Digital Secure App | Our Best Pick To Reinforce Digital Security

  • October 15, 2021
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Digital Secure App | Our Best Pick To Reinforce Digital Security

  • October 15, 2021
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Digital Secure App is an online privacy & security application for smartphones and desktop applications developed by Verizon. With a Digital secure app, you can cover all the latest online threats, giving yourself around the clock peace of mind. Digital secure is one of the best privacy tools for smartphones to shield them from security threats. You can safeguard your smartphone from ongoing security threats, whether it’s the web, identity theft, phishing, or any severe malware attack.

For instance, you can activate the application, & it will start shielding you from data breaches, malicious connectivity, and viruses that might disturb your mobile infrastructure. You know, connecting to public WiFi increases the ratio of hacking and adding malicious viruses to your smartphones. For all these security issues, Digital Secure App saves you from security issues in a real-time environment.

If you have some queries, you can connect with Digital Secure App service providers and get relevant information on chat, as they’re available on Email & chat.

We can make highly responsive and perfectly designed mobile applications for you, covering all your requirements. So without wasting your time. Let’s start the discussion. In this blog, you’ll get to read about Digital Secure App features, pricing packages, what is digital secure app is, downloading platforms, and available storage options. Are you ready?

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Feature Specification Of Digital Secure App – Credits Verizon

Let’s have a look at the top-notch features of a Digital Secure App to get a better insight into the features & functionalities;

Core Developers Digital Secure App Developed by Verizon Wireless
Storage 187.8 MB
Where to find it on App Store? Utilities Section
Category on Google App Store Social Media
Where to find it on Google Playstore? Productivity, Tools
Apple Store Rating 4.5
Google Playstore Rating 4.1
Total Number Of Downloads on Google Play Store 10 Million Downloads
Pricing The premium for $5
Core Functionality Protection From Virus, Malware Attacks

What Is Digital Secure App? How Does A Digital Secure App Works?

A Digital Secure is an all-in-one security app that shields the users from malware attacks & automatically detects the device for any threat that might disturb the ongoing activities of the users.
So, I guess this much information is fair enough to get an idea about what is a digital secure app is and why it’s rated high in security-enhancing applications.

The Digital Secure scans the smartphone every 24 hours, like whenever you connect the device with the Internet, whether public or private WiFi connection. Digital Secure will scan the connection to ensure everything is up to the mark!

Digital Secure App

Image Reference: Verizon

Attaching a picture of the Digital Secure Application to give an idea of how it looks, and scan the smartphone for detecting spamming online.

The application working mechanism is very delicate and insightful! The A.I. bot searches for online databases and identifies the user’s email address, phone number, fax numbers, and social security associated with the malicious databases. Once done, the A.I.-based application prompt a message.

Above all, the A. The mechanism working behind the Digital Secure App is potent and secure to protect the users from malicious attacks. It will scan your data and connection and crawl through the dark web to search for the most efficient and accurate data.

Cyber Security Budget As Of 2021 – A Graphical Representation

According to Statista, the cyber security budget was out of range in 2021. So, as per this survey, 18% of the respondents said that cyber security holds a significant share of 1-2%, whereas the current I.T. budget indicates a rise in the ratio.

Cyber Security Graphical Representation

The global spending on cyber security products will cross approximately 60 billion USD in this year, 2021. This jump is indeed an exciting and steady growth in the trend. In 2018, it was somehow near 54 billion USD, 40.8 billion in 2019, and 36 billion USD in 2020. Sounds impressive, no? However, Statista claimed a rise in the market price of about 345 billion USD in 2026.

Some of the other statistics related to cybersecurity necessary for any web developer are as follows;

  1. 83% of the users say that Congress should pass national data privacy legislation this year.
  2. 63% of the users were uncomfortable with web tracking even when the streaming data was not linked to their data.

When Does Digital Secure App Prompt A Warning Message?

A Digital Secure shows a warning message alerts in these situations;

  1. When users are trying to browse online & mistakenly open a corrupted link.
  2. Smartphone users are about to download an application that is corrupted.
  3. Smartphone users are connecting to a public WiFi network, which contains viruses and potential threats.

Isn’t this amazing? A dedicated application that prompts warning messages whenever you presses any ambiguous link that might seem malicious.

Top Features Of A Digital Secure Verizon App

Here are the best and top-notch features of a Digital Secure App available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

1. Web Security

Firstly Digital Secure save you from website virus attacks like whenever you are about to visit any website that has malicious content. A warning message is displayed on the screen for the users.

2. Wi-Fi Security

Secondly, if you are connecting to any malicious Wi-Fi connection, Digital Secure App prompts a warning message to indicate to the users about it.

3. Anti-Virus Protection

Thirdly Digital Secure has a built-in Anti Virus protection installed for the users.

4. System Check

Fourthly, once you successfully downloand an application, the application does a thorough system check to generate a report indicating users about viruses.

5. App Privacy

Moreover Digital Secure is a fully protected and private application that ensures the privacy of the users. They don’t sell information about users to any third party.

6. VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essential for users who love to stream foreign content. Digital Secure poses a VPN extension installed that keeps the users safe from intruders and hackers.

7. ID & Personality Theft

Above all, Digital Secure takes control with always-on ID monitoring, dark web & saves users from unauthorized access.

8. Security Advisor

You can enjoy a one-click advisory session with security experts discussing your case in detail.

9. Firewall Protection

Lastly, we have firewall protection against malicious attacks so the users are informed about any attack that might disturb their ongoing activities.

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The Downloading Pattern Of Security Applications On Play Stores

According to, 65% of users think that digital privacy is a crucial issue in society. Everything is moving towards digitization & with an increase in technology, there are some threats as well! To secure users with such threats, Verizon proudly created Digital Secure giving users a great backup against malware attacks.

Moreover, finding any free application with tunneling, AES-256 encryption is very rare. Luckily, Digital secure offers all of these features at a very minimal price which is quite surprising! As mentioned above, the application has already achieved several 10 million downloads globally on the Google Play Store, which is a benchmark in itself!

However, if you wish to learn more about making a mobile game app, feel free to read our blog discussing all the steps involved in application development.

How Does Digital Secure App Protect Users From Viruses & malware attacks?

The working mechanism of a Digital Secure is straightforward! It works by scanning the mobile content for the following mediums;

  1. Incoming Text Messages
  2. Emails
  3. Attachment Received
  4. Compressed Files
  5. Single Files via Local Storage

Note: VPN protection is a tool available for premium users only. The primary job of a VPN tool is to protect the packets of information using the feature of tunneling, making it difficult for anyone to make any changes in the information. Whether it’s a Network Manager, Internet Service Provider, or Any Hacker, they won’t get a chance to get into the internal data of the users, disturbing the webserver security of your website or application.

How Much Does A Digital Secure Cost?

The basic version of the Digital Secure is free. The premium version costs around $5/month, a meager price compared to other app security app developers on the Google store. Lastly, Verizon is also offering a premium Verizon account that secures the users’ personal & professional data, whether it’s on Windows or Mac devices. Whereas Verizon is charging $10 for this premium account, and we think it’s so nominal cost compared to other service providers.

Is Digital Secure App Safe?

Definitely, Digital Secure is safe & secure because of the strong layer of encryption protecting the users from unauthorized & malicious access. For the understanding of users, I have already shared the top-notch features of a digital secure app – give it a read & enjoy using the application.

Is Verizon Digital Secure App Free?

Of course, Verizon Digital Secure is available for free whereas, if you wish to avail of the VPN then, you can switch to a premium version where the cost will be slightly higher.

What is Digital Security?

Above all, Digital security refers to the practices & ways to protect users from malicious attacks restricting them to add, edit, or download any file that seems malicious or risky. However, if you wish to read about scripting vs programming languages then feel free to read out the exciting blog.

Author’s Recommendation

I would recommend Digital Secure as a hub of security and privacy-protecting the users from unauthorized access. However, a lot of companies claim themselves the best, but very few understand that the true mantra is to understand the customer’s buying patterns, like what they like the most, and then proceed with the development of the application. The developed application should be problem-solving, otherwise, there is no use for such application. However, still, there are some users who look forward to a detailed review before they make the final purchase.

Wrap Up

Above all, Digital Secure App protects your private information from digital threats & keeps it encrypted. However downloading this application, you’ll be getting free security & privacy protection from online threats in the digital world. Moreover, if you switch to advanced protection, then costing is very nominal, i.e., $5 to $10/month! Still, if you have some questions after reading this blog, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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