Top 10 Web Design Companies Ruling The Tech Industry – 2022

  • August 18, 2022
  • Websites

Top 10 Web Design Companies Ruling The Tech Industry – 2022

  • August 18, 2022
  • Websites

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If you’re seeking the best web design companies working beyond the norm and bringing out-of-the-box web designs, then you’re at the right place.

You will find the best web designers for B2B businesses, startups, and medium to small enterprises. Meanwhile, more than 644 million active web users spend every day exploring something new over the web.

Today, the website is the most fundamental thing for any business to make an online presence. However, if you want to know more amazing web design tips and tricks, read our blog to know more.

Web design companies actively participate in the activity, hiring cream web designers, web developers, and web maintenance experts to create eye-catching digital solutions.

But still, choosing a unique and competitive web design agency is beneficial; otherwise, you will miss out on quality, which is important!

For your ease, we have surfed our best ten web design companies to assist you with professional web designers.

But, before we jump into the main discussion, let’s explore some facts regarding web design companies in the digital-first era.

A Quick Overview Of Web Statistics As Of 2022

Here are some of the most important web statistics you should know before learning about the best web design companies in 2022.

  1. More than 38% of the visitors will stop engaging with a website if the layout doesn’t attract users. [Blue Corona]
  2. 90% of the users land on different websites due to unpleasant experiences with competitive websites. [WebFX]
  3. 82% of the consumers feel positive about a company if they find relevant and customized content. [BP Studio]
  4. 38% of the customers don’t engage on the website if the layout doesn’t seem attractive. [Abode]
  5. You know, more than 40% of smartphone users search for websites that are easy to navigate and operate. [KoMarketing]

We hope you are not clear about the importance of web design and why various web design companies utilize such platforms to help you find the best services.

Anyhow, let’s start discussing the top 10 web design companies with their core services, portfolios, and other attributes important to grab visitors’ attention.

Finding The Right Web Design Agency For Your Ideal Project

Let’s start discussing the top-tier web design companies responsible for creating eye-catching, tremendously designed, and developed websites.

1. Cydomedia

Cydomedia is one of the best web design companies in the US and New Jersey. The company focuses on high-end, quality-driven web design and development practices making the marketing collateral bring in leads.

They are well known for their web design and development services, creating a benchmark in the digital-first era.

Their team of experts utilizes all the recent programming technologies like ReactJS, Java, Django, and PHP frameworks to attract the audience.

The website managers of Cydomedia ensure the project is delivered on time and matches the client’s requirements. However, website maintenance services are also provided to maintain industry benchmarks.

Simply, they’re leveraging the best-of-the-class technologies, giving the website a crisp and engaging shape!


Cranford, New Jersey

Top Clients

Android Studio, LALA Taqueria, Odyssey Hair Studio

Social Media Channels 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter 

Top Locations

Amarillo, Chicago 

2. Ramotion

Secondly, we have Ramotion. A digital product designing company focused on creating marketing website designs with high-end UI/UX.

Their goal is to maximize the results and create user-friendly websites, making them stand out in the best web design companies list.


San Francisco, CA

Top Clients

Mozilla, Xero, Turo 

Social Media Channels 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

3. Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media comes with a different mindset, where they’re combining imagination and technology to create a human-centric web experience.

Leveraging technologies and the major potential of digital experience to bring in something that is

unique, out of the box, and captivating in customers’ eyes.


New York, NYC

Top Clients

CDK Global, Sony, Microsoft

Social Media Channels

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 

4. ThreeSixtyEight

Thirdly, we have ThreeSixtyEight, which is a marketing agency known for creating web designs that are customer-centric and engaging web designs compelled with video animations and crisp content.


Baton Rouge, LA

Top Clients 

TED, NASA, Verizon

Social Media Channels

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn 

5. Lounge Lizard

It’s one of the best web design companies, creating feature-rich, quality-driven web solutions that continue to nurture the best-in-class outcomes!

Indeed, offering the best services in town, including web design and development, covering all the spectrum of industries.


New York City, NYC

Top Clients

Melanson, AnimalPak, Campervan Iceland

Social Media Channels

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn 

6. WebFX

WebFX is a tech-enabled digital marketing solutions provider, creating web solutions that are sleek, robust, and seamlessly integrated.


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Top Clients

Cleveland Brothers, Marketing view Liquor, Reynold.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

7. The Creative Momentum

Creative Momentum is one of the best web design firms known for generating traffic, bringing in leads, and converting them into sales.


Roswell, Georgia

Top Clients

Mediajel, Blue Ridge Global, Oceanview Life, and Annuity

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn 

8. HigherVisibility

HigherVisibility is an award-winning digital marketing and web design agency creating solutions for client’s businesses. They’re focused on creating unique strategies that perform well on the search engine.


Memphis, Tennessee

Top Clients

Eclipse Awnings, Magnolia Homes

Social Media Platforms 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn 

9. Efelle Creative

It’s one of the best web design agencies, experts in front-end design and development established in 2005.


Seattle, Washington

Top Clients

Avara Construction, Barghausen Consulting Engineers Inc., Picnik Creamers

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

10. OSC Web Design

Present since 2011, OSC Web Design Company focuses on creating the best industry-based web designs to help businesses generate increased growth and sales.


Scarborough, Maine

Top Clients

Hive Medicinal, J.B Gottstein, Lobster 207

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

The Process of Web Design Companies

When choosing a web design company, it is essential to evaluate their web design process to understand how they proceed with their work.

Any company expert in making web designs keeps the process clean and transparent. Thus, you should always evaluate the web design process to choose the best-suiting option for your project.

Below are some aspects you should always analyze before choosing the best web design agency.

Client’s Requirements

The website design process always revolves around the client. Thus, the first step is the Client’s Requirements.

An expert, web design company would always start with understanding the Brand’s identity, mission, audience, and objectives.

This step is executed by having a professional conversation between the client and the service provider over a call, meeting, or email.

It is a crucial step in web development as every other step relies on understanding what the client wants.

This means that website development revolves around the discovery process to curate the best possible project per the client’s requirements.

Competition Analysis

The next step is to have an in-depth competitive analysis of the client. With the evaluation of competitors’ websites, the web design partner will formulate a report to emerge on top of the competition.

This report involves the best practices on competitors’ websites that are adapted and flaws resolved to emerge as the better option in the competitors’ list.

Customer Journey and User Experience

The web Design Business has evolved dramatically during the past few years. No one wants a fancy and attractive website that can’t provide functionality.

Thus, a fantastic web agency will always design a website that provides an exceptional customer journey. A customer journey refers to the navigation of the customer on your website.

The website should always provide functionality, a seamless flow, and transition between pages to make the customer indulge in the content.

Not to forget that web agencies’ copywriters play a vital role in formulating such content to keep the customer engaged for a long time.

All of these factors combined to provide your website with an exceptional user experience that retains visitors and attracts new clients.

Creating Visual Design that represents your Brand

The visual design might look similar to UX but mainly refers to the website’s UI (user interface).

A good web design agency will continually formulate visual designs that are not just attractive but also aligns with your Brand’s identity.

To create the best visuals for your website, the web design company will go through competitors and develop something better than them.

This will help your website to maintain your brand identity and make your brand presence vital in the industry.

Moreover, the targeted audience is also considered to create visual designs. The main focus is to create designs that connect the client to the business.

Web Design Development

Yes, we are talking about the web development process, but web design development refers to creating the final mockups.

This is the stage in which your web design comes into existence, and all the aspects mentioned above are combined in harmony to create the final design that will be developed.

Content Creation

Content on your website plays a vital role in generating leads and keeping the clients engaged on your website.

The content should be aligned with the client’s requirements and effectively represent the Brand.

To ensure that the web design business and your business are on the same page, you should provide a document with a proper demonstration of how you want your website to be represented.

The client should review this process before the web development process to be sure that the tone of voice used by the web agency copywriters aligns with your Brand.

Website Development

And here we are, to the last stage of the website development process. Website development, as the name suggests, is the final stage of the process in which the final website is made.

In this stage, the coding process of the website takes place. The web design is transformed into a website by the web developers through applied coded language.

Web design experts must collaborate with web developers to ensure that the website is developed according to the web design.

Once the development process is finished, the website is set for Quality Assurance in which all the pages, transitions, animations, and other aspects are thoroughly tested.

Any bugs and errors are resolved, and the website is live.

And that’s it. These were some aspects to analyze for the process of web design companies.

Once you follow these steps, you will have a website representing your Brand and providing exceptional UX to your clients.

This UX and UI of your website will help your Brand generate brand awareness and sales leads.

What is the importance of Hiring a Web Design Agency?

The Digital Revolution has evolved the business landscape all over the world. Every major and minor business wants to adapt to this revolution and have an online presence.

The main reason for this online business shift is consumer expectations from the website. Consumers want to cope with the fast pace world and have access to brands on all of their devices.

Most of the Business is done online nowadays. All of the major sales, marketing, and branding are made in the online space.

All these aspects combined elevate the importance of a Web Design Agency as the web developers are the prime individuals responsible for creating a web design project that can captivate the audience.

Thus, opting for the best website design companies can provide immense value to your Brand and help you generate exceptional results.

Why should you choose one of the best web design companies right now?

We have established that professional web design companies are extremely important in providing exceptional web design services that attract clients and increase leads.

Thus, many factors make it essential for your business to choose one of the best web design agencies.

Let’s review some of those factors.

1. It helps in establishing Brand Identity.

In today’s world, you don’t want to be left unnoticed. Thus, Web Design Companies play a vital role in establishing your Brand’s Identity.

With an online presence and concrete web design strategies, you will be able to segment your Brand from the competition and emerge as the best option for your consumers.

Thus, web design agencies are the way to go if you want to have a great brand identity quickly and efficiently.

2. Have Increased Exposure to the Targeted Market

The online platform allows you to expand your targeted market significantly. You can target the audience globally with your website; thus, web developers are vital for increased exposure to the market.

You can not only target a larger audience, but it can also help strengthen your Brand’s presence and reputation.

3. You can have a store without Liabilities.

A Full-service web design provides you with immense value. You can have a virtual store as your web design project that can help you run your business with hassle-free management.

This is an excellent option for young entrepreneurs and startups as they can cut the cost of a physical store, share the benefits of an online presence, and generate revenue from anywhere.

These are some of the main factors that can benefit your Brand if you opt for the best web design company today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which company is best for web designing?

There are thousands of web designing companies in the United States. However, the top 10 Best Web Designing Agencies are:

  1. CydoMedia
  2. Ramotion
  3. Blue Fountain Media
  4. ThreeSixtyEight
  5. Lounge Lizard
  6. WebFX
  7. The Creative Momentum
  8. HigherVisibility
  9. Efelle Creative
  10. OSC Web Design

2. What are the benefits of Hiring Local Web Design Companies?

Hiring a Local Web Design Company has a lot of value compared to a non-local web designing agency.

You can physically meet, communicate clearly, and convey the message properly with knowledge of demographics.

3. What Is a Web Design Company?

A web design company is a firm that provides designing, development, and maintenance services for websites.

4. How much do Web Design Agencies Charge?

Different types of charges apply to different types of projects.

The most common charges of web design agencies are hourly fees, Fees per Project, Result Based Fee, and Flat Fee Charges.

Final Verdict | Best Web Design Companies

The significance of Web Design Companies cannot be neglected. With the technology revolution, the importance of these web designing firms has increased drastically.

We shared the information with you that makes these web design firms extremely important in today’s world.

However, in our top 10 list, Cydomedia turned out top because of its award-winning services and highly ranked reviews.

Let us know what you think about the top 10 list and which is the best web designing firm in your opinion.

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