How to Convert Your WordPress Website into a Mobile App

  • October 2, 2020
  • App



How to Convert Your WordPress Website into a Mobile App

  • October 2, 2020
  • App



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While the advent of responsive web design has made it a whole lot easier for business owners to provide an excellent experience to users on their mobile phones, it still can’t match the level of convenience afforded by apps. Read more to find out why you should consider converting your WordPress website into app.

But what is the best way to get an app built? Custom app development right? Well, if you are a WordPress website owner, you have options available other than that as well.

Exactly like how the WordPress ecosystem offers plugins for just about any purpose, there are plugins and specific services that allow you to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app as well.


The idea of WordPress App development got popularized around the globe since you don’t require to work your fingers to the bone to develop a successful application with it. The best WordPress mobile app development plugins can give you a helping hand to convert your website into a WordPress mobile app with no programming knowledge required.


Mobile apps help you access an entirely different user base with an optimized on-the-go user experience model. Unlike websites, apps reside on the screen of user mobiles, allowing for greater engagement which can lead to better conversion rates. Apps are much more personalized and convenient to use as compared to websites.

On top of that, there are smartphone features that are built-in with every mobile device. Smartphone applications enable users to make use of these features as well. Hence, it is a complete package at hand.


There are a number of top plugins available in the market right now that can provide you with stellar WordPress mobile app development.

Let’s take a look at the list:

1.    AppPresser:

AppPresser is a plugin that helps users to integrate the site with their mobile applications. It does not transform the site into an app but provides a connection between the application and the website.

The plugin works on a 3-step simple, effective, and efficient methodology that is:

  1. Get your content to the app.
  2. Customize it according to your liking.
  3. Publish it to the store.

AppPresser has a lot of other features as well. For example, push notifications, offline downloads, translations, custom codes, and many more. The application will get automatically updated for any change in WordPress.

You need to have an account to work with AppPresser. It offers plans for $59 to $129 for a monthly payment that is billed annually.

2.    WPMobile.App:

WPMobile.App is in demand due to its cost-effectiveness. You don’t need to have heavy pockets to acquire this plugin, unlike others. If you want to create an app for both Android and iOS, then it will cost 149€ while 79€ for the individual operating system for a lifetime license.

The features it provides include free testing, customization, social sharing, notifications, search engines, automatic updates, and whatnot. All this for a price that means nothing.

It allows you to build a WordPress mobile app of your choice, with your content in it and everything customized. You can then deploy it to the store to enjoy profits.

3.    AndroApp:

AndroApp can be used for WordPress App development, only for Android OS. This plugin is quite inexpensive since it is free for the first month with no need for a credit card. It requires an annual renewal for $66.

Its key features include ad placements, image rendering, text reviewing, color schemes, unlimited push notifications, and above all, monetization through Admob and Appnext.

The efficiency of this plugin makes it outshine others. You can literally develop a website in minutes with minimal effort. The only con of this plugin is that it cannot be used for iOS WordPress app development.

4.    Mobiloud:

Mobiloud works for both Android and iOS and converts a WordPress site into a native smartphone application. It supports WooCommerce, which is a popular open-source eCommerce solution.

The outlook that Mobiloud provides is stylish and eye-catching. Its features include Automatic content updates, customization, push notifications, advertisements and monetization, login portal, social sharing, and much more but you have to throw cash to get all these features. It will cost you a per-month payment of $120 for a startup, $200 for a growth plan, and $400 for a custom-based plan.

This plugin is quite expensive when we compare it to the others but the features it provides are also a cut above the rest. The money you invest here is likely to get multiplied by many folds in no time.

5.    Appmaker

This is another plugin that provides beautiful features and gives an elegant outlook to the website. You can get started for free with absolutely no requirement of a credit card. If you want to buy the plan, it will cost you only $9.99 per month. The company policy is to charge a 5% additional amount for the revenue generated through the app. These 5% additional charges will not be applied to the first $10,000 per year revenue the app generates.

It also provides the feature of WooCommerce to help you succeed with ease. Moreover, there is 24×7 support. If you need guidance for anything, you can always just ask for help.

It also has a 3-step simple and effective methodology for successful app development.

  1. WordPress app development.
  2. WooCommerce Plugin.
  3. App Deployment.

6.    Blappsta:

Blappsta is a plugin that not only supports Android and iOS but also the Windows operating system. You can have an idea of how your website will look on the screen as it provides a free preview mode to test your WordPress app development.

Its crucial features are push messaging, social sharing, branding, caching, and app indexing.

The most important part is that it is absolutely free to use so no need to worry about payments. You simply have to download the plugin, edit what you need and keep what you want, and throw your app to the store shelf.

Blappsta has been used in 104 countries worldwide with 584 apps in the AppStore. It claims to send 1,200,000 push notifications within 2015.

7.    Wappress:

Wappress is actually not a plugin since everything can be done online, hence there is no need for a download. It is suitable for non-profit-based sites and tiny blogs. You can create, edit, and customize according to your desire. Once you open Wappress, it will ask if you want to see a working demo where everything has been explained giving you a hands-on experience in the environment.

8.    Web2App:

Web2app is a plugin and is also used for mobile app development with zero requirements for coding skills. It will cost $19 to build an app that is 100% responsive.

Significant features this plugin provides its users are mobile app build, uploading custom icons, splash screen upload, push notifications, Facebook, and YouTube app builder.

Although the features it provides are not that of a professional WordPress app development company but if you are a beginner in the field, it can surely boost your efforts. Usually, people who have YouTube channels and Facebook pages, and want to create an application to display their products and entertaining services, utilize this plugin.


We recommend using Mobiloud or AppPresser due to their outstanding features and user support. Although it would be expensive to choose these plugins, the value they offer justifies their cost.

This recommendation is for those who want to get higher conversions with WordPress app development.

At last, the final choice lies with the person developing the app for his or her business. We can only give recommendations but if you find what you want is offered in some other plugins, then go for it


To conclude this, we can say that modern problems require modern solutions, and to find a perfect way out of all your app development problems, WordPress would be a wise choice to opt for.

WordPress demands less work and provides many solutions that can drive perfect results. Its easy-to-use and convenient features have kept its reputation sustainable and viable.

The availability of these different WordPress app development plugins allows users to choose options that are best for them. This way, they do not have to stick to owning only a single WordPress site and limiting the ways in which they can grow.

ShahRukh Aziz