SaaS Websites | The 12 Best Examples for Inspiration

  • October 12, 2021
  • Entrepreneurs



SaaS Websites | The 12 Best Examples for Inspiration

  • October 12, 2021
  • Entrepreneurs



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Currently, the world is SaaS-pro, and revolving around Saas websites. Better Buys, a software review website, predicts 78% of businesses plan to integrate more SaaS websites in their businesses over the next three years. To support the increasing demand, more SaaS websites are popping up – the SaaS industry is said to generate $157 billion by the year 2022.

Every SaaS website, regardless of niche, should do one thing right – convert visitors into paying customers. There’s no point in having a SaaS product if your SaaS website fails to attract users.

You need an attractive saas website if you want to stand out from the crowd. No business will want to collaborate with you if your saas website can’t leave a positive impression.

With that said, I’ve combined a list of the best SaaS websites I’ve seen. These saas websites have a clear message and CTAs that capture your attention. In addition, they have certain elements that make them successful. It’s a well-known phrase when it comes to saas website, it’s important to have a beautiful layout but the website should be relevant to convert maximum sales.

Okay, without any more discussion, let’s look at the list.

12 Examples Of Beautifully Aesthetic Saas Websites

Now, I’m not saying your SaaS website needs to be like these examples, but you can use them as an inspiration. Take some elements and tailor them around your buyer persona.

1.      MailChimp

saas website examples

A SaaS web design should be clear, concise, and very direct. When businesses search for a service provider, they often choose websites with easy navigation – MailChimp is a great SaaS website example. Users who stumble upon the website know instantly what services they offer.

What makes MailChimp a good inspiration for saas website?

  • The landing page has limited but complete information that explains the services.
  • They have a CTA on the front – easy navigation.
  • The main menu at the top follows as the user scrolls.
  • Their designs are based on simple animations – nothing too extravagant.
  • The page speed is commendable, with no lags, no bugs.

2.      Dropbox

saas website examples

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud services for individuals and businesses. As evident, the SaaS company has a clean website design. Their homepage explains all the services and CTAs users can click to get started.

What makes Dropbox a good inspiration for saas websites?

  • They update their SaaS website frequently as the trends change.
  • Straight to the point without any fluff content.
  • People already know Dropbox, so they focus more on design.
  • The design is simple yet appealing.

3.      Intercom

saas website examples

The visual component of the Intercom website is truly commendable. The interface is neat and clean with attractive animation. As a bonus, Intercom has also added a dedicated section where they compare their services to their competitors.

What makes Intercom a good inspiration for saas websites?

  • The design is combined with fun-to-read content.
  • They have a great balance between whitespace and other website elements.
  • Their homepage is the essence of why people should choose them and the services they offer.

4.      Kajabi

saas website examples

If you want to run a SaaS site, then you have to stop beating around the bush, and that’s exactly what Kajabi has done. Their homepage states their proposition clearly and showcases all the goodies offered by the tool.

What makes Kajabi a good inspiration for saas websites?

  • Their website portrays the users as heroes.
  • The classic use of white and blue colors is in harmony.
  • Users can find everything they need to know on the first page.

5.      Slack

slack website ui

At the core, Slack is a messaging and communication platform suitable for businesses. Their SaaS website has an exciting color palette that’s fun to look at and unique. In addition, the tool allows businesses to create topic-wise channels for easy communication.

What makes Slack a good inspiration?

  • Slack has a unique UI/UX design.
  • The homepage video explains the tool – short and sweet.
  • It has direct CTAs.
  • The animations make it easy for users to understand the tool.

6.      Bench

saas ui exmaple

SaaS websites need to be direct and appeal to the corporate sector, which is what Bench has done. They combined their uniqueness with their quirkiness and let the website design speak for itself. As a result, visitors appreciate websites like Bench that get to the point and don’t waste their time.

What makes Bench a good inspiration?

  • The bench has a human-oriented and lighthearted website design.
  • Their landing page makes the services clear and easy to understand.
  • The streamlined landing page saves the time of visitors.
  • The CTAs easily direct visitors through their journey on the website.


7.      Wufoo

saas ui

The Wufoo website evidently has a unique personality to it. The simplicity combined with the colors makes the SaaS website look amazing. In addition, the tool makes it easy for businesses to create forms, and the homepage banner explains that in a single line.

What makes Wufoo a good inspiration?

  • The website information is simple and direct.
  • Product features are outlined clearly.
  • The CTAs are easy to locate.
  • It has a simple menu.

8.      Rafflecopter

saas website rafflecopter

The Rafflecopter SaaS website combines clever copywriting and a clean design which makes their website amazing. They have bold statements on their website and make sure to come through for businesses. In addition, the giveaway tool offers immense ease to brands.

What makes Rafflecopter a good inspiration?

  • They have interesting content that catches the visitor’s attention.
  • Rafflecopter creates excitement with their product and clean website.
  • Everything visitors need to learn about the product is on the homepage.

9.      Kissmetrics

kissmetrics website

Kissmetrics offers analytics software to businesses that run their services online. Like the other SaaS websites on this list, their content is easy to read, and the website is pleasing to look at too. In addition, the content is straightforward, which means users can understand within seconds.

What makes Kissmetrics a good inspiration?

  • The website layout encourages users to scroll further and check out the website.
  • Their website markets the number of clients they’ve served, which establishes trust with clients.
  • The website has a short and sweet menu.
  • They have a comparison with their competitors to tell users why they’re better.

10.  Fullstory

fullstory ui

Fullstory helps businesses make their website more user-friendly to attract visitors. The UX tracking tool gathers website data and shows you details about how users engage with your website. Brands can use the data to improve their websites and tweak their UI/UX to attract more engagement.

What makes Fullstory a good inspiration?

  • The headline explains the product efficiently.
  • The CTA placement is perfect for users to get started right away.
  • Their website layout encourages the users to sign up for the free trial.

11.  Help Scout

saas website examples

Help Scout offers software to businesses that improves communication between brands and their customers. The customer support tool makes engaging with users easy. The first line on the landing page explains the product well.

What makes Help Scout a good inspiration?

  • The copywriting and use of pastel colors make visitors want to have the software.
  • The visuals on the homepage explain how the product works and why it’s beneficial.
  • Their diverse website content draws visitors in.

12.  Teem

example of saas website

The “Teem” tool is an easy and breezy software that makes it easy to organize workplaces. The tool allows businesses to make operations more efficient and help teams focus on their targets. Their website is a collection of quotes and videos that explain the benefits of the product.

What makes Teem a good inspiration?

  • The website has attractive images to engage visitors.
  • They highlight the top four features of the product on the landing page as visitors scroll.
  • The landing page design is easy to scan and understand.
  • They also have a section of their top clients to encourage customers to start a free trial.

The 6 Tips to Build the Best SaaS Websites

Software as a service or SaaS products need websites that explain them in detail. The model eliminates the need to spend on hardware because it’s basically software that businesses can leverage.

So, why does a website play an important role here? Because websites are the first things, customers check out before downloading the software. Websites act like a medium that can make or break a potential customer. If you don’t have an attractive website, you can easily lose customers.

SaaS products need the best software websites, and here are six tips for building one for your software.

1.      Understand Your Target Audience

The first tip is to understand your audience. What are they looking for? What do they expect to see on your website? How can your SaaS product help them?

Use the answers to these questions on your website. Then, add relevant content and implement them into the design to attract leads that can turn into conversions.

2.      Market Your Software UI

The website is about your SaaS product which means it should showcase everything about the product. Don’t add too many animations; instead, add screenshots of the actual software for your customers to know what they’ll be paying for.

When customers see those screenshots, it will encourage them to read further and find out more.

3.      Add A Catchy Headline

From the examples I shared above, the need for a catchy headline is pretty obvious. A catchy headline grabs the visitor’s attention and encourages them to scroll further.

Your headline needs to be about the product – a simple one-liner that explains the product. Easy to understand and quick to read. Remember not to overdo it. That’s the basics of creating a saas website for potential viewers.

4.      Attractive Users to the CTAs

After a catchy headline, your CTAs are truly everything. The visitors need to know what they have to do next once they’ve read everything about your product. Therefore, the correct placement CTAs and their design are important.

Make sure to create CTAs that stand out on your landing page and are easy to locate for your visitors. Additionally, also focus on the text. Words like “Download for Free” or “Get Discounted Prices” encourage conversions.

5.      Make Navigation Flawless

Like I said before, your website is the marketing collateral for your SaaS product – which means it needs to be perfect. If your customers like your website, they’ll want to use your SaaS product.

If your website has flawless navigation and a clean design – the customers will be compelled to think your SaaS website is the same and worth a try.

6.      Focus On the Website’s Structure

You might have the complete content and related infographics, but users don’t want to read endless paragraphs. In fact, visitors see long paragraphs, and they run.

The wise decision is to use all the content but present it attractively – think about the website structure. How can you present the information on your website? Find the balance between your information and the design to ensure visitors read everything making it a saas website.

In Conclusion

The SaaS website examples you’ve just seen belong to some of the most famous brands in their respective industries.

In the end, you need to find the right balance between your website design and the information you provide customers. The visitors won’t know if your product is worth paying for if they don’t read about it, and they’ll only read if the website is attractive.

Use the examples as inspiration to create a great software website. Good luck with designing!



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