Why Website Personalization Is Beneficial For Businesses?

  • July 6, 2022
  • Websites

Why Website Personalization Is Beneficial For Businesses?

  • July 6, 2022
  • Websites

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Do you really know what is website personalization, and why it’s important? Above all, we mostly encounter personalization regarding sending gifts, or chocolates to someone we love the most.

We all love customization, especially when it’s from someone special. Similarly, it has now become a part of our lives to send messages and show our love through it.

So, guess what? We’ve got something really personalized for you. Personalization refers to the common part where the web pages, design, and development are done a way ahead of the pre-built functions.

The unique way through which companies create a long-lasting, memorable bond with their customers is by personalization.

A website manager, along with a marketer goes into the analytics to come up with something unique, yet captivating.

Once done, they tailor personalized solutions, with personalized digital content strategies, web design trends, and a lot more.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dig more into the detailing of the website personalization.

But before we jump into the main topic, let’s discuss some of the impacts made by personalization on the market.

Improvements You Can Expect From Website Personalization

Here are some of the improvements that have been seen so far after personalization in the products;

  1. More than 53% of companies saw growth in customer loyalty ratio due to efforts.
  2. 43% of companies realized that their revenues improved from extensive personalization.
  3. More than 90% of companies observed positive effects from personalization. Hence an increase in loyalty, revenues, and overall practices.

Website Personalization

Image Reference: Adobe Personalization Survey

What is website personalization?

Finally, we are now jumping to the main topic, which you all must be waiting to discuss.

Moreover, website personalization is a strategy that is used by marketers to tailor uniquely written content, with captivating layouts for their customers.

It’s based entirely on the number of visitors who’re going through the website, and if they are spending more time on the usual, then, congratulations, your website personalization has succeeded.

Creative, and uniquely written content will play a vital role in captivating the attention of the audience. You can go with content pillars strategies to go with the flow.

More than 91% of consumers prefer to shop with brands that give them the customization option. The same applies to website customization, and that’s how you make the most out of it.

This practice is followed by everyone who prefers customization, over ready-made designs. You can improve your traffic, customer retention, and sales.

However, search engine optimization services offered by us will help you to escalate the brand’s overall appearance and image.

But again, do you really know what the primary goal of website personalization is?

The goal is to enhance the user’s experience simply by addressing the customer’s needs, and desires just before they make the final decision of purchasing services from you.

Here you will recognize the importance of customization, and how many customers are attracted to these features.

Websites are designed to attract an audience in less than 3 seconds. If not, then you’re lacking lots of features.

Pro Tip:

You know it would be a great game changer if you offered your customers website content personalization along with designs in the same package.

You must be thinking how no worries in the upcoming section we will discuss the benefits of choosing website personalization as a key attribute.

The Key Benefits of Website Personalization

Here are the key benefits of choosing website personalization as a key attribute in regular offerings;

Remember, if you offer these with the regular packages, they will repay you more than the casual CTAs we place over the landing pages.

1. Relevancy in Product Recommendations

One of the biggest, and known benefits of website personalization refers to the time when your customers make any product purchase, and you offer them customization as a top-tier feature.

Based on the user data, and purchasing activities, you can plan the next packages, and decide whether to move further with website personalization or not.

Retargeting advertisements is again a great idea, to anticipate future purchases. You can automatically populate the audience based on previously done activities.

2. A better relationship with the customers

Ideally, when you understand your customers, half of your work is already done!

You can provide your customers a high-end, quality results only if you know the trick of creating customer personas for capturing the common consumers.

Collaboration with the best designers and developers will help you better understand, and result in mapping.

For instance, every day a new customer is landing on your website, can you bring customization for everyone? Like something which they will like and adore?

No, it’s really not possible. For your ease, we have a way out; give the team at Cydomedia a call to get started with the website personalization.

3. Increased Time On The Website

What’s the goal of website design, and fault-less development? Obviously to get the target audience to spend more time on the website, increasing its visibility.

You can enhance the visibility of your website through Search Engine Optimization techniques, that will work like magic!

It’s human nature to pay excessive attention to things that are more colorful and attract them at one glance.

You can bring in customers through SEO strategies, but if your designs ain’t captivating enough, it’s a waste of time.

The time a potential user spends on the website creates a huge impact on Google as well. However, by mirroring your customer’s habits and common traits over the website, you can connect with them.

It’s really important for your visitors to spend time on the website, and even more valuable if they found it amazing and post a review as well.

You can place various call-to-action buttons on specific landing pages, where there are chances of bringing more leads.

4. Affordable Packages, Increased Authorization

Minimal rates, for quality services, are what grab the attention of the users these days.

So, if you wish to build a long-lasting connection with customers, the first and most important thing is to create strategies that are worthwhile spending.

In a nanosecond, the landing customer on your website decides whether they’re investing, or not.

Similarly, if you want new potential customers to connect with your designs, the most important decision to be made is deciding on pricing packages.

A package with maximum services, and perks would sparkle in the eyes of the customers. It’s fascinating when something additional is provided with the regular package, and the chances of it being purchased increase.

Think like a marketer, create the deals, and win the trust of your customers, not to mention some extra dollars too!

The Challenges Faced Due To Website Personalization

Here are some of the challenges website personalization would create for the creators.

1. Performance Scalability

When you have finally decided to personalize your website with all the delicate elements, it’s important to manage the performance as well.

If you induce animation and other creative elements to the website, the speed is compromised, and you will see a slight increase in the load time.

Managing the performance is way important, and you can not add up things anytime without even looking at the overall performance measure.

So, when you are planning to create new changes to the web design, make sure that your webpage load time is not being personalized. There will be always a trade-off, between performance and speed.

Your images will load faster, if they are of low pixels, similarly, if they’re of high quality it will take time, and increase the load time as well.

The best way out is to choose images that are of medium quality, and don’t affect the website speed as well.

2. Privacy of the website

For the past few years, privacy and security have been the top-tier, and most talked about topic among people.

Many website owners use third-party tracking, known as cookies to record the information about each visitor who lands on the website.

Moreover, cookies are maintained to track the user journey, and then learn about the sections that are mostly visited by them.

Browsers like Safari and Mozilla Firefox have blocked cookies by default, and that’s how Google has been doing it before, too.

That’s why web server security is one of the crucial things when website design and development is done.

So, all in one, website personalization should never compromise the security of the website, because if the user feels insecure while using any of the website’s features, then, you’re missing out on something really important.

The Tracking Tools For Website Personalization

Data Tracking plays a vital role in the formulation of business strategies. It allows you to track event-specific metrics and events for better evaluation.

There are numerous data tracking tools currently on the market. We are going to list 5 of them.

1. Hubspot

With Hubspot, you can track data under the Hubspot Operations Hub. It allows users to combine a complete operations platform with a CRM.

This integration is seamless and spreads across the business with ease.

However, Hubspot holds a trick up its sleeve. Like others, it tracks the activation rate of emails. But, it can also track emails that are not activated to get them started.

2. Barilliance

Similar to Hubspot, Barilliance is another exceptional software. It revolves around e-commerce and thus, has different features for personalizing the shopping experience.

The data tracking tool allows you to extract valuable data with encryption to keep the customer data secure.

The UI is straightforward and has many e-commerce personalization features. This makes it the best option for an e-commerce platform.

3. Qubit

The AI of Qubit is not just intelligent but also versatile. With Qubit, you can easily extract and track data with automated commands. The AI tracks and formulates data charts and insights for better evaluation.

You can quickly evaluate the performance of specific data metrics and amend strategies to improve them. Qubit’s security is incredible with SSL, SSO, and two-factor authentication.

4. SiteSpect

One of the simplest A/B testing and optimization platform. SiteSpect is extremely easy to use and features numerous functionalities such as; A/B testing, Personalization, Rollouts, and Recommendation.

The data tracking process is seamless and error-free. With quick and structured data reports, you can easily track and evaluate the best practice for specific data.

5. Hyperise

A personalization software like no other. Hyperise gets all things done the right way. The enriched data tracking commands provide the best insights for each segmented data set.

With an AI-powered engine, it can formulate helpful information for better results.

The UI is easy to use and encourages users to try various available options.

These are the five best data tracking tools to personalize your website. All of the software has its unique approach to tracking data and formulating insights.

Some offer tons of functionalities, while some stick to the basics.

It solely depends on your website’s nature and the personalization required to choose the best option among the software mentioned above.

How do you personalize a website?

Website Personalization refers to the amendment of the strategies of a website to suit the end-user. With website personalization, you can provide a personalized experience for every visitor.

This increases customer engagement and allows them to spend more time on the website.

Importance of Personalization

The main motive of any website is to attract clients. You want your website not just to attract clients but also to connect them with the brand for customer loyalty.

For this, you must provide the end-user with a personalized experience. Personalization attracts visitors by providing desired information tailored to their needs.

This encourages the client to spend more time on the website, allowing them to explore the different features, increasing sales and growth.

Thus, website personalization strategies have proved more engaging, increasing growth and success.

Website Personalization through Data

To personalize your website, you have to examine various factors. We have some factors to look forward to personalizing your website.

1. Extraction of Data

To provide a personalized experience to each visitor. The first and most important factor is to learn about the visitor.

For this, you can make them sign up with their details such as; age, gender, nationality, religion, etc.

With this, you can gain significant knowledge of the visitor to provide them with relevant data and information on your website.

2. Location-based information

Some people think of tracking location as spying. However, that is not the case.

You can use the geolocation of your visitors to provide them with specific deals or region-oriented messages for a personalized experience.

This attracts visitors, and you can increase user engagement from location-tailored information.

3. Device-based Information

You want to provide the best experience for your visitors, regardless of the device that they are using. Thus, you can use the device information to personalize the experience.

If an Android user visits your website, you can pitch google products as it will integrate better with their existing device.

The same goes for Apple and others. This method allows the visitor to have relevant information that can be useful for them, which ultimately increases customer engagement and sales.

4. Improve with Previous Information

With automated systems and AI (Artificial Intelligence), you can learn from the visitor’s actions to provide them with an even more enhanced experience on the website.

You can store the user data for evaluation to formulate relevant strategies that have previously worked.

These are some of the factors that you can use for website personalization. Keep in mind that website personalization is a process that becomes better with time.

Moreover, you must set up concrete and efficient automated systems and let the visitor provide data.

However, once you gain data from the visitor, the website will be personalized specifically for each visitor, which will allow them to connect with the brand and increase their loyalty and retention rate.

Website Personalization Examples

Above all, here are some examples of website personalization:

  1. Hubspot Academy
  2. Kroger
  3. Apple Music
  4. Airbnb
  5. Google News


1. Are website personalization services available in Chicago?

Yes, Cydomdia does offer website personalization services in Chicago as well.

Moreover, with their tremendous web design and development services in Chicago, companies, especially startups, are catching different opportunities, and plan to exceed their service line.

2. What are the approaches to website personalization?

Here are the three approaches to website personalization;

  • Firstly, explicit
  • Secondly, implicit
  • Lastly, contextual personalization

3. Are website personalization services available in Amarillo?

Yes, Cydomedia offers website personalization, and development services exclusively in Amarillo. We’re a quality-driven web design agency that caters to customer queries, and requirements quickly.

Moreover, our utmost target is to bring in leads through organic methodologies.

Wrapping Up | Website Personalization

And that’s all for the day! We hope you enjoyed reading about website personalization and how you can optimize your website for a better appearance.

However, it might sound complicated and complex at first, but with time, the results it provides are worth it.

Various platforms provide phenomenal tools to automate your website. These tools help to enhance the experience for visitors by providing them with personalized content.

Moreover, all of these factors provide clients with an experience to remember.

However, if you are looking to personalize your website and evolve it to the best version possible. Connect with us as our team of experts strive to personalize and provide the best possible project for you.

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