Saas Content Marketing – The Do’s And Don’ts For Marketers

  • September 14, 2021
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Saas content marketing? Some people might argue that SaaS content marketing can’t be any different than the general content marketing strategies we see on the internet. The reason is SaaS companies belong to a different industry compared to other companies.

SaaS companies are basically businesses that offer software to other businesses and organizations. The software help businesses grow and streamline certain operations.

The difference in the products they offer is why SaaS content marketing is different from other businesses.

This brings us to the fact that developing content for SaaS companies can be challenging. While curating content, they need to find the balance between engaging users and fulfilling their requirements.

The way you format, structure, and add quality to your content can significantly impact the content’s success and the users you retain.

B2B organizations need a clear, clean, and consistent content marketing plan to convert their leads into conversions.

If your focus is to create an effective SaaS content marketing plan for your B2B brand, then let’s look at the budget allocation, your target market, SEO strategies, and overall execution.

The Do’s and Don’ts of SaaS Marketing Strategy

To move in the right direction, you need to follow some dos and don’ts that will help you curate the right SaaS marketing plan.

The Budget

The Budget


The first thing you should do is set a clear and realistic budget. Then, allocate the money where it goes to get the best content for your SaaS website. Here’s what you’ll be allocating the budget to:

  • The content you require.
  • Some visual aid that supports the content.
  • Is the budget monthly or quarterly?
  • Will the content development happen in-house or outsourced?

You need to put in time and effort when deciding a budget for content development. Then, you need to review the content and see if it’s effective. But, that’s not all; you also need to keep adding content to ensure B2B customers can see your product.


Never start content creation without a proper budget. You need to allocate budget according to writers, marketers, developers, coders, and designers – everyone involved in creating and presenting the content for your SaaS product. Make sure not to omit any resources you need when working on SaaS content marketing.

Your Target Market

content marketing audience


Before you start creating content, do thorough research on your audience, who they are, and what kind of concerns they have. The best kind of content piece is the one that addresses certain issues of the target audience.


Identify your target market and create your buyer personas. If you know who you’re writing for, you will be able to create a human connection with your audience. Your content should be curated according to what your audience expects from you.

In addition to that, create buyer personas to understand the clients willing to buy from you. In fact, the personas will act as guides for your content development team – they can use them to write effective content.


Don’t disregard the importance of market research when you start developing content. If you’re consistent with SaaS content marketing, you’ll easily reach a wide audience.


Don’t just create content that talks about your services, why you’re the best, and why clients should come to you. In fact, start every piece with what the customer is facing, how they feel, and what they can do about their problem.

Content Development

saas content marketing


Integrate a SaaS content management system to help you track your team, the content you create, and the results they achieve. It ensures that your SaaS content marketing efforts are paying off, and they’re creating business worth for your B2B brand.


Don’t expect your team to communicate with each other on their own. You need a system to keep things operational and streamlined. Provide them with the structure.

The SEO Strategies

SaaS Content Marketing seo


Do your part in research and pick the best-performing SEO keywords and phrases based on the topics you choose for content creation. Then, use analytical tools to find the most researched keywords, most asked questions, and keywords based on your buyer personas.


Don’t use the same keywords for every blog or content piece you write. Instead, try to use all the main keywords in your content to improve your SEO ranking and hit multiple customers.


Don’t add too many keywords; you need your content to establish human contact. So first, write for your audience, then think about writing for search engines.

Your Content Pieces

saas content pieces


Create and upload evergreen content like onsite blogs, e-books, white papers, instructional videos, etc. Use these content pieces to highlight all the questions you’ve found or your customers often ask you. This type of content creates value for your SaaS product and encourages people to use your software.


Make sure to provide a demo for your software to your customers. Offering a free trial to your customers increases your chances of attracting and retaining new paying customers. You can also use the demos to find out what your customers like and dislike about your product to make it better.


Don’t create content that is useless to your audience. If it doesn’t address their issues, they won’t be interested in reading further or knowing the solution.


Don’t assume people would buy because your SaaS content marketing and digital strategies proved effective. Instead, you need to motivate your audience so that they buy from you. Moreover, refrain from overselling your product – only do the needful, don’t set their expectations too high that the customers end up not buying your software altogether.

The Customer Support

saas customer support


Offer your clients technical support for as long as they needed and make sure to be responsive. Either connect them with a customer support representative or call them if they need help signing up, or the process seems too tedious. Listening to your customers is important.


Don’t think that after you’ve built the software, your job is done. On the contrary, your job is just starting; once customers buy your software, they might require support and maintenance; you should be present when that happens.

The dos and don’ts list will help you create a solid proof SaaS content marketing strategy.

The Best SaaS Content Marketing Examples

If you want to know what effective SaaS content marketing efforts look like, I have a list of SaaS companies for you.

These SaaS companies used their efforts to create a long-lasting reputation for their software.


Chances are you’ve seen HubSpot almost everywhere – whether it’s a blog or tech-related news. There’s no doubt that HubSpot leads the way in SaaS content marketing. The website attracts traffic in millions every month because of the content they publish online. In addition, their marketing efforts make it possible for users to find the answers they look for online.


Zendesk is one of the most famous customer support tools that make the customer experience better. They build a bridge between brand and customers – and their SaaS content marketing strategy highlights exactly that. The software is recognized largely by businesses running online. The tool has some very interesting features that make customer support easy.


If you’re looking for a tool to monitor your website, then chances are you’ve heard of Ahrefs a couple of times. The SEO tool is known as a reliable, intuitive system that helps its B2B clients with their marketing efforts. Businesses can generate reports, track their top pages, and improve their website to increase their website ranking.


Social media is more popular than ever, and every business is leveraging it as a marketing channel. Hootsuite is a popular social media tool numerous businesses are familiar with – because it makes social media management a breeze. It offers one brand per account and allows business owners to schedule and post on multiple social media channels.


If you haven’t heard of Mailchimp, then you haven’t been checking your social media very often. The famous Mailchimp tool is the best when it comes to email marketing. Businesses can schedule emails ahead of time related to their campaigns. The emails don’t have to be about products; they can be used for marketing services too.

In Conclusion

SaaS content marketing practices need time and patience; you need to keep some things in mind for them to succeed. However, if you can make the content marketing work by targeting the right audience and hitting their pain points – you can become famous like any of the examples mentioned above.

You need to show your company knows what they’re talking about to build credibility and trust with the visitors. So as you develop content, think about how it benefits your audience.



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