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Mind Body & Soul Consultation is one of the best consultants providing affordable therapies and coaching services to diverse communities across Georgia. Their goal is to empower individuals from all walks of life and gain the necessary background knowledge to change generations!

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Approach Calmness by Aligning

The Problem

Mind Body & Soul Consultation was in immense need of a robust website to connect with more communities across Georgia. Their goal was to give online consultation to customers and understand their background history quickly. To get this done, a sleek website is what they needed to mold people's lives in a better way! Moreover, they need a separate shopping section; to post all the recent photographs of charismatic t-shirts they've designed especially for the customers with meaningful taglines printed with bright colors.

Web App Mockup Mind Body Soul
Web App Mockup Mind Body Soul
Approach Calmness by Aligning

The Approach

We started by listing all the requirements and doing extensive
research on creating impressive web designs fueled with vibrant
colors to give the website a refreshing look & feel. Moreover, we
researched developing an efficient inventory management system
to manage all the t-shirts in inventory easily.

The Outcome

We developed a sleek website enriched with mindful colors like green & white to match the color combination used in the logo. Moreover, a blog page where all the mindful blogs and articles can be posted discussing all the mindful therapies. We also developed a quick consultation button where users can select the time and date for the therapy, pay for the consultation online and enjoy online therapies without any hassle. The owner of Mind Soul & Body Consultation was impressed to see the final website and appreciated our efforts!

Web App Mockup Mind Body Soul
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