How to Design an SEO Friendly Website That Ranks Well

  • February 17, 2019
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According to a study, around 93 percent of online experiences begin on search engines.  That said, in this highly competitive digital market, you can use all the help you can get to increase the organic traffic on your website. And you can only achieve that with a SEO friendly website design.

Search engine optimization consists of a series of strategies that help websites improve their search engine ranking. As a result of high ranking, websites get better visibility, higher credibility, an increase in online traffic, and of course boost in revenue. However, if you are not from within the industry, SEO might seem an abstract concept to you. Hence you need to hire a professional web design company that can guide you and your online business to meet your goals. Let’s find out how to design an SEO-friendly website that ranks well.


  • It’s all about the keywords

You can understand the importance of keywords by comparing the online world with a bustling and chaotic marketplace, and the only way your potential customers can find you is if they see a clear sign that takes them to you.

Effectively using your industry keywords is essential to build an SEO-friendly website, as it helps your customers to find you. It all starts with knowing your audience. You should use keywords that are relevant to your industry and your customers.

Find out what are they are looking for and what you can offer them. This will help you come up with valuable keywords, and once you effectively use it on your website, they will help bring targeted traffic to your site.

  • Find the right keywords

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a great tool that web design companies use across the world. Other than some limitations, this tool is free for everyone. Make sure to check it out!

  • Keywords placement

It is recommended to include your targeted keywords in the page title and description. It is also recommended to add them to the website header, sub-headers, and in the body content as well as.

  • Does SEO also apply to images too?

Yes, by optimizing your website images, you can improve your SEO ranking. You can use ALT tags to describe the photos in 2 to 3 words and if you are uploading a picture of your workplace, it is better to save it as Office.jpg instead of image5.jpg.

Website Linking

  • How URLs affect SEO indexing?

Your URLs do influence SEO indexing, and they show more than the address of your website. They are crawlable and help tell search engines what your page is about. Web crawlers see your URL as a sample of your content. Remember, if general people can’t read or comprehend your URL, neither will search engines.

  • How to create an SEO-friendly URL?

An SEO-friendly URL must include a variation of your keyword. Meaningful keywords that tell website visitors a little about you are better than random symbols or numbers. However, we don’t recommend stuffing of keywords ad it will make your link look like spam, making it less appealing.

  • Mistakes to avoid

  • Avoid using capital letters
  • Don’t use any special characters
  • Use hyphens instead of underscores
  • Avoid using an unreadable link structure
  • Build your website on a strong backlink foundation
  • Why are links an essential aspect of SEO?

The system of search engines works with links, both internal and external. By using bots, google crawls throughout your website pages to understand the connection between different website pages and posts. Moreover, linking is also a way for search engines to understand the hierarchical view of your blog depending on value.

  • Is the internal link building important?

Yes! Link building is necessary because every single one adds value to your website and make search engine rank you higher. The stronger your internal linking game is, the better you are likely to rank on search engines.

  • How external link building help your SEO?

Strengthening your off-page backlink profile is equally important to make search engines love you. You can make your external link building stronger through sponsored posts, guest posts, and publishing engaging content on high authority platforms. This makes you look more trustworthy and increases your website traffic.

Social media

Any web design company can help you understand the relation between SEO and social media. The digital world we live in today, community platforms matter a lot. Having social media integration into your website makes your content more sharable. Sharing means more exposure and more exposure means more traffic, page views, followers, and possibly more revenue. You have a lot of options to select channels that go best with your brand personality and customer preference, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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At the end of the day, what your website looks like does matter. Furthermore, according to a study, 58 percent of total searches come from mobile devices.

Hire a professional web design company that makes efforts for your SEO friendly website design. In this time and age, building a website that’s not mobile-friendly doesn’t make sense. So, make sure to check how your site looks on different screen sizes and how fast it loads. There is nothing more annoying than when you are trying to view a website that appears incomplete on your mobile phone or having to wait long for images to load on a site. A website with such technical issues is most unlikely to rank high on search engines.

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