazing? Of course, it is! You can obtain this exposure directly without any investment. You have to invest time and effort to cage the deal! 

3. Instant Connecting With Customers

Do you know what a successful branding pitch is? It’s when you write in a tone that your customers feel you’re connecting to them! This happens when you’re engaging on the same platform they’re interacting with. Be professional and relevant at times of conversation. 

However, the communication is between customer and brand. When you connect with your customers instantly, then you’ll be creating a long-lasting relationship. But the essence is truly unique! A brand that doesn’t appear online practically doesn’t exist!

4. A Long Lasting Branding Impression

Digital branding is not just about creating a brand but creating such a digital marketing branding strategy that goes straight to the heart of consumers. You’ve to leave a long-lasting image, connecting with your customers, directly. Be personal, and meaningful – in times of sending a branding message. 

The Top 9 Components Of A Strong Digital Branding Strategy

Here are the top 9 components of digital branding services every individual should keep in mind. 

1. Logo Designing

Your logo is the first thing your client will interact with whenever he visits your website! For example, whenever you see a red N, Netflix pops up in your mind! That’s what the logo design does for you!

It creates a digital presence in the mind of customers. The logo should always match the values, and personality traits of the brand and business. Try to keep your logo memorable, that audience remembers it for years!

You can start by defining your brand message, and values like,

  1. Are you a service provider or product?
  2. Are you in the modern age or retro?
  3. Is it corporate or funky?
  4. Do you want a textual logo or some creative elements?

Before finalizing any logo for your brand, try to analyze your competitors. See what they are doing, and how can you differentiate yourself from them? Don’t forget to decide the color scheme, because if each color has its own message like:

  1. Red: Courage, Enthusiasm, Life
  2. Blue: Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence
  3. Black: Darkness, Death, Anger

2. Website Design And Development

If your logo is the front face of your brand, then the website is the place where your logo will be placed. Whenever a customer visits your website, they leave creating a digital impression about you in their mind.

Usually, customers go through the website, if they want to go deep into the brand’s offerings. Everything matters in website branding like:

  1. Website navigation
  2. Product listing
  3. Your hours of operation
  4. Content placement
  5. Tagline

An effective brand website should be responsive, and very simple. Any consumer should search and navigate through your website in a couple of seconds. Streamline your designs, and choose the traditional navigation technique for getting your brand website ready. Try to keep your page concise, and use prominent fonts. Make your heading bold, and stay to the point!

The brand website should always have a crawlable structuring, like humans, and search engines can crawl easily through the information. Check every link, and ensure it works well! All of these points come in technical SEO analysis important for brands.

3. Brand Message 

Brand messaging is basically what your company says, and how you are conveying the message. For instance, if I’m selling scrumptious sandwiches to customers, then I’ll ensure my brand message mention this point! The best brand message is what reflects your company values, and mission. 

A brand message should answer the question to basic queries like, 

  • What you’re selling?
  • What is your goal?
  • Why does your brand matter?

The tone of voice should be aligned with the brand’s values and the services you’re offering like, selling lip balm? Try to play with colors in logo designing, and the tone of the message should be playful and fashionista!

However it might take days to think about the brand message, but once you succeed a refined message will be there for you!

Also, keep your brand message the same wherever you’re marketing your brand. Like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Fourthly, we have search engine optimization (SEO) one of the fastest-growing digital marketing techniques. SEO ensures your brand is digitally present and can be found easily in return for some queries.

An SEO consultant will start designing the website, and you can even go through Google WebMaster Guide, to create the most optimized website.

Let me mention some of the points, that will help you in creating a brand website;

  1. Ensure the website has internal linking.
  2. Limit links on a single page to 1000 at most.
  3. Design a user-centric website.
  4. Monitor website performance continuously.

You can even use different tools for performing keyword research like Ahrefs, Uber Suggest, or Keyword tool to find the most trending, and matching keywords to be used in your website content, meta titles, and meta descriptions.

5. Social Media Marketing

Right now, everyone is on the social media platforms whether it’s an adult or a 95-year-old lady! A branding manager will use this point to market its brands, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

If your target audience is active on Instagram, then you can connect with them being present over there. Market your brand, and brand message on social media too with lively, and fun posts.

Instagram is one of the vital places for sharing images, whereas, Facebook is for everything more targeting towards content marketing!

Digital branding is also about thinking like an influencer when you’re targeting your brand on social media platforms. Schedule posts, like mention the time, and day you want your content to be posted.

There are various tools for scheduling and analyzing your social media marketing activities like Hootsuite, Google Analytics showing onsite activities, based on facts, and figures. You can read about Instagram marketing, and grab a maximum understanding of the topic.

6. Email Marketing

Although email marketing is an old fashion marketing technique still online marketers try this to reach out to consumers by entering their inbox! You can always start by sending emails covering your services and send a mass of email that shows your brand, brand message, and services. Want to nurture your existing brand? try email marketing and yes, your pitch should be creative!

Send emails to a targeted segment of people, and the tone of voice should be lively! You can include pictures, videos, newsletters, to show past activities, and grasp customer’s trust! Don’t send so many emails otherwise, your customers can get frustrated!

7. Online Advertisement

Online advertisements mean using the power of the internet to market your brand. Right now, there are trillions of ways to advertise your brand and generate revenues. For instance;

  1. Ads
  2. Search engine ads
  3. Social media ads
  4. Mobile feed ads
  5. Desktop ads

8. Content Marketing

To create a loyal, and retaining customer base then work closely with content marketing. Writing content is not a big task, but doing copywriting, that connects directly with the customers is the real drill! Connecting branding, marketing, and content together sum up content marketing.

Digital branding focuses on building your brand, marketing focuses on sales, and content marketing focuses on creating engaging content for a website, social media posts, and blogs.

Experienced content marketer, work closely to stimulate the interest of consumers, with the brand message, and create engaging content that helps in connecting with customers.

While digital branding introduces your brand to consumers, content marketing will keep them engaged with the posts. You can read the blog on content optimization, we got for you in our backlog.

9. Influencer Marketing

Lastly, we have influencer marketing, where we ask people with maximum social media followers to market products. Rather than marketing through various groups, in 2022 brands choose influencer marketing to connect with customers directly.

Influencers share their daily life and create a bond with customers. So brand managers contact them, asking for spreading the brand message.

As per an online study, influencer marketing was introduced in 2015, and today in 2022 is going at a fast pace creating wonders. You can search for influencers on Upfluence, Tribe Group, and Instagram.

Why Digital Branding Is Important?

Digital branding services are important because it refers to create a brand voice. It’s the way your audience sees your brand. We’re mostly reluctant while planning digital branding strategy.

An experienced digital branding expert would look deep into the analytics, and perform competitor research. After that, they can come with exciting digital branding activities.

Over To You

Digital branding services are not about just getting sales. It’s related to creating a positive image in the client’s mind. And making your customers loyal to your brand. Keep things updated, and make your brand digitally present.

There is a high possibility of growth in digital branding if you succeed in creating an impactful online presence!

If you’re passionate about marketing then this blog is very beneficial for you! The most exciting thing is, it doesn’t require money but effort. 

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