The Top 7 Modern Web Design Trends In 2022

  • March 2, 2022
  • Designing





The Top 7 Modern Web Design Trends In 2022

  • March 2, 2022
  • Designing





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If we talk about web design trends, it varies with time. Ensuring that you have used modern website design is very important.

As we have told you earlier in most of our blogs, the website is the first place where your customers land and leave creating a digital impression. However, If you perform a digital audit, you will get to know various areas for improvement.

Web development has reached newer heights with time, and so have web design trends. We now have many more agile tools for both front-end and back-end development, and when combined with agile development methodologies like DevOps, there is no type of website you can’t seem to pull off these days.

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However, one thing in this whole scheme remains a mystery: which kind of web design trends to follow.

Web design trends continue to change with each passing year, and design strategists incorporate them to make their websites seem more appealing to the viewers.

Bad websites are the ones that don’t incorporate these website design trends regularly or adequately. Ask yourself, would you shop from eCommerce websites that don’t offer online payment? Of course not, because it’s easier to pay with online payment, and a website not having this feature will be creating an unnecessary hassle in your online shopping experience.

Of course, the online payment method website trend is quite old, but it was just an example.

And exactly like that example, I have another one. Before entering 2022, chatbots were your regular customer service agents who would greet the user.

Now, thanks to AI and Machine Learning, chatbots offer a more personalized experience. Sure, some work goes into them, but the result is a well-attended customer.

If you’re still reading, then you should have understood that it’s essential for your business to stay ahead of the competition, and you can do that only by knowing what the web design trends are in 2022.

Okay, without any more discussion, let’s look at the website design trends you need to incorporate right away.

7 Highly Appealing Web Design Trends In 2022

This section will list and mention the top 7 appealing web design trends for the year 2022.

  1. Parallax animation
  2. Neumorphism
  3. Comfortable colours selection
  4. Dark mode and low light UX
  5. 3D colours scheming
  6. Minimalistic approach
  7. White spacing

Let’s get started with the details.

1. Parallax Animation

The first web design trend in 2022 is Parallax animation which gives the website a sophisticated look. Moreover, it works by separating the background and foreground elements. The images that are closer to the viewers, the foreground, move much faster than those far away in the background.

Also, this effect occurs when the user starts scrolling down a page, with the background images that change at a slow pace. It makes the foreground image appear floating on top of the background, providing an in-depth view.

Moreover, Parallax animation is an excellent way of trying out things like creating a homepage.


web design trends

Image reference: Creative South

2. Neumorphism

The second web design trend is Neumorphism, one of the modern trends that have moved from popular flat designs over the last few years.

It focuses on minimalist designs indulging in the realistic feel of the user interface. In flat design, the UI elements are seen floating in the space, casting shadows on the background.

So, web design uses Neumorphism to extrude UI elements from the background images. It somehow looks similar to paper embossing or debossing.


Image source:

Neumorphism is all about the colour of the entire screen, delivering a unique and different experience for the users.

3. Comfortable Colors Selection

If you are a constant follower of web design trends, you should know the importance of colours. Over the past few years, we have seen web design trends focused on high contrast designs.

In 2022, the web design trends will focus more on light contrast colours. Designers will now shift themselves to pastel colours and bold designs.

It’s advised to focus more on middle ground pallets between light and dark colours. A soft colour blended with dark will give a break to the eyes.

Comfortable colour schemes utilize warm and natural colours, with blue, lilac, and pastel shades.


4. Darker Mode And Low Light UX

Another modern web design trend is the dark mode in contrast with low lights. This trend is significant, gravitating away from the past few years’ traditional white and bright designs.

Many mobile and desktop operating systems are linked with the dark mode option. Users who love to optimize their screen viewing in a low-light environment use dark mode.

Even chrome has adopted this trend, along with a leading entertainment channel Netflix which now has black background because people love to watch shows in darker mode.


5. 3D Color Scheming

One of the most vibrant and commonly seen web design trends includes 3d colour scheming, which has a slight gradient and shading in the background.

However, if you’re trying to paint a picture of an orange, you won’t only use orange colour. An orange should look round in nature, and it’s possible if you use a shade of black, orange, or red to give the illusion of curves.

3d color web design trends

Image reference: Neon door

6. Minimalistic Approach

And you know what’s the more exciting thing about modern web design strategies? A minimalist approach is yet classy and adds beauty to the design.

If you add a lot of objects to the web design, it will look cluttered and will not appeal to the audience. Every designer should focus more on images and fonts rather than adding objects, making them look bad.

web design trends

Image reference: Engineered Floors

Minimal aesthetics adds beauty to the website, and every designer’s approach should be toward clean and clear design. Trimming out extraneous design helps in flourishing the brand with essentials.

However, here are some of the essentials you should consider for designing minimal web designs:

  • Firstly, user-friendly navigation
  • Secondly, simplified colours schemes
  • Thirdly, creative use of typography
  • Fourthly, avoid overly animated transitions
  • Lastly, simple background with the white base colour

7. White Spacing

Lastly, if we continue to talk about the top web design trends, White Spacing remains a true winner! White spacing is a bit of a misnomer because the space itself doesn’t have to be white.

The whitespace design concept refers to the blank space left around the elements. Concerning this, you are keeping your background colour sleek and clean.

Moreover, white spacing is beneficial for designers because it helps the websites feel less cluttered.


Image reference: Squarespace

White space can also help draw viewers’ attention to a particular element. So, the “whitespace” is typically the background colour of your site. Moreover, it depends on the designers as well, if they have enough experience to better categorize the colours for the website.

Wrapping Up | Top Web Design Trends In 2022

I think it’s safe to say that these trends will change and evolve more in 2022, and I can’t wait to see what developers and designers come up with, that leverages the best of these web design trends in their website projects.

The essential thing for updating your website according to the web design trends includes keeping it simple & sleek. Own the idea, and the changes you are planning are creative and match that year’s web design trends. However, don’t copy someone else designs only to match their level of creativity. Above all, it’s better to come up with your own.

Look for some competitors, and see which trend they’re following to keep their website updated. Start by picking a couple of web design trends and then adding those to the website.

However, if you still have some questions in mind, feel free to share those in the comments section. Try to induce your own creativity, and make your designs appealing & attractive.

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