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Company Overview

PALs (Peace and Love) are an NFT collection by Perpetual Hope. The main aim of this brand is to develop, market, and sell revolutionary NFTs specifically made around social issues. These NFTs are sold on opensea.io, and with every sale, a significant chunk of the amount is donated to the cause on which the NFT is based. The website of PALs works as a catalog for them to showcase their NFTs.

“Crafting web solutions for modern and futuristic websites that redefine what's possible in the digital landscape."

Problem Statement

PALs (Peace and Love) were looking for an online platform to display and sell their unique NFTs. They wanted a creative website to share their customized NFTs. The main focus and goal of the website were to create awareness regarding NFTs and the social problems around them. Moreover, their goal was to attract more people who would invest in the NFTs through the PALs website.


The key factors required by PALs were;

  • An engaging NFT website that can host their collection

  • Serve as a platform for Social Awareness

  • Should be Optimized and Responsive

  • Must have a Modern and Futuristic UI/UX

Action Plan

The main focus of our team was to review the most popular NFT websites and outperform their UI/UX with the most advanced design approaches. Our experts reviewed the NFTs and PALs requirements and developed the most exquisite web design for an NFT website. We ensured that it had all the attention-grabbing animations and graphics while having the functionality for NFT trading.


PALs and Perpetual Hope, their parent brand, were astonished by the final web design. They loved how Cydomedia could create a unique, bold, and outrageous web design with all the key elements they required in the least amount of time. Our web design and developers crafted every minute detail to sheer perfection and were able to create a trendsetting NFT website that has set the bar high for others to follow.

  • A futuristic NFT website
  • Seamless Flow and User Journey
  • Attention-Grabbing UI/UX
  • Optimized and Responsive Design


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