8 Spooky Halloween Marketing Ideas For Boosting Online Sales

  • October 13, 2021
  • Marketing

8 Spooky Halloween Marketing Ideas For Boosting Online Sales

  • October 13, 2021
  • Marketing

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Halloween marketing ideas will help you grab the attention of your target audience; – in a productive manner! Some marketers take this opportunity as a game-changer; as the entire world celebrates Halloween in full swing & it’s the best time to hit the hammer with result-oriented Halloween marketing ideas! We’re a big fan of Halloween & it’s just around the corner! Moreover, October is an excellent month for having sales in a simple yet funny & spooky way.

As digital service providers, we have everything you need for boosting sales & covering all the basic-to-execute Halloween marketing ideas & strategies. So, take a deep breath and look below to see how you can make Halloween a perfect one this year!

We’ll discuss the best Halloween marketing ideas & promotional activities covering top-notch Halloween websites, spirit Halloween Logos, and Halloween social activities that makes your Halloween the creepiest! In other words, we’re taking you on a fun-filled, spooky ride of exploring Halloween marketing ideas for the season! In addition to ideas, some videos are there as well to give you a better insight.

Where Does Halloween Come From? The Concept Behind Halloween Marketing Ideas

Firstly let me explain the concept behind Halloween and its ancestors. Years ago, an autumn nip in the air & leaves started to go from green to amber. Due to this change in the weather, the streets become quiet & a cool breeze from the east starts blowing. The days are becoming shorter, and the nights are growing longer. Now wonder what you see? A spooky night, with everything dark & shady.

That’s where the festival of Samhain was born. A definite celebration marked by the Celts, as the division between Summer & Winters, representing an autumn season. It’s said that Samhain lives between the mortals & the spirit visits them every Halloween. So, to celebrate, these families wear spooky clothes, and kids knock on the doors of neighbors asking them for sweets & gifts.

People are found wearing colorful costumes in this entire tradition. However, it’s assumed that spirits walk through the streets during the entire Halloween season. This season, businesses usually plan to offer some discount vouchers for Halloween websites development & Halloween logos for the users.

Halloween Marketing Ideas – Look Inside Into The Trend

According to Statista, Halloween is one of the most commercial traditions. Marketers create unique Halloween marketing ideas & strategies to hit the floor, getting direct sales. The production of Halloween products doubled between 2013 to 2021, with total revenue of $230 million to $474 million, which is undoubtedly a benchmark!

So, all the marketers, this is an opportunity to showcase your marketing skills, and you can get an idea about Halloween marketing ideas & strategies by reading this blog further.

8 Spooky Halloween Marketing Ideas For Promotions

In this section, we will discuss Halloween marketing ideas to give you a tremendous boost to your business.

1. Impressive Halloween Website Designs

Firstly the most important Halloween marketing idea is to create impressive websites with themed web pages to give your visitors a Halloween look & feel! Give your casual-looking website a spooky yet amazing look for a Halloween twist. There are plenty of Halloween-themed web pages available on the Internet; one of them is Cydomedia.

Halloween Websites

You can create Halloween websites with a blend of dark colors, indulged with mysterious objects giving a scary look!

2. Spirit Halloween Logos

Secondly, you have to work on creating exceptional spirit Halloween logos. Even before developing a Halloween website, the branding company is responsible for creating spirit Halloween logos that will give your viewers an idea of what’s cooking inside! Creating a deadly hallows logo is yet another way to give your website a Halloween touch!

Spirit Halloween Logo

Secondly, creating unique Halloween websites & spirit Halloween logos is one of the most important points for any business. The rest points come beneath it.

3. Halloween Social Media Posts

Thirdly, we have social media posts for a detailed discussion. As we’re now done with the Halloween website and the spiritual Halloween logo, the next thing to cover in Halloween marketing ideas is to look inside the social media posts. For a marketer, the correct use of social media is significant because youngsters spend half of their time browsing through their social media. Right now, we are standing in 2021 & and as per a report last year, the hashtag #Halloween2020 featured in over 963.7K posts, resulting in 5.5 billion impressions online. Amazing, no?

Halloween social media posts

So, managing social media posts is one of the mandatory Halloween marketing ideas many marketers perform. You can curate the photos with deadly looks & share them on social media platforms.

4. Customer-Centric Content Creation

Fourthly, and the most important thing is engaging content with a pinch of entertainment! Halloween social media posts are incomplete without compelling content. One of the most impressive features of Halloween social media posts is to add creative yet engaging lines in the social media posts with the most relevant tags & links.

Moreover, the content producer is responsible for creating unique content for the Halloween social media posts. Create unique & worthy Halloween designs & content for the social and website both, making it look impressive and compete in the ongoing trend.

For people who’re new to the world of interactive posts, it’s your time to understand the creation of excellent Halloween social media posts. Social media content pillars are the best to understand content strategies, and how can anyone win the hearts of customers through engaging content!

More than 93% of the marketers create compelling Halloween posts, which is perfect in all ways. You would be amazed to know that American Express Essentials created a fun quiz asking people about Halloween social media posts & costumes like how they perceive these activities. The results were amazing, almost 90% of the people loved the idea!

5. Promotional Halloween Gift Hampers

If you’re a product owner, then you can add creepy packaging to your products like wrapping with dark chart paper to give a deadly look. Business stationery is an essential element of any business, & it’s advised to add promotional Halloween gift hampers for a limited time. You can have some competition & allot the winners with some exciting spooky gifts.

Halloween marketing ideas will result in creating an excellent customer relationship as you’ll send some creepy gifts to the lucky winners for free! They will share the snaps on their social media & their audience will get to know about your brand! According to Mintel, it’s expected that people will take an active part in Halloween parties in 2021. According to the research in 2018, the spending amount on Halloween events in the past year was somehow close to $419 million.

6. AR Halloween Party Games

Halloween party games are a fantastic way to engage the audience. Moreover, a lot of game developers plan to create mobile game applications based on a Halloween theme, like adding spooky and deadly backgrounds with characters having creepy getups. You can add Zombies in the game and create AR game apps to give them a lively feel.

Whenever anyone downloads your mobile game by clicking on the spirit Halloween logo, their expectation is for a creepy game.

For instance, take an example of a Witchy Whizzer game, where players come back again and again as they enjoy this excellent gaming application. Making spooky games is one of the best Halloween marketing ideas any marketer should pay attention to for capturing leads.

7. Halloween YouTube Advertisements

Above all, YouTube video marketing plays a vital role in boosting businesses! Social media and YouTube interconnects to create amazing video content for the viewers. Moreover, you can connect those videos with your Halloween campaigns to give them a better boost! Don’t forget to add your spirit Halloween logo to the video content to refrain from copyright infringement.

According to Publicis, branding companies wanted to have a Halloween-themed party where everyone could enjoy the hell out of themselves and understand the literal concept behind Halloween. Companies were found throwing Halloween-themed parties at their workplace to convey the message of spooky events & give their employees a break from the usual routine. In this way, they were seen forwarding the message of team bonding and creating a positive image on social media.

Many brands took part in the Halloween campaigns, and undoubtedly Halloween marketing ideas conquer traffic through social media & by publishing different campaigns on the website. For instance, M&M’s created an advertisement campaign, in 2018 where the bunnies were found talking to each other with none other than the most loved MnM’s colors, yellow and red creating positive emotions.

8. Website Halloween Decoration

Lastly, decorating the website with spooky elements is one of the most important elements of Halloween marketing ideas. Moreover, viewers come over your website and leave creating a digital impression. It’s important to give the website a spooky look so whenever someone comes, they have an idea of what brand message you’re trying to portray.

Similarly, Gen Z people are more likely to celebrate events, and Halloween is one of them! So, if you’re seeking to decorate your website with Halloween decorations, then you’re at the right place! Therefore, you can add mysterious objects on your websites like bats, boogeymen, and spooky images giving your website a deadly look!

Hulu just launched a ‘Huluween‘ campaign, giving a real-time spooky experience to the viewers. After that, the attendees can navigate through a haunted forest before they plan to watch any original horror shows.

The Final Verdict – Halloween Marketing Ideas Put Together

In conclusion, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about the best Halloween marketing ideas. Try to revamp your website with Halloween website themes, and add elements in your logo, making it spooky for a limited time! However, if you have any questions regarding Halloween marketing tips, feel free to post them in the comment section below! Above all, you’ll be delish to see the results after implementing these amazing Halloween marketing ideas in your campaigns.

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