Web Design Tips To Improve Your Website In 2022

  • April 8, 2022
  • Websites

Web Design Tips To Improve Your Website In 2022

  • April 8, 2022
  • Websites

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Once a customer lands on your website, do you think your customers can determine your services only by seeing the website?

Can users navigate through all the pages on your website easily? Is the layout of your website easy to understand and navigate?

Does your website have a high bounce rate? Are you facing failure in converting your audience into potential customers?

If the answer is ‘NO,’ you need to work on your website. A website truly excels when it has the best design and user interface attributes.

The functionalities, features, and layout should be planned to avoid missing anything important. It can be easy to ignore all these things and think that these updates might be the lowest to worry about.

But, rarely do people know that a successful website has both high-performing content and an exceptional user experience to create a balance.

The last thing you can do is spend time with the writer and get some fantastic content for the blog or services pages.

But the umbrella of website user experience exceeds, and it can be challenging to understand it all.

So, what do you need to know to start working on the web design improvements?

Here are fantastic web design essential tips you should know to improve the web design of your website. However, if you still have some queries feel free to share in the comments section.

You can consistently implement these tips to give your website a perfect fold!

Impressive Web Design Tips For Improving Your Website

To answer your question, here are the top web design tips ensuring that you’re going on the right path! Ensure that your website follows an improved website process that leads to traffic & leads.

1. Have A Proper Plan

Now, as you know about the website, there are different things that you should focus on while making your website from scratch.

You first need to work back and forth between the process of creating a website that is optimal by all means.

You can start by mapping the attributes that lead to the customer journey, like when someone visits your website, they become a customer.

While doing this, think about different pages that they will view. Moreover, the content will make them go through the pages.

You first need to understand the web design trends for designing a website that will assist in nurturing the leads from the sales funnel.

You can view the Lead feeder’s customer journey map to see how they do planning.

The example illustrates all the steps when a user visits your website and becomes a potential custhttps://cydomedia.com/web-design-trends/https://cydomedia.com/web-design-trends/omer. The data will then help you map out the strategy and identify the critical touchpoints for making your website more proper.

The touchpoints you should pay attention to include the thoughts, goals, pain points, and opportunities that need to be addressed.

If you answer these basic questions, you will get an explanation instantly.

  • Is there any imagery that will help you address the functional areas of your website?
  • What about a particular color palette?

Once you get started with the customer journey, you will be able to answer the questions, and better reinforce them in the design.

2. Removing Distractions From The Website

You should consider certain elements when designing a website that brings value. Complicated animations, long content, and stock website images are just a few things you should consider for the website.

Removing distractions from the website will make people stay and turn the website into a more feasible one.

You only have 8 seconds to attract the audience and make them feel abundantly clear that whatever they see on the website is what they came here for!

And actually, this ensures that you have the web design tips for working off.

You can use arbitrary colors, varying from different font styles and sizes; however, in return, you can manage to create visually appealing website designs that will attract an audience.

This includes font styles, colors, imagery, iconography, and logo animation. Above all, it’s not easy for a brand to struggle with designing images without these all.

It’s essential to avoid on-page animations and interactions that might increase the website’s load time.

However, if you scroll through pages and see buttons pulsing together or some sections of icons with animation, it will distract the audience from reading what’s given on the webpage.

Let’s have a look at the example given below;

bad web design

The website design is very cluttered. It’s tough to pay attention to one section.

The way you are making it hard for them to understand your website becomes one of the reasons their eyes will not be stuck on one point.

Maybe they will stay in the colored image? Or in the first section? Confusing, right?

You need to figure out where your audience will pay attention and go whenever they land on your website. The current color arrangement creates friction in accomplishing this target.

Let’s have a look at a website that has a better design;


If you wish to see a website with appealing visuals and gives the users a perfect view, Cydomedia is the ideal place! A website with amazing visuals makes it appealing to the customers.

A perfect combination of colors, with objects placed in the right places, makes it ideal for the visitors. Everything captures the customers ‘ attention, from the font to the colors used.

Little details like these help make or break the website image and even help users better understand what you are trying to sell through your website.

3. Adding Social Proof

So, if you still have questions, how to improve my website? We have already mentioned two crucial web design tips that you should consider while designing your business website. You can continue reading …

After five seconds of landing on your website, the users start looking for social proof that builds their trust in the website.

If you shop like others, you always look for reviews and previous customers’ feedback. If the feedback is negative, then you will go to someone else.

The same thing applies to websites. Whether you are offering services or products, you need to build a proper strategy for your website; otherwise, you will miss out on many things.

There are different sections where you can paste in your client’s testimonials or reviews. Ideally, video testimonials are found to be the best!

Some people prefer to post in textual format, while some post in a video format.

Designing and optimizing your website should be the top-most priority, and your website truly excels if you post the reviews in video format.

It’s all because people love to hear and see what the customers are saying about their experiences and build a similar sense of occurrence.

cydomedia review

That’s how Cydomedia has managed to place the reviews of their customers on the website. This section is valuable because customers will build an impression after watching these video testimonials.

4. Implementing Call To Action

Once a visitor lands on your website, they are not aware of your services, and it’s your job to guide them to go through your website. People are lazy and don’t start surfing the web pages themselves.

You have a point, making the process easier. Guide them in the right way, and this is one of the best web design tips we can give you!

One of the best tips to improve your web design is to use a strategic approach like placing call-to-action buttons at the top right corner of the website.

You can set different CTA on the website to make them purchase your services. But don’t ever disturb the website’s user journey because it will result in nothing but a severe loss!

The easiest way is to post stuff on your website to attract users and place CTA at the bottom of the web pages.

Because if someone is not sure to click on the CTA at the top, they will agree after going through the bottom of the website.

web design tips cta

Successful websites add CTA to their website, either in the first fold or the bottom. It’s the responsibility of the website manager to make the website prioritize like;

Where the CTA will be placed.

  1. Catchy headings
  2. Engaging content

5. Using Stock Images

If you haven’t heard about the copyright issues, you won’t feel like we are saying something important.

We always recommend using original photographs on the website, but if there is no other option, you can pick stock images.

Stock images will save your time and help you produce your imagination. Many websites have fallen into this circle. You research and develop a relative idea that best fits your web solution.

When was the last time you saw people using stock images on their websites?

What else you can do is look for photos that depict realistic scenes in a well-fitted environment. You could look for an image that looks original, giving eternal vibes.

Instead of using images from Google, you can search for real-time images from different platforms like Freepik and others.

web design tip stock images

6. Seamless Navigation

The next thing in web design tips is to induce seamless navigation. When you’re planning to design your website, navigation is the key!

It’s essential to give your users a good experience to visit the website without facing any lag. If your website lags, the customers will go towards someone else.

In such scenarios, no matter what strategies you have used for content, the customers won’t stay! There is nothing more confusing than a website that has overly cluttered navigation.

Poor web design practices like overstuffing the objects, using vague hypertext, and lacking design sense make it hard for visitors to spend time.

If your user is not finding what they are looking for directly on the website, they won’t stay for a longer time. Instead, they will undoubtedly bounce towards someone else and find a better competitor that offers excellent services than you.

web design tips navigation

If the user can get to the desired place with just one click, your strategy has become perfect! You can look at the navigation and understand the navigation of the pages instantly.

That’s how you can plan the navigation that makes the customer’s experience even more promising.

A clean and specifically organized web navigation lets users learn more about you, and they would prefer to move through the pages.

Improving your website navigation will result in customers spending time on a different number of pages during their session, increasing the time spent on your website.

7. Play With Whitespaces

Whitespace is one of the essential design elements that will help you break your website pages and increase readability.

Also, some people refer to it as ‘negative spacing,’ but the areas around the web pages’ elements are usually left empty and lack content plus visual elements.

Whitespace plays a vital role in designing processes and positioning the website elements overall. You are supposed to pay attention to all the details on the website.

However, the white spacing will make the section easy to understand and guide the eyes throughout the process.


Such practices enable the users to pay attention to every minor detail of your website.

Your visitors will learn about each section and remember the user’s eye catches important information first, like a call to action label.

8. Mobile Optimization Of  The Website

These days, it is very tough for you to take out the time to optimize the website on mobile as well.

There are different interfaces, and if you know, 80% of your audience own a smartphone and access the websites from their phones.

According to Google, 61% of the total users are unlikely to return to a mobile website they actually have trouble accessing, and more than 40% visit a competitor’s website instead”.

cydomedia mobile responsive

So, here you can understand the importance of being visually appealing and responsive as well. It’s necessary to tailor solutions that fit all platforms without thinking about the visitors.

You can even ask yourself, why would you recommend to someone a website that is not responsive on mobile phones?

Use the Cydomedia website as an example. You can access it from mobile phones and other devices without thinking twice.

9. Making Transparent Pricing Packages

Suppose that you’re looking for a Saas product online, and the website you searched for offers the services at a slightly higher price; what would you do then?

The ultimate step is to look around for companies that offer the services at lower rates rather than high prices with less quality.

You have to spend hours vetting for software’s that enables you with the best software, the one you’ve been looking for so far.

Now that you have found the ideal SaaS product company, you will definitely talk to the experts to know the customization prices and changes.

You may worry that maybe the competitors will be charging a bit less than what you’re expecting from the current company.

But in reality, some factors made the competitors sell the services at a lower rate.

If someone is selling at a lower rate, there must be something fishy. Either in the services quality, or the team performing the needful.

FAQs – Web Design Tips

Here are some of the questions that will serve as a great help for web design tips.

How do I get better at web design?

You can get better at web design if you learn the basics of design aesthetics. No matter which industry you belong it’s important to design a website that is aesthetically strong and possesses seamless navigation.

What makes a good web design?

A web design contain different attributes like visually appealing aesthetics, seamless navigation, mobile responsiveness, and transparent pricing packages.

What are the golden rules of web design?

Here are the five golden rules of web design:

  1. Customer Demographics
  2. Engaging Content
  3. Call to Action
  4. Studying Competitors
  5. A Complete Check and Balance

Key Takeaway | Web Design Tips

You can always take the time out to implement these web design tips on your website.

You can bring more dramatic changes to the web solution to improve performance, experience, and customer conversion rates.

But once you’ve utilized some of these tips, you can claim that you’re doing well, and the website is even performing perfectly on the search engine.

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