The Key Steps to Hire App Developer for your Project In 2022

  • May 24, 2022
  • App

The Key Steps to Hire App Developer for your Project In 2022

  • May 24, 2022
  • App

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Whether you plan to create an application or a mobile game app, the key steps to hire App developer would remain the same.

You must be thinking about how to find an app developer? Many entrepreneurs dominate the digital industry, which means they are tapping into the market with killer ideas.

The ideas revolve around mobile app development and design because a single lead from this domain brings a lot of revenue.

Gone are the days when people were into web applications or had bulks of CDs in their houses to install and play any game.

As we step into this digital world, everyone has a phone in their hands and wants to get all details over their palm.

Guess what? Mobile applications are the best option available in such a scenario.

Let’s speculate on the process to hire app developers for your business…

But, wait, why do you need to hire app developers?

Why Do You Need To Hire App Developer?

Hiring an app developer is not apparent because most entrepreneurs have programming knowledge and can create the applications themselves. But, still being the business’s sole owner, you have to manage many things.

With a paid advertisement and other marketing activities, you can hire an app developer with years of relevant experience to ace the project like a PRO!

Here are the three ways that you can go while hiring an app developer for your business.

1. Hiring in-House App Developers

Hiring an in-house app developer is the most appropriate option if you want to create something exceptional!

The team working outcome will increase if you add up a new development team member.

After taking interviews and tests, you can seek assistance from your technical recruitment team and get a relevant app development resource on board.

Though hiring a full-time app development resource would be expensive, the addition would be worth the money!

2. Hiring a Freelancer

If you’re not okay with hiring an in-house resource, then think about hiring a freelancer to handle your projects.

And you know, this method is gaining a lot of popularity because of the increasing cost of hiring in-house resources.

Mostly, resources are not available in the desired time, due to which people look forward to hiring freelancers.

There are millions of freelancers available for you, which you can hire to get started with your mobile app development.

One of the most critical features of hiring a freelancer is the change in paying the resources. It’s cheap, and the business doesn’t have to pay for the vacation days and other benefits.

But, there is a disadvantage too! Freelancers work with their desire and timings. You can not restrict them from following a strict schedule.

3. Outsourcing the Application Development

And the last option is outsourcing the application development team! Businesses can hire application developers on a contract, which is less expensive & affordable.

Meanwhile, if you plan to hire a full-time resource, then it would be costly and time-consuming. Hiring an outsourcing company is perfect in such a case; it means you can expand and diminish the team according to your ease.

It is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who have just started their businesses and want to expand worldwide to create a breakthrough.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

So, outsourcing your app development is beneficial for the business? We need to discuss a few things before jumping to any conclusion.

1. Time Consumption

Creating a mobile application is a long-time process and requires resources with years of experience. It’s not feasible to start with a less experienced team of individuals.

Hiring an experienced mobile app development team would decrease your cost and give a better outcome. You can leverage the expertise of mobile app developers and create your ideal mobile application saving time and effort both!

2. Budgeting

What’s an essential thing second to resource allocation? Of course, it’s budgeting. Unless you’re the managing partner of a Fortune 500 plus employee and have a deep pocket, you can’t afford a wide range of mobile app developers.

Maintaining a private corporation with employees and other expenses, it’s not that easy! Hiring a big team of developers is not an idea for them, so outsourcing is the best possible solution!

3. Lack of Talented Developers

Whether it’s iOS app development or Android, both the developers are now hard to find! This doesn’t mean you can not find developers in the market, but those who know how to create the most appropriate application are least likely to be available.

Even if you have your team, everyone can’t have the relevant experience and skill set to create the ideal mobile application, mainly encompassing all the features.

You can search for outsourcing companies with a large talent pool responsible for creating flawless mobile applications.

4. Launching Deadlines

The most disturbing thing about hiring a freelancer is the incapability of meeting deadlines.

If the deadline is missed, then it leaves a negative impact on the clients. However, on the other hand, outsourcing companies are the best option because they are bound to meet the deadlines and deliver things on the committed dates.

5. Lack of Clarity

Creating a mobile application is a long process, and everyone can not call themselves a keen app developer. The manager has to monitor all the activities, to make them fall within the clients’ expectations.

The business owners themselves don’t have the time to handle all the work themselves, and outsourcing the development team would be the best solution.

You can outsource the development team and let them handle all the strategizing, implementation, and designing work for you!

What should you consider before you start the process to hire app developer?

Hiring an app developer can be a trick, but once you find it, you’re all good to go! Just remember, someone’s resume might look good on paper, but it doesn’t mean you’ve found your ideal app developer.

1. Check the App Developer’s Portfolio

There is little space for taking chances while hiring any app developer. Even if you’re hiring a freshie, they should have enough experience that makes them fulfill the job description.

But never rely on what is written on the resume because the practical work turns out to be entirely different.

Before placing the final offer, at least once, see what’s in their portfolio if they’re good enough to match the job role you are hiring.

You can first see all the past work and then decide whether they’re good enough for the projects, or you can switch to someone else.

You can check the clutch reviews of that outsourced company to better know about their business.

2. Discovering the development approach

Connecting with a developer with relevant experience is easy, but when it comes to hiring someone who matches your approach, the game becomes difficult.

The software development life cycle is a process in which developers take part and divide the work based on their responsibilities.

Find someone who matches your design and development approach, more focused on quality than anything else.

3. Technology stack they use for development

Like doctors, who check our history before diagnosing us with any disease, we need to know the technologies on which the developers were working before placing offer.

You can ask the following questions: what technologies were you using before? Do you use any fancy graphical user interface?

Were you doing the strategizing part as well? If the candidate can answer all the questions based on recent technologies, he is good to go!

Remember, you don’t only have to hire a developer, but someone who knows recent technologies and user interface methodologies.

4. Try to connect with the outsourcing team

Also, when you’re planning to outsource the development team, still connect with everyone and interview team members.

In this way, you will get to know everyone working with you indirectly, and if the app developer is hard to deal with on a personal level, you can stop the project at the moment.

Be aware of all the difficulties you might face because you’re not hiring a full-time resource that you can connect with at any time of the day.


1. How much does it cost to hire an app developer?

The estimated cost of hiring an app developer varies depending on your skills and region. For the middle east, app developers range around $50; however, in the US, it’s somehow $150.

2. How to find good app developers?

Finding and then hiring a good app developer requires many skills, like checking their approach compatibility, specialization, and years of experience.

Here are a bunch of hiring platforms that you can use to find the most appropriate app developer for you:


3. Can I hire someone to create an app?

Yes, you can hire an app developer to work on your project. The individual should have relative experience designing and developing mobile applications with a sleek user interface.
How much does it cost to hire a company to build an app?

Getting an app development company for developing your mobile application can cost you around $10,000 to $60,000 for a small-sized to medium-sized application. However, the prices will escalate based on the features you add up in the application.

Key Takeaway | Hire App Developer

After reading this blog, we all are transparent with the process to hire a mobile app developer for the business. Moreover, mobile applications serve as the backbone of the company.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheels, but hire a mobile app developer who possesses all the necessary skills to build the ideal application.

Since we all want to fall within the budget, it’s best to outsource the mobile application development instead of hiring an in-house resource.

Got some questions about the process to hire app developers? Feel free to share with us. ‍

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