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Ella Clarke is an Author, Book Reviewer, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Christian Motivational Speaker working with a vision to challenge the mundane through her writings and podcasts. She ensures that every piece she writes is influential and portrays a unique perspective of perceiving life. Her passion made her become an influencer and guide for those who're trapped by the pressures of someone else's existence and couldn't enjoy their lives to the fullest!

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Ella Clark

The Problem

Ella Clark, a phenomenon writer, wanted to connect with more people who were victims of different people's negative personalities and working under pressure. She wanted to create a digital platform where her insightful books can be shared, reflect her cheerful personality, and showcase the best of her work. She tried to make people learn the true meaning of life through her books and podcasts.

Ella Clark

The Approach

For the motivational speaker with high motives, our web designer chooses a mixture of two bold primary colors, Red & Blue, that reflect her personality. We added some inspiring features to the website to give it a flawless and impressive look & feel. Our motive was to create a sleek website that is user-friendly and attractive so that it entices visitors to stay for a longer time & admire the message behind the books and podcasts of Ella Clark.

Ella Clark

The Outcome

The lady of wonders, Ella Clark, was genuinely impressed to see the outcome — a robust website with inspiring features and layout capturing viewers' attention instantly. She loved the sections we developed to share all of her books with the mundane, whose lives were dull and missing the element of happiness. She appreciated our work and loved how we summarized all her requirements in a sleek website unfolding motivational podcasts, books, and videos to influence people with low morale.

Ella Clark

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