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  • Enjoy benefits by promoting our services in your circle.
  • We offer the highest commissions and the smoothest payouts.
  • Get amazing returns on all of your word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • We enable individuals to grow with us.
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CydoMedia, established in the early 2000s, is one of the world’s trusted digital solution providers. We’ve managed to create a name for ourselves with our cutting-edge services, 24/7 customer support, and 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of web services, mobile app development services, and digital marketing services.

Our referral program is structured to enable entrepreneurs, employees, customers, and individuals to earn high income while minimizing the requirement of setting an entire business to earn heavy returns.

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Why Become a CydoMedia Referral Partner?

The Highest Returns

Earn thousands of dollars and enjoy the fastest returns every time you refer our services within your professional circle or to friends.

Myriad Services

We offer app designing, web designing and development, animation, and more which means you have a wide audience that you can target for the services that we’re offering.

Dedicated Professional Support

Our account managers guide you on how you can leverage the referral program and how you can target the audience to ensure conversions which increase your chances of making more money.

Featured Referral Partners

A consistent number of leads and conversions ensures an upgrade for you in our referral program, which means higher commissions.

Who Can Apply for Our Referral
Partner Program?

Review Sites

If you own a review website and people trust your word, why not refer our services to them? If you have a credible review website, you can earn a significant commission for bringing us leads!


Calling to connect with publishers who have connections in the media to collaborate with us to benefit from our referral program. Use your podcasts, news outlets, and media hubs to get the word out. Every time we make a sale, you get commission.


Make your blogging efforts count by earning money the right way. Use your platform to refer our services to your fans, friends, and family. The more you recommend us and attract customers, the more profit you make.


Use the power of your visual content through your YouTube channel to talk about our services with your viewers; if your viewers turn into leads, that guarantees you a healthy commission.

Business Representatives

We love working on collaborations that can benefit the both of us. If you have any partnership ideas that can increase our customers and help you make more money then, connect with us now.

Anyone & Everyone

There is no limit to who can leverage our referral program. We welcome anyone and everyone to join our referral program, attract leads, and make a profit while they’re at it. Join our reward program today!

Joining the Referral Partner Program
Is Easy Like Eating Cake!

To join our referral program, you only have to follow three simple steps.


Sign up using the form to our referral program

Fill our sign-up form and enter basic details to create a referral account with us.


Dedicated Account Manager

Once you sign up, we will assign a dedicated account manager to you and you can start recommending our services.


Start Making Money Through Referrals

Now you can start making money through referrals. The more customers you attract, the more money you make.

Become a Credible Referrer Today

Sign up as a referral partner now & start earning BIG!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you still have some unaddressed queries about our referral program, check out some of the FAQs here to gain more insight. Alternatively, you can also start a chat or leave us an email, and we will get back to you.

    Our referral program is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is:

    • Find anyone interested in web design or digital marketing services.
    • Provide us with the prospect’s email.
    • We will reach out to them via email to address their query while keeping you in CC.
    • We’ll keep you in the conversation so that you can stay updated on your referral’s progress.

    There is no condition on the kind of referrals that we accept at CydoMedia. Your referrals only need to meet two conditions.

    • A business that has day-to-day running operations and needs our digital services.
    • The prospective customer shouldn’t be running an insolvent, bankrupt, or fraudulent business.

    If your referral meets those conditions, then follow the process to start making money.

    You can bring in as many referrals as you can find! There is no limit to the number of potential clients you can attract to our business. The more referrals you bring, the more money you can make if the sale matures. However, remember to follow the conditions mentioned in the last FAQ.

    After the referred business has paid the decided amount in full for the service they have chosen, you’ll get your commission transferred directly to your bank account.

    As a referral partner, you get a pre-decided referral fee for all successful referrals from your side. Unfortunately, being a referral partner does not make you eligible for any additional discounts for your own work.

    Unfortunately, no. Your own website or the website you work with doesn’t qualify as a referral in our program. The reason being, when you join our program, we need details about what you do to ensure if your referrals will prove beneficial for us. We like our referrals to represent them as their businesses, and it builds more credibility.