Digital Transformation Changing The Way Companies Create Values

  • January 31, 2022
  • E-commerce





Digital Transformation Changing The Way Companies Create Values

  • January 31, 2022
  • E-commerce





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Reimaging businesses — the way businesses communicate & connect — is what we call the impacts done by Digital transformation.

Digital transformation helps businesses to keep themselves updated with the emerging customer demands. It uses digital technologies that transform traditional and non-digital business processes and services into fully digital ones. The utmost goal is to meet the requirements of customers and market needs that are trending at that time.

Technology is evolving and creating opportunities for different people to give them a big start. However, this blog post will discuss the digital transformation journey and how companies can transform their business processes for an instant boost. For instance, if you are a business owner looking forward to transforming your business digitally. The first thing you have to do is research and learn about the ongoing digital trends. And then see, where do you stand overall. Moreover, during the inspection, you will know your weakness and the areas where you have to do changes.

So, fellas, want to know more about the steps to build a successful digital transformation strategy? Here you go with the five magical steps!

But first, let’s understand the key points behind digital transformation.

What Is Digital Transformation? Why We Need One?

The utmost task is to change how businesses operate and reimagine enterprises in the digital world. However, digital transformation is how we use digital technologies to create new or modified business processes, cultures, and customer experiences. So, simply the transformation refers to the way we move from paper to spreadsheets, and to smartphone applications for managing businesses and minimizing manual work. It transcends traditional roles like sales, marketing, and customer experience.

Small companies just get started without setting up business processes and they face the consequences later. Moreover, building a business in the 21st century with some manual plans won’t make it sustain for a longer time. Anyone who plans to start a business, even startups has to align their processes, and strategies with digitization otherwise, they won’t sustain for a longer time. You would be amazed to know that, companies have individuals who’re responsible for researching the market trends & giving the analytical report to the Business Analysts.

However, any marketer should plan strategically like this;

  • Firstly, think
  • Secondly, ideate
  • Thirdly, strategize
  • Lastly, build

Stats & Facts About Digital Transformation Worldwide

We’re right now standing in 2022, and according to Statista, digital transformation is defined as integrating technologies and business processes to develop improvements. However, delivering more value to the customers is the utmost task of any company. It’s predicted that by 2023, companies will be seen transforming themselves digitally, becoming more vital & strong.

digital transformation

5 Steps For Creating Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

So, I hope you all have understood the meaning behind digital transformation strategies and why it’s essential for any business. Let’s take a deeper look at the five most important steps you can take to achieve success in this competitive era. The competition is fierce, and everyone has to keep themselves updated. Otherwise, someone else will take the chance, and become a tech giant.

1. Define Your Vision & Mission

Firstly before planning to implement any digital transformation strategy, think about your customer’s experience. Think from a user’s perspective, and then identify where you’re lacking as an enterprise.

You may ask yourself different questions like;

  • Do we have strategic gaps in the organization?
  • How can technology help us in chasing that strategic gap?
  • What challenges can we face when we start the strategic planning phase?
  • Do we need some more workforce to strategize things better?
  • Are we lacking in technology stack?

Above all, having a clear insight into what you’re addressing and your goals will put you on a path that leads toward digital transformation. However, you still have to research and see how your competitors are working and transforming themselves towards a better customer experience.

Focus more on customer retention and customer satisfaction. Some of the questions include;

  • What experiences do you want to provide to your customers?
  • How can you take any initiative that will help you meet your customer’s expectation criteria?

Many high-tech companies conclude that they’ve cut down extra costs by 10% to 20% yearly with digital transformation strategies. They have even reported that the growth ratio has increased by 10% to 15%, a considerable improvement.

Verdict: You should know your vision behind digital transformation and how can you engage all the workforce to meet the goal.

2. Involve Leaders & Set New Bars Of Excellence

Secondly, the most crucial step is to get yourself involved with the leaders who’re clear winners in the digital transformation process. Listening to podcasts and their stories would help you plan your path strategically. If you see and analyze companies’ data, you will get an idea of how leading companies engage chief digital officers to support their transformational strategies, with a success ratio of 1.6%.

Watching motivational movies, listening to inspirational stories, and having passionate individuals on board who’re risk-takers will definitely play an active role in transforming your business massively!  You will learn the difference between failure and success, which is essential for digital transformation.

Verdict: Listen to leading entrepreneurs’ podcasts and build a transformational environment for employees to think out of the box & escalate the change.

3. Focus On Building Cooperative Work Culture

Building a friendly and cooperative work environment is very important for your employees. You must create a culture that supports digital transformation and innovates things for better results. Getting the right leaders on board is the first step toward success. Moreover, the most significant hurdles companies face are in setting the first brick of change and making everyone in the organization accept it. However, you can’t just stop here. The next step is to ensure that everyone in your organization understands the vision you have for your company’s future.

Building a culture based on values, goals, attitudes, and strategic practices builds a perfect organization. Moreover, people in the company should feel like they are working as a team, and if the company succeeds, they will be a stakeholder in that success too!

Verdict: Taking the initiative to build a strong and cooperative work environment is quite risky. Some might look forward to such an environment, while some will stay a step behind. Don’t step back no matter how bad the circumstances become; keep your bars of expectations high.

4. Gather Relevant Resources With Experience

Digital transformation is vast, and companies require experienced individuals to implement the strategies. A proper strategy is what a marketer should make to earn appreciation from customers worldwide. Energetic and enthusiastic people think differently and predict the outcomes of any plan before implementing it. Moreover, it would be best to hire people who’re true risk-takers, and never step back no matter what!

Here are some of the qualities you should look up to the individuals you’re planning to get yourself engaged with.

  • Risk takers
  • Creative
  • Socially Active
  • Strategic
  • Leaders
  • Determined

Digital Transformation only comes to those who’re ready to take on challenges and build something unique from the existing businesses. Individuals who’re willing to work under pressure can only take part in such activities. Moreover, bringing new ideas and refining them to the extent that brings success to the company – should be the end goal.

Verdict: Hire people who’re determined and look forward to adopting new changes whenever a need arises.

5. Choosing The Right Stack Of Technology

You can learn about different technologies, platforms, and solutions to help your business meet the challenges and create opportunities. The problem? After implementing technologies, many organizations don’t think about the consequences they would face. Because of improper working and uncertainty, time is wasted and even money. However, there are ways in which you can avoid such technology burnout.

So, before you add any new technology to your technical requirements document, ensure that the technology you’re investing in aligns best with your digital transformation strategy. Lastly, ensure that your selected technology fills in the gap within the organization and you don’t go off-scale.

To track the impacts after implementing that change, the marketers and business development managers have to monitor everything. However, digital transformation doesn’t have a finish line, and it’s an ongoing process. Keep on researching and finding new trends which you think will work best for your organization’s growth and success.

Verdict: Above all, keep yourself updated with the ongoing technology trends, and never stop your research. You’re educating yourself on the industry trends, which is very important.

Ready To Kick Start Your Digital Transformation Journey?

Building a successful digital transformation strategy is not as challenging as implementing it. The business models are pre-defined, and bringing instant change is a big task. With the proper support and expertise, you can adopt those changes and outpace the evolving customer demands. Cydomedia is one of those companies that strategize first and then implement the plans. I hope you enjoyed reading about digital transformation strategies. However, if you still have some questions in mind then feel free to share in the comments section.

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