Hubspot vs Marketo – Which Platform Should You Choose?

  • September 10, 2021
  • Marketing

Hubspot vs Marketo – Which Platform Should You Choose?

  • September 10, 2021
  • Marketing

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HubSpot vs Marketo? Which one is optimal for marketers to choose overall! Choosing the right content management system is the foundation of your online presence. In the current era, users have numerous solutions to their problems, and in response to this, businesses are integrating marketing and sales platforms to draw in customers. One of the most common battles is HubSpot vs Marketo.

It comes down to these two for most businesses, and the ultimate decision depends on the comparison. However, if you wish to read about content pillars to implement in your blogs then feel free to read our blog!

Why do companies depend on marketing automation tools? The major reason is it makes the business easy to manage. The other reason is it’s becoming increasingly common to use HubSpot vs Marketo, or any other alternatives available in the market.

Did you know? In 2015, only 10% of companies were using marketing automation tools; however, 51% of marketers now use the tools. What’s more, is the market for marketing automation tools is said to increase to $25 billion in 2023.

So, why are businesses torn between HubSpot vs Marketo? Here’s a comparison for you to understand the competition better. In this blog, we’re going to read the comparison between HubSpot vs Marketo however you can read more like Scripting vs Programming languages, or Shopify vs WordPress.

After reading this blog of head-to-head comparison between HubSpot vs Marketo, you’ll be quite ready to do the final purchase.  You can use the comparison HubSpot vs Marketo to choose the platform right for your business. But first let’s understand what is Marketo similarly, what is HubSpot.

What is Marketo Used For?

HubSpot vs Marketo, you must be thinking about what is Marketo, what’s Marketo pricing, its features, and functionalities. Marketo is a single tool providing email nurturing and automation. However, it requires costly integration and other marketing tools to help with marketing, sales, and email marketing. An efficient CRM is required to maintain the working. Marketers use Marketo for automating the marketing process, along with SEO tools. A digital audit is required to ensure how your website is working over the digital platforms to make the changes accordingly.

Marketo has ranked number 8 in Marketing Automation by the G2 Crowd, and number 3 by Gartner.

What is HubSpot Used For?

Next in Hubspot vs Marketo, we have a detailed discussion on HubSpot functionalities. HubSpot marketing hub is a marketing automation tool, enabling the users to create and deliver CRM-powered marketing. HubSpot is a powerful tool integrated with customer data and offers everything you need in automated outbound marketing.

However, HubSpot ranks #1 in Marketing Automation by G2 Crowd and #1 overall best product for Marketers.

Want to read more about HubSpot vs Marketo? Then move further & enjoy an amazing blog covering main points about both the marketing automation tools.

HubSpot vs Marketo – Head To Head Comparision

The five aspects we’ll be discussing to compare Marketo and HubSpot are:

  1. Marketo Pricing & HubSpot Costing
  2. Marketo vs HubSpot User Experience
  3. HubSpot Marketing and Marketo Versatile Features
  4. Marketo vs Hubspot Marketing CRM Integration
  5. Marketo vs HubSpot Analytical Reports

HubSpot vs Marketo – Pricing

The first factor B2B companies offering business branding services are concerned with is the pricing. So let’s have a look at them. A website manager and marketer both combine together to create wonders, and you will get a much better idea after reading this blog thoroughly.

The Marketo Pricing

The first thing we’ll explore in HubSpot vs Marketo comparison is the pricing factor, Marketo payment model has seven modules: revenue attribution, lead management, consumer marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, customer-based marketing, and account-based marketing.

Users can purchase the modules individually (as needed) or as a bundle. The module allows businesses to create and pay for customized solutions. However, some businesses prefer a unified software, and Marketo offers such modules: Prime, Ultimate, and Enterprise.

The HubSpot Costing

The HubSpot payment module is very straightforward; they offer four different subscriptions: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. If businesses opt for HubSpot, they don’t have to tailor their custom solutions; instead, they can leverage the readymade solutions.

HubSpot offers one more advantage: users can start with the free version (that is free forever) and upgrade as needed. Apart from perfectly tailored modules, businesses can implement more add-ons to enhance their marketing strategies.

The good thing about HubSpot is even the entry-level offers you all the features needed to run an online brand. So, instead of upgrading specific features, you can upgrade the module when you scale your business.

HubSpot vs Marketo – The Final Verdict

HubSpot is definitely a great option for small businesses and startups. They can start with the entry-level package to see how the features work and what they can benefit from. In addition, the HubSpot starter package is cheaper than the Marketo starter package.

The HubSpot packages offer more value for less compared to Marketo. The modules are more structured, and the free trial is a great way to get to know the product. Marketo doesn’t offer any freebies.

HubSpot vs Marketo – User Experience

The second attribute we’ll discuss in HubSpot vs Marketo comparison is the user experience, and ease of user users experience while using both the marketing automation tools.

The Marketo User Experience

Marketo is for marketeers that require advanced tools for marketing and business management. The software is a bit more complicated than HubSpot, which means you can work it if you’re well versed in IT.

Marketo offers a wide range of features similar to HubSpot, but the CRM can be confusing for first-timers. In addition, it’s known for not being as user-friendly as HubSpot, and friendliness should be one of your top priorities when choosing HubSpot or Marketo.

The HubSpot User Experience

HubSpot is a smooth, user-friendly interface that makes marketing a piece of cake. In addition, it offers a complete range of advanced features in the Professional and Enterprise subscriptions – you don’t have to buy individual features at all.

Moreover, Marketo is more of an enterprise software; however, HubSpot caters to all kinds of audiences – it doesn’t matter if the business is small, medium, or large.

HubSpot vs Marketo – The Final Verdict

HubSpot is a versatile CRM that suffers every business size, and it comes at a reasonable price. However, Marketo isn’t a suitable choice if you’re just starting out. However, you can read one of our amazing blogs written on digital content strategy, which will definitely add up to your knowledge base.

HubSpot vs Marketo – Versatility, and Features

The Marketo Versatility and Features

Like I said before, Marketo has a module-wise system where you pay for what you want to create an automated, customized platform. At first, it seems like this model is helpful because you think you’re paying for what you need; but you’re actually paying a lot of money for every module separately.

You can’t use all the Marketo tools unless you pay for all of them monthly.

The HubSpot Versatility and Features

HubSpot offers a larger variety of features with every subscription plan compared to Marketo. For example, it offers businesses a CRM platform they can use to create blogs, webpages, email portals, generate analytical reports, etc.

If you want to scale your HubSpot subscription, you can add up to 1000 external tools to do that. You can get all the features in the top tier packages ranging from Professional and above.

HubSpot vs Marketo – The Final Verdict

Clearly, HubSpot is much more versatile and offers more in a single package compared to Marketo. For example, businesses can also create blogs which is a feature Marketo doesn’t offer.

HubSpot vs Marketo – CRM Integration

Marketing automation and customer service go hand in hand, and businesses want to integrate a platform that offers ease.

The Marketo CRM Integration

Marketo is more of a Salesforce platform and doesn’t come with a built-in CRM module.

However, their Salesforce platform offers some of the best features, and the platform also allows third-party CRM integrations. Hence, if you pick Marketo, you get a top-quality Salesforce platform and the chance to integrate a CRM. If anything, you’re not losing much.

The HubSpot CRM Integration

Compared to Marketo, HubSpot is a full-fledged CRM platform; however, it does allow integration with Zoho, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, etc.

Meaning, much like Marketo, you can convert HubSpot into an all-rounder platform and benefit from all the features it offers.

HubSpot vs Marketo – The Final Verdict

Marketo and HubSpot both have their own unique features. Marketo has advanced CRM integration and in-depth Salesforce features, while HubSpot is easier to use because its core purpose is to serve as a CRM platform. Users can add different integrations on top of the CRM to transform it into a fully functional platform for a website.

HubSpot vs Marketo – Marketing Transformation

In order to transform your CRM into a marketing platform, you need the perfect balance between marketing tools that can develop and encourage more leads and ultimately boost your ROI.

The Marketo Marketing Features

In Marketo, users can leverage the handful of digital marketing channels the platform offers and create custom solutions as per audience size. In addition, the CRM’s nature helps businesses use a conventional approach rather than trendy and innovative technologies and techniques.

The HubSpot Marketing Features

HubSpot has a wide range of marketing tools built-in with the CRM, and users can expand them as needed by their business. In addition, the platform offers the best and newest features to promote lead generation.

HubSpot vs Marketo – The Final Verdict

Like I said before, Marketo is more of a Salesforce platform that you can integrate into a complete CRM with third-party integrations – it allows more customization.

However, with HubSpot, you get a top-tier CRM, which is already a marketing-based platform, and you can use it to increase your ROI. There’s no need to integrate additional marketing tools; you get everything, and the only thing you need to worry about is making it work. You can also read our exciting blog discussing the difference between Marketo vs Eloqua.

HubSpot vs Marketo – Analytical Reports

The success of marketing strategies relies deeply on insights and statistics. Every strategy is fueled by data collected over time. A marketing automation solution that can’t offer analytical data to fuel your marketing strategies isn’t useful. The system might have features to make your marketing efforts easier, but if you can’t see what’s working and what isn’t, then there’s no point in the platform.

The Marketo Reporting System

Marketo lacks the built-in feature for extracting analytical reports related to each marketing campaign. Instead, the platform is more of a customer relationship management system, and if you need analytical reports, you need to integrate add-on features that can help you do that.

The HubSpot Reporting System

HubSpot offers all the built-in features you can think of that help you measure the success of every marketing campaign. The built-in tool also analyzes your website’s performance and tracks metrics in-depth. As a result, you can track your sales funnel at every step to understand what is and isn’t working for your customers.

The dashboard allows you to access all this information with a few clicks, and you can use the report to create data-driven marketing strategies. Marketo is an all-rounder CRM that helps marketers create streamlined strategies and fuels business growth.

HubSpot vs Marketo – The Final Verdict

HubSpot is truly a better CRM compared to Marketo. It’s much more reliable and offers more data-driven solutions, which is something Marketo lacks. HubSpot is a platform designed to perfect user experience. It purely fixates on offering a memorable experience to your customers. The interface, support team, product ecosystem, services, and partnership are all designed to cater to users. Moreover, HubSpot is a platform suitable for businesses of all sizes – so if you’re a large enterprise or small, you can benefit from it. In contrast, Marketo offers powerful tools, but they come at the cost of user experience. It means you’ll need a professional who understands the platform and can guide your team.

Marketo Competitors

Let’s have a quick look over the top Marketo competitors always seeking a way out to get something new to the market to win the race.

  1. Marketing Cloud
  2. Adobe Campaign
  3. UNICA
  4. Insider Growth Management Platform
  5. Iterable

In Conclusion

In the end, there is the reason you should pick HubSpot, and there are reasons Marketo is a better choice for you. Both platforms have unique features; some overlap, some distinctive from one another. However, in the battle of Marketo and HubSpot, there’s one similarity – they’re both designed to automize your business and fuel your inbound marketing strategies. The choice of HubSpot vs Marketo comes down to what your team really needs. Now, every B2B company wants a marketing automation platform that is easy to use, offers great features, and fits business needs. If the situation applies to you, my advice is to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on one.



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