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Our partnership is not limited to just those who have a platform to promote our services. We love collaborating with everyone, so no matter if you are a college student who wants to earn more or a 9-5 worker who needs a side hustle, we can help you become a partner and earn high commissions.



You have thousands or millions of subscribers, so why just rely on YouTube advertising to earn money? Our referral program can help you monetize your audience engagement by helping you promote a product that your subscribers will definitely be interested in.


Website Owners

CydoMedia’s referral program can help you integrate the perfect marketing collateral to your website and help you monetize all the traffic that you are generating on your blog or ecommerce website. No matter your niche, we can customize things for you and help you earn big!


Blogging and Publishing Communities

From conventional bloggers to Instagram influencers to Podcast Hosts, we are collaborating with everyone in the industry who has a sizeable following. Our programs are customized to suit all platforms and audiences so don’t delay things and become our referral partner to gain more!

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*Commissions can vary based on total value of the project the referral requires. Commissions will be generated once a deal is closed by us.

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