Scripting vs Programming Languages | What’s The Core Difference?

  • February 23, 2021
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Scripting vs Programming Languages | What’s The Core Difference?

  • February 23, 2021
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Scripting vs Programming? We all have heard about this somewhere around the web. Mostly, people use these two terms interchangeably, but very few programmers know the difference between coding script and shell scripting languages. If you’re seeking the answer to scripting vs programming language, then you’re at the right place.

For your knowledge, let me introduce one most crucial pain point related to programming languages: all the script languages are programming languages, but all the programming languages are not scripting languages.  Coding scripts are way different from script languages themselves. 

To clear this confusion up, we’re here with a detailed blog on scripting vs programming languages and the necessary scripting tools, languages used widely by people in the tech industry. In the past few years, programmers have used programming languages to create and build different office software like PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc. However, it was self-evident to understand the key difference between scripting and programming language, vital for programmers to use. 

Firstly, in scripting vs programming languages, let us first understand the literal meaning of scripting languages and programming languages. The first task is to understand the key point and then compare scripting vs programming languages. 

Generally, there’s not much of a difference between scripting vs programming languages. This is because all programming languages are based on scripting languages. You can get the best web development services from us at affordable rates.

What are Scripting Languages?

Linux Scripting languages support scripts written for runtime environments to automate a specific action or functional execution. Talking about scripting vs programming language, the significant difference is in compilation time. Scripting languages don’t require compilation time, whereas a coding language needs to be compiled before directing the output. The compilation is the vital difference between a script vs program. 

Many coders are proficient in computer script writing; on a runtime still, there are a lot of scripting languages available in the market to learn and adopt. We’ll discuss the best scripting tools and languages later on in this blog. 

What is a Programming Language?

Programming language is a set of instructions that can train a computer to achieve goals collaboratively. A script program doesn’t need to be compiled whereas, programming language requires compilation. 

There are several differences of scripting languages vs. object-oriented programming languages, some of them are as follows:

Computer Scripting vs Programming Language: One-On-One Comparison

You can learn the critical difference between scripting languages vs programming languages after going through this section. Sit back and relax, as now you’re going to read the critical difference between coding script and programming in a unique way!

  1. Interpretation Conversion of Computer Scripting Languages vs. Programming

Let’s discuss interpretation between scripting languages and programming languages based on interpretation. Scripting languages are just written in one language and interpreted with another programming language without any issues. 

Some examples of scripting program interpretation are, 

  • HTML
  • Javascript 
  • CSS

Whereas programming languages can be compressed into minor packages and don’t need to be interpreted by any other language. 

Scripting languages – 1

Programming language – 0

2. Memory Storage between Scripting and Programming Languages

The second attribute that we’ll discuss in scripting vs programming language is memory language, and which one out of the two is perfect for storing data. Programming language after compilation creates a binary code, executable files in .exe, and it takes a lot of memory.

Whereas scripting languages do not create executable files, so your memory storage is saved. The choice is so evident here!

Scripting language – 2

Programming languages – 0

3. Designing And Development in Scripting Languages & Programming Languages

If we discuss the design and development in both the scripting language and compiled language cases again, scripting languages take the edge. Want to know how? Writing and designing any software with a programming language is time-consuming, with separate files connecting to the databases. At the same time, scripting languages are easy to handle and come with a short code of lines, easy to understand and modify.

Scripting languages – 3

Programming languages – 0

In short, writing a complete flash code with a programming language is a long process, with an intuitive thought process, whereas adding a few lines of code in the windows scripting language requires a little effort.

4. Sub-Categories Division between Scripting Languages vs Compiled Language

If I ask this question from any programmer, I can bet they’ll answer instantly. Programmers are trained with generations and how many categories a programming language has altogether. Programming languages are divided into five categories: first, second, third, fourth, and fifth generation. In contrast, the list of scripting languages is just two, server-side scripting languages and client-side scripting languages.

Here, I won’t give anyone a point because it depends upon the criteria;

Scripting languages – 3

Programming languages – 0

5. Cloud Hosting For Scripting vs Programming Languages

Finally, I got an attribute where an extra point will be for a programming language instead of a scripting language. Regarding cloud hosting, programming languages need a one-shot for compilation and are self-taught never require a separate host. Whereas, windows scripting languages require line-by-line compilation with hosting. 

Here, I’m pleased to give programming languages a point, whereas scripting languages will not gain any!

Scripting languages – 3

Programming languages – 1

6. Speed Flexibility in Linux Scripting vs Programming Languages

Lastly, I have a speed attribute, and undoubtedly it’s one of the most important ones, and here again, the programming language will take the edge against scripting languages. Programming languages are faster because the compiler compiles the code faster, reading the entire code at once, and reporting errors if any. 

Whereas Linux scripting languages are interpreted, and the process of interpreting is relatively slow. The interpreter reads the code line by line, and if any error is there, the interpreter stops working until the error is fixed.

The main difference between scripting vs. programming languages is that programming languages are converted into native machine codes. That, in turn, accelerates running the programs much faster than interpreted series of programs. As scripting language will compile all the codes and report errors only once, programming language interprets stops each time reading and analyzing and reporting errors, making it too long for these programs to run.

However, with advanced coding methods and the latest hardware in computations, the difference between programming and scripting is getting thinner.

If you want to learn about the languages that I’ve given a reference to in the above paragraph, click on the links below;

Scripting languages – 3

Programming languages – 2

Final Thought For Scripting vs Programming Languages

And the winner in a one-on-one comparison of scripting vs programming languages is the Scripting language! Computer scripting languages are more accessible and way easier than compiled languages. You can learn scripting languages through different courses available online on the internet. 

Some Scripting Languages

Let’s have a look at of some the best scripting languages, which coders usually prefer;

  1. JavaScript/ECMAScript
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. Groovy
  6. Perl
  7. Lua
  8. Bash

These are some of the best scripting languages. However, if you wish to read more then, you can search online to understand scripting vs programming languages better.

Some Programming Languages

Let’s have a look at some of the programming languages;

  1. Procedural programming languages
  2. Functional programming languages
  3. Scripting programming languages
  4. Object-oriented programming languages
  5. Logic programming languages

Best Scripting Tools

The Best Scripting scripting tools are;

  1. Window Script Host
  2. VBScript
  3. PERL

Whereas a scripting tool helps in geoprocessing, it works just like a system tool, so you can easily open it through Catalog pane, ModelBuilder, or the Python Window.

Is Javascript a Scripting Language?

Javascript is a scripting language, and I’ve already discussed it in the examples of scripting languages section.

Is Python a Scripting Language or Programming Language?

Python is a high-level programming language, referred to as one of coders’ most commonly used script languages.

Over To You

And that’s all for scripting vs programming languages! After reading this detailed blog on scrip languages, I hope you’re clear with what a scripting language is and some of the best scripting languages. However, after scripting vs programming, I’ll be back with another comparison between the two languages or maybe IDEs.

If you have any questions regarding scripting vs programming languages, then feel free to post them in the comment section.

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