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Brendon Leslie is an independent investigative reporter living in Fort
Myers. He sheds light on the hidden truth, digs deep into the shores to
find the reality! He works with a clear vision, protecting the best states in
America, building the best publications possible for the readers.

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The Problem

Brendon Leslie, an independent investigative reporter, came to us
with a requirement to build a sleek website where he could
showcase the hidden truth and change people’s lives. He wanted a
digital space to build a community online, showcasing the best of
his life’s work & sharing amazing blogs stories with his fans in America.

The Approach

We listed the requirement of the client in a separate
document to avoid missing out on anything. Moreover, our
web designers and developers did extensive research on
developing a sleek website with the most attractive layout
that catches viewers’ attention at first glance!


The Outcome

The outcome was a robust website enriched with cool colors
and exciting font styles. We feature unique elements on the
website, giving it an exquisite look and feel. Brendon was
surprised to see the website, as now he can share the
best of his life’s achievements, experiences, and insights on
everything seen so far in his professional career.

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