What is MATLAB? And What are the Uses of MATLAB?

  • January 26, 2021
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Matlab is a programming language similar to several other programming languages such as Java, Python, and C#. The name “MATLAB” stands for “MAT” as in “Matrix” and “LAB” as in laboratories. This fourth-generation programming language has its own set of libraries and IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Cleve Moler discovered this programming language.

Matlab is the programming language, once called previously ]the matrix programming language. When Cleve Moler discovered these programming languages in the 1970s, he was the Computer Science Department Chair at the University of New Mexico.

The goal behind creating this fourth-level programming language was to find an alternate way for students to perform linear algebra and numerical calculations and computations.

Cleve Moler wanted his students to perform these calculations by giving his students access to LINPACK and EISPACK without using or learning Fortran.

Soon after its successful implementation, MATLAB quickly gained popularity and spread to other Universities.

When the students started recognizing the benefits of MATLAB, the language grasped a huge and strong following of in the applied mathematics community.

Soon afterward, Jack Little, who was an engineer back then, saw the potential of MATLAB and visited Moler to further discuss the future of this specific programming language in 1983.

After the meeting, Jack joined with Steve and Cleve and founded MATLAB in C (programming language).

Furthermore, a company was founded by the trio “MathWorks,” which continued improvements and MatLab developments. Libraries of the programming language were restructured and rewritten, after which they were named “JACKPAC.”


The advancements didn’t stop here, and in 2000, MATLAB was again rewritten to use a more modern set of libraries for matrix manipulation. The new libraries are “LAPAC.”

In the commercial world, the early adopters of MATLAB were researchers, scientists, practitioners, and engineers. You can find MATLAB’s several implementations today.s

Moreover, slowly but gradually, even more high leveled professions started to adapt to this programming language.

Today, MATLAB is being used in the education field to teach linear algebra and numerical analysis, and scientists who belong to the image processing genre also use MATLAB.

MATLAB has several other implications, such as integrating it with machine learning, signal, communication, image, and video processing.

The control system is also refinable to a measurable extent with MATLAB, and the computing and finance industry can also benefit from the advancements of the technology.

What are the Uses of MATLAB?

There are millions of users of MATLAB today. Scientists, engineers, students, teachers, and researchers all use the programming language for different purposes.

You can do a lot with MATLAB, and the most obvious one is graphics and programming. Whether it’s analyzing data, designing and developing algorithms, creating prototype models – MATLAB is the best fit for all your needs.

MATLAB is all about being iterative and creative. With the analysis feature, design processing combined with a desktop environment and a programming language that directly displays matrix and mathematics, you can ensure quality coding and experience for your project.

Moreover, here are some of the professions that are currently leveraging this fourth-level programming language to discover new solutions:

Engineering Field

Since engineering depends on theories, designing, ideations, calculations, and math to ensure the creation of a perfectly working prototype or operational model – MATLAB is perfect for engineers.

Engineers can today leverage MATLAB to design, optimize and visualize data. The programming language is also applicable to control hardware. Considering the fact that engineers pay too much attention to details, this language ensures perfection and accuracy for engineers to complete their projects quickly and efficiently. Also, the various function codes like ‘e’ in MATLAB become memorable for engineers to remember and execute when necessary.

Education Field

MathWorks fosters a culture of constant learning. You can find several educational materials on MathWorks.com as well. Teachers can use this language to iterate, plan and study.

While working with MATLAB, you’ll come across several principles and standards that apply to several products.

Also, if you’re a student, you can purchase MATLAB easily. There are numerous versions of it available today for students that they can use to plan their classes and studies. However, for your classes, you may need some added functionality to the basic version.

Solving Linear Algebra

You must be thinking that where linear algebra implementation happens today in a workplace? Well, let’s say you want to calculate the ROI of your organization. To do this, you need to know algebra, and the same goes for the following calculations:

  • Predicting or calculating the turnover of an organization.
  • The number of items needed in the inventory.
  • Making critical business decisions, i.e., investing in a car.
  • Building a financial plan that entails savings and expenses.

Since MATLAB still serves as the best calculation tool out there, for the University of Mexico students, that you can leverage for your establishment.

Numerical Analysis

This analysis typically depends on estimations and approximations rather than figurative or symbolic math. This field specifically belongs to the construction field, where the builders have to calculate each aspect of the building to ensure perfect construction.

Here numerical analysis plays a critical role. A painter painting in the building won’t be utilizing numerical analysis, but the building architect might need numerical analysis to create the perfect architecture.

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