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A lot has been written about how Covid-19 pandemic led firms to try and go remote without letting their productivity get affected.

The use of tech tools that enable such work efficiently like Zoom was one of the most significant talking points in these sort of discussions, however, not much has been said about the people who use Zoom i.e. the employees themselves.

Zoom and other such tools facilitate communication and allow firms to work remotely without much issues, but for employees such a change has been drastic. The tools are there, but there is also a sense of detachment among many employees out there.

Working from home for such elongated periods was highly uncommon before the Covid-19 pandemic began, but now, it seems like work from home is going to become a reality in the business world and companies needs to know how to keep their employees motivated and engaged in such a paradigm.

To understand how this can be done practically and whether there are any successful models that others can replicate, we reached out to renowned entrepreneurs in different niche and asked them to share their thought on “how to lead a team while managing resources remotely?”

We told them that they can share some great tips, a strategy that worked well, words of caution or whatever they might deem valuable enough to be shared with others and the community at large.

Here are the amazing responses we got from them:

1-      Use Technology Smartly

Arnel Dalma CEO At EasyShopOnline Corp

 “As an ecommerce store owner, I’ve learned some strategies to manage our day to day operation during this current COVID pandemic. 1. Zoom Meeting app is a lifeline. I was able to delegate tasks to our shipping department by utilizing Zoom, this virtual management innovation has a big impact in practicing social distancing, saving time & resources. 2. I’ve discovered the other useful functionality of our smart phones, one is the “Notes” app in our iPhones. There is a scanner feature in it. Everywhere I go I don’t have to touch the actual receipts or invoices, I scan & save them. This is very useful for persons like myself always “on the go” and practicing social distancing at the same time.”


2- Keep Employees in the “Loop”

Heather Yoder

CEO at www.mycustomlogcutting.com

“The biggest thing is virtual meetings, make sure to stay positive with employees, keep them in the loop and inform them of any updates and make sure work progress stays on schedule.”

3- Nail Your Communication

Irina Georgieva CEO and Co-Founder of Enterprise League

At Enterprise League, people are our most valuable resources. Their contribution helps us keep the business platform running and growing despite the pandemic crisis we are all currently facing.

As we have been constrained to rely solely on remote working, I have had to adopt some strategies to keep a quality communication level and recreate the team’s connection remotely.

Weekly check points

In order to keep the organization and productivity of the team to a high standard, I introduced weekly check points. The weekly check points serve as a way to update all team members who has done what, what is being done and is to be done.

On this call everyone summarizes what they have accomplished that week and what is on their agenda next.

Besides the summary, our team focuses on asking questions. Another goal of this meeting is to make sure each team member understands the why of each task. By making sure your people understand the goal, importance and value of each task they can see it from the perspective of the customer of the task (be it internal or external customer).

Having clear understanding of the expectations of the tasks is crucial to ensure you have quality deliverables and minimize faults. This simple tactic has increased our team’s productivity by more than 55% and overall task efficiency by 42%.

Weekly update / Goss talk

The weekly update or goss talk is another tactic that has proved to be seriously effective in bringing the team together.

The goal of this call is to bring back the small talk that happens on coffee breaks, lunchtime or walking to the elevator. Since the office small talk is nonexistent at the moment and the humane connection between team members begins to fade, we decided to reintroduce a remote version of it.

During this call, team members can share updates about work as well as chat about any topic they fancy such as news, trends etc. hence the gossip part of the name for this talk. The results have been very positive, showing that this type of informal casual chat makes people more relaxed and friendly towards each other. This has certainly decreased the stress level within the team and make working remotely fun and easy to adopt.

In a nutshell, the most important thing remote teams should focus on nailing is their communication. By having an efficient, regular communication and making sure that all team members understand what is expected of them, will reduce your waste time and increase your productivity. Therefore, my advice would be to spare no efforts in improving your team’s communication. It truly drives your company growth forward.”



Sunaina Kakreja


Sunaina Kakreja is a content producer at CydoMedia. She writes about business strategies, digital transformation, online marketing, and transformational technology. She is a storyteller, and a cup of good coffee is all she needs to get her game on.


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