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Lake Central is a brand started in 2017 with a single podcast hosted by Alex Hollingsworth & a vision to approach every laker in Los Angeles. They show their love and dedication to the lakers by creating and sharing exciting podcasts about every sport.

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Laker Central
Laker Central

The Problem

Laker Central came to us with a dream of sharing their podcasts on a digital platform, where they can seamlessly connect with their listeners! Previously, they were posting online, and their audience faced a lot of hassle finding their latest podcasts. Moreover, they wanted to share their success story of the past four years with the listeners givinThe Approach g them an essence of true dedication and commitment.

The Approach

We first researched and spent hours understanding their business model to see how they were sharing podcasts before with the audience. We made different discoveries and tried to bring out the best results in the face of a flawless website with a smooth navigation style. Our designers created different banners to give the website an attractive look and feel!

Laker Central
Laker Central

The Outcome

The outcome was a sleek website with some innovative features for sharing the podcasts with the people in Los Angeles. We furthermore added various banners to add the latest podcasts, giving their audience a flawless and smooth experience! They were amazed to see the final results and couldn’t agree more with the fantastic work we did for them.

Laker Central
Laker Central Laker Central

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