SEO Audit

Analyzing your SEO operations with an expert's eye to document the issues that stop you from achieving the top spot of search results.

SEO Audit Service Providers Helping You Generate Revenue

SEO plays a vital role in generating revenue for your brand. Our experts with years of experience look forward to curating the best SEO strategies to help you get the most out of your marketing and branding techniques. Thus, our SEO audit service will help you identify all the loopholes in your current SEO strategy to evolve as a better brand.

Industry-Leading Site Audit Services That Elevate Your Growth

Cydomedia, as the best SEO audit agency, strives to perform an in-depth analysis of your SEO to review the factors that restrict you from achieving the top spot in relevant searches.

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Why Choose Cydomedia For Your SEO Audit?

Work with our team of experts to help you skyrocket your sales with our SEO audit services - Laying the foundation of your business success with:

With so much to offer, our SEO audit experts ensure that your brand stands out from the rest and succeeds with your vision and mission to achieve greatness.

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To kick things off, the first phase of our SEO audit is to research your domain and industry. Our research team also evaluates your competitors to determine the best SEO practices for your niche.


The second phase is to document the Audit performed. As the leading SEO audit agency, we pen down every minute detail with a complete description for you to review the issues your brand is facing.


After reviewing your SEO Audit, we start to perform the solutions for your SEO-related problems. The SEO Audit works as a roadmap for us, and we ensure that all of the described issues are solved, and new strategies are implemented to help you generate more traffic and improve your search engine rankings.


Once the strategies are made, we implement them with sheer perfection so your domain faces no errors or issues. Our SEO experts analyze the changes and strive to enhance your search engine optimization, which can provide you with increased traffic and revenue.


Our team of professionals and specialists consistently adheres to the dates we establish in writing. With a reputation for being on time with every project, we ensure that we uphold the standard that we set and deliver every project on schedule with the most remarkable results.

Setting The Bars High Towards Success

Cydomedia strives to help businesses meet thier goals by offering blazing-fast digital solutions that captivate the audience. We are more than just an ordinary design agency that only focuses on the design aspects, and rarely looks into pulling brand values, insights, and voice. We have a proven track record of satisfying clients from strategizing the right pathway to getting it implemented with an influential workforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO audit services refer to the analysis of a business website and preparing a complete audit report of the SEO bugs like load time, keyword optimization, and seamless navigation. All of these factors are way important to get any website ranked on the search engine, and Cydomedia has the team to get done with the audit smoothly.

Companies charge around $550 to $2,000 for a detailed SEO audit, analyzing the complete website with all the quality benchmarks, and then deciding what changes are necessary for a vibrant online presence and organic traffic.

It depends entirely on the website, and the ratio of complexities it has. However, a company takes up to 3-4 hours maximum for getting a detailed audit done with all the points mentioned for clarity.

An SEO expert can use up to multiple tools for a smooth SEO audit which includes, SEMrush, Ahrefs, OnCrawl, and GTMetrix.

Yes, definitely an SEO audit will help you understand where the company website stands, and what changes need to be made for the betterment of the website's online presence.