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Along with several other industries, technological advancements have disrupted the grocery sector as well. The Shift from brick and mortar to digital shopping domains is now speeding up. People in increasing numbers are turning to smartphones to look for and order almost everything.

However, with the outbreak of COVID-19 that sent most countries in lockdown, ordering groceries online suddenly gained a lot of traction among users stuck at home. It is even being encouraged by authorities as online delivery services are considered necessities and are allowed to operate even during strict lockdown conditions.

This has fast-tracked a lot of impending changes for the digital grocery sector and has made a lot of practices come into the mainstream. And gauging from the trends we are witnessing now, these practices are more likely to become a permanent feature of most online shopper’s buying habits even when the lockdowns are over.

If you are a grocery-based business owner, you should know about these practices and trends in detail so that you too can incorporate them into your business can gain maximum benefit out of it.

Here are the latest online grocery shopping trends that you will continue to see in 2021 and beyond.

Introducing Supply Chain Technology

Supply chain, simply put, is the entire ecosystem of people, organizations, information, and cities that are involved in getting products or services from the suppliers’ to the consumers.

However, as the world moves to a more technology-oriented space, organizations are looking for new and improved solutions to better sync the supply and demand that incorporate factors like what items are ordered more and what stock is available.

Quality checks have become optimum as people have started to turn to social media to share every experience they have. Nobody wants a product bought from the store to turn up on social media with horrible reviews. For example, no grocery stores want to see that someone found an insect in one of the items they delivered, and one that’s going to end up being severely scrutinized on social channels. However, integrating the right supply chain technology into your grocery app will help you build a system that analyses the buying pattern of your regular customers and help prepare a live data feed to help you manage inventory that provides top ended quality assurance.

Moreover, with the right technology partner, you can even offer your grocery store buyers a multichannel experience that allows them to feel the product using interactive screens.

Creating Mixed Spaces for Buyers

Mixed spaces are more necessary today than ever before. With the outbreak of COVID-19, people staying home in self-quarantine, and only a few stores opening up to cater to the necessities, a mixed space platform would be highly useful. People can check the app before leaving for the grocery store if they have products and food items in stock that they need. Nobody wants to leave their homes unnecessarily, and a grocery app with a mixed space can help them make more informed decisions.

Besides, as businesses around the world are incorporating technology in one way or another to meet the changing expectations of consumers, standalone brick-and-mortar stores can’t maintain their competitive advantage for long. Businesses like grocery and other consumer stores need a digital presence and preferably innovative features that help them continue enjoying sustainable customer loyalty.

People want convenience, and knowing in advance or being able to get multiple things in one run or at the same place might be an incredible proposition for them. Moreover, grocery app development services these days are rapidly adapting to the changing needs of people and society to help people follow through the precautionary measure through leveraging high ended digital solutions.

Integrating Voice Assistant Based Ordering

Voice recognition is getting a lot of attention across industries and markets. We can’t ignore that we live in a world where people use Alexa and Siri quite commonly in their everyday lives. They are getting used to not typing at all and just using the voice assistant for everything. Examples like Ask Peapod, Walmart’s Voice Order, and of course, Alexa, make you realize that integration of voice ordering into your grocery app not only creates a more natural shopping environment but it also helps build customer loyalty.

Besides, due to the urge for more convenience and regularity of grocery shopping, voice ordering is going to get big across the industry. The shift towards conversational commerce is happening now, and investing in the technology will allow your brand to enjoy the competitive advantage that comes with being the first mover in this niche.

Subscription-based Online Shopping

Convenience is the key. And what can be more convenient than having your regular online grocery provider deliver your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly order before you even run out of supplies?

To stand out, vendors can hire grocery app development services and collaborate to incorporate a new feature or create a new app-based around subscription buying.

Subscription-based online shopping

As online shopping is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day, people can get their full list of requirements delivered to them, just how they like it. This feature can also be very beneficial for a grocery store that also runs a pharmacy. Besides, this will also encourage people to buy several products at once instead of just buying only a few at a time, thereby making sales more consistent.

Social Login Or One Step Sign Up

Nowadays, people don’t have much time to go through elaborate sign-up processes to just use an app that delivers groceries. This also doesn’t make much sense on the UX side of things as well.

Allowing users to sign up through either social login i.e. through their social accounts, or by enabling them to place orders with minimal sign-up information will help you completely transform the experience users get inside your app.

Login with fb grocery store trends

Zoom, which gained massive popularity as an online meeting platform during this lockdown, has a feature through which anyone can join in on a meeting, irrespective of whether they have signed up or not for the app. This factor has been attributed as one of the major reasons for its success and there’s no reason as to why you can’t replicate it in your grocery app as well.

If you hire top grocery app development services, then the agency will definitely know how to pull this feature in your app in order to make it more efficient and easy for users to engage with.

Wrap up

One of the things social distancing and self-quarantine has brought to everyone’s attention is that digital solutions and technology are the only way ahead if you want sustainable growth and consolidated stability for your business. And as is evident, online platforms and solutions have made these tough times slightly more comfortable to get by. Grocery stores with an app or a website are in high demand, and it’s high time you get one made as well if you really want your business to prosper in the times to come.

Sunaina Kakreja


Sunaina Kakreja is a content producer at CydoMedia. She writes about business strategies, digital transformation, online marketing, and transformational technology. She is a storyteller, and a cup of good coffee is all she needs to get her game on.


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