How To Verify YouTube Account | YouTube Verification

  • December 3, 2021
  • Entrepreneurs



How To Verify YouTube Account | YouTube Verification

  • December 3, 2021
  • Entrepreneurs



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The process to verify YouTube account is indeed a time-consuming process, but the hassle is worth the time! On YouTube, the verification process enables the users to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes and customize the video thumbnails for your channel. YouTube Manager is responsible for managing the video content. Anyone can verify a YouTube account – all they need is a phone number to prove their identity. But let me be clear here, verification doesn’t mean you get a VERIFICATION BADGE.

A verification badge is highly reserved for those with at least 100,000 subscribers online and utilizing the platform to the complete means! They consider themselves as creators of content and engage the audience with their unique video content. However, to verify YouTube account is not as easy we thought it would be. In this blog, we’re going to learn about the process to verify YouTube account in some quick ways.

Here is what you’ll need to do to verify YouTube account and start taking advantage of the verified account to captivate more audiences.

Why You Need To Verify YouTube Account

To be a bit clear, how to verify your YouTube account is not the same as getting a verification badge. Whenever you verify your YouTube account, you’re letting known YouTube that you own the account personally. The verification of your YouTube account assists you in fighting the spam, ensuring that you’re not using any other phone number for creating different YouTube accounts.

Firstly, you should verify YouTube account because it will improve your account’s security measures. In this way, you’re letting YouTube know that you own the account. This means that you’re way ahead of being hacked! Secondly, you’re helping YouTube to check for spam.

Do you know? YouTube checks phone numbers while verifying your YouTube accounts. So that users can recover account information in case of account loss, in this way, YouTube prevents dozens of spam accounts from being created. Finally, the last step is to verify YouTube account and access some of the extra features. For instance, you will upload around 15 minutes long videos. Additionally, you can accommodate YouTube ads like mid-roles necessary for videos to be at least 8 minutes long.

How To Verify YouTube Account?

To verify YouTube account, you would need an internet connection and an active phone number. Do you know the best time for publishing content on YouTube? At that particular time, the audience is highly functional, and there are vibrant chances of instant traffic. Read our blog to know more! Keep in mind that YouTube doesn’t support the text message option in case of verification in some regions.

Let’s get started with the step to verify YouTube account:

1. Swipe to YouTube Account settings in the left corner

The first thing you need to perform to verify YouTube account is to search settings. You can find settings on the left side of your screen, as indicated below.


verify youtube account

2. Click on Additional Features To Verify YouTube Account

The second step you need to perform in view additional features under the account settings. For your assistance, I am attaching screenshots of steps for seamless collaboration.

additional features

3. Apply For Verification Of Your YouTube Account

The third and most crucial step is to go for verification of your YouTube account & proceed with the final steps.

4. Phone Verification Process For YouTube Video

The fourth step is to pick the country you’re residing in and enter your active phone number. Moreover, entering the phone number will get you the verification code required to verify YouTube account.

5. Confirm The Phone Calling Number

The fifth and most crucial step is to confirm the phone calling number and click on confirm. You need to check your phone for a verification code with this confirmation.


6. Enter Phone Number & Verification Code

On the sixth step, you have to verify your phone number by entering the verification code you have received on your entered phone number.

Once you have verified, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on ‘continue’ to return to the status and features of the verified account. You will see the word ‘verified’ with a tick mark on that screen!

7. Start Sharing Videos On Verified YouTube Account

Now you’re all good to go for sharing unique and impressive YouTube videos on your verified YouTube channel. Compelling content will help you capture viewers’ attention and make it a fantastic opportunity for sharing! Do you know that your videos are also ranked if you add keywords and perform SEO?

YouTube Tv Verify: Why You Need YouTube Verification?

After following the YouTube verification process, you can avail a lot of services and benefits, which altogether will result in remarkable outcomes! For instance,

1. Longer Video Uploading

Once you successfully verify YouTube account, you’re able to upload videos that are 15 minutes long. Isn’t this sound amazing?

2. External Annotations

You can add links to other websites, in your YouTube videos easily.

3. Custom Thumbnails

Custom images can be used to act as a thumbnail for your YouTube video.

4. Unlisted & Private Videos For YouTube Account

Do you ever think of granting limited access to your YouTube videos? If no then with successful YouTube verification you can do it all!

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How To Verify Your YouTube Account On Mobiles (Android or iOS)

To verify YouTube account on mobile phones whether it’s an Android or iOS then you can follow these quick steps. Firstly, you need to open YouTube and sign in with your credentials.

verify youtube account



Once done, you have to select the option through which you want to receive YouTube verification code. There are primarily two options, via phone or text messages. Tap on “Get code” to start with the process.

youtube account

Once you receive the message successfully, enter that code into the space for Youtube verification. In this way, you’re opening doors to unlimited video sharings and time limits.

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Why I Didn’t Receive A YouTube Verification Code?

If you are in the process to verify YouTube account, even after clicking the Get Code, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Your country code or carrier doesn’t support text messages from Google. You may face this issue to verify YouTube account, use a different phone number or try using the voice call option.
  • If you get an error message that says, “This phone number has been created already taken by the maximum number of accounts.” In this case, you have to use another phone number to verify YouTube account.
  • If you see constant delays in text message delivery, then do this. You have to wait for a few minutes and retry for YouTube verification code. If the message is not received, you can try the voice call option.

You can try a different phone number or the voice calling option to fix the problem with verification. Still, if you face a similar issue, try reaching out to the YouTube support team.

What is the difference between verifying a YouTube account and receiving a verification badge?

When you verify YouTube account, you’re confirming YouTube your identity, and you own the account & not a bot. However, it’s pretty different from getting a verification badge. Whereas, verification of a YouTube account with more than 100K subscribers can apply easily for YouTube verification badges.

How to verify YouTube account without a phone?

Without a phone and a working cellular number, you can not verify YouTube account. Verification can be sent to an email or active number.

How do I know my YouTube account has been verified?

Once you have successfully done the verification process, you will get a success notification informing you that you have successfully verified your account. The other way around is to sign in to your account and go settings. Under the intermediate features, you will see enabled written well in the dropdown in the features eligibility tab.

Why didn’t I receive a YouTube verification code?

There are a few possibilities due to which you’re unable to receive a YouTube verification code.

  • The country, region, or carrier you’re in doesn’t support text messages from Google. If this is the case, you can try different phone numbers for further verifications.
  • An error message prompt that your phone number has already created the maximum account number. In this case, get a new phone number.
  • SMS verification delays can be due to some other reasons too! Try using another number for a better result!

How many YouTube accounts can I verify using a single phone number?

You can verify only four Youtube accounts with a single phone number per year; two with SMS and two with voice calling. Also, note that you can create only 50 channels under one YouTube account.

What Are The Requirements For YouTube Verification?

To get the YouTube verification badge, you require the following things;

  1. 100K Subscribers
  2. Your YouTube account should represent the actual creator, brand, and entity you’re claiming yourself to be.
  3. Your YouTube channel must be public and have all the authentic information.

Is YouTube Verification the same as getting YouTube Badge?

When we talk about the YouTube verification badge, it’s a bit different. YouTube verification badge is a badge of authenticity. YouTube said if the channel is verified and it’s the official channel of a creator, company, artist, or a known public figure.

Can I change my YouTube channel name after I verify my Youtube account?

If you change your channel name, you will lose your badge as well! You need to apply for YouTube verification again!

Summing Up | Verify YouTube Account

Gaining a YouTube verification badge is not a piece of cake! Much hard work, effort, and quality content are required to get the badge! Want to grow and make your YouTube channel known to an audience? Try Cydomedia, which will give you all the necessary marketing strategies for making your YouTube channel grow & reach potential customers! And that’s all for verification of your YouTube channel. I hope after reading this blog, you’re clear with how to verify YouTube channels. However, if you still got some questions related to any step feel free to post in the comments section.

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